Councillors call for Cufley to resign

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<FONT color=black>Fifteen Shepway Liberal Democrat councillors who met o­n Sunday are calling for the resignation of the Leader of the Party Cllr Linda Cufley.
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The councillors drafted a letter calling for her to resign. <IMG alt="Cllr Linda Cufley" hspace=10 src="images/cufley.jpg" align=left vspace=5 border=0><FONT color=black>The letter was hand delivered to Cllr Cufley by Cllr's John Hughes and David Dickinson following the meeting.
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We have been told by a Liberal Democrat spokesman that an official reply is still awaited.
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Shepway Liberal Democrat councillors had met o­n the previous Thursday evening for a vote of <FONT color=black>confidence o­n the leader but  members voted 15 to 11 in favour of an amendment to the meeting and Cllr Cufley stayed in her job.

<FONT color=black>The group of 15 who gathered o­n Sunday evening were unhappy about the way the Thursday meeting of the party was handled and they considered the amendement was a blocking measure.

<FONT color=black>Shepway councillors David Callahan, Peter Smith and Christena Smith all signed the letter <FONT color=black>calling for the leader's resignation.

Hawkinge football kicks off

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The first Annual General Meeting of the Hawkinge Football club will be held  at 7.30pm o­n Tuesday 10th August in the Village Hall.

The meeting is open to all villagers and any help to get the club off the ground would be most welcome.

Contact Cyril Trice o­n 01303 893499 or eMail

Police set up anti social behaviour hotline

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Dover police have set up a telephone hotline to report incidents of anti-social behaviour in the district.

<FONT color=black>It has been set up in response to concerns about persistent troublemakers o­n the Buckland Estate.

<FONT color=black>Posters promoting the hotline number  01303 289200  have been printed,  and will be distributed around the area in the next few weeks.

Toilets to be demolished

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<FONT color=black>The disused public toilets at the rear of the Village Hall are to be demolished following discussions at the Parish Council meeting o­n Wednesday (14 July)

<FONT color=black>Parish Council Chairman Dave Callahan said: "We hope to have the toilet block demolished very shortly

<FONT color=black>"The building which has not been used for several years is being vandalised and the footpath to the Community Centre runs close by.

<FONT color=black>"Demolishing the block will open up the area and it will also allow the footpath slope into the car park to be made less steep.

Council tax set to soar in South East

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<FONT color=black size=4>COUNCIL TAX SET TO RISE £1000 IN SOUTH EAST

<FONT color=black>Council tax is set to soar for well off householders in the South East.

<FONT color=black>Under new government plans, it has been reported that homes in the £310,000 to £440,000 bracket, could see a rise in charges of over £1000 from £1,949 to £2,982 a year.

<FONT color=black>A draft of the Government's Balance of Funding Review, due out o­n Tuesday, has recommended a revamp of the eight council tax "bands", said The Sunday Telegraph.

<FONT color=black>People living in homes valued at more than £170,000 would see bills rising and almost trebling over three years at the top end of the market.
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The planned move aims to ease the council tax burden o­n the less well-off, who will see their bills fall if they live in homes worth less than £130,000.

Six arrested in alcohol crackdown

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South-east Kent Police have made six arrests in the first week of a campaign to crack down o­n illegal alcohol sales and irresponsible drinking.

The National Alcohol Misuse Enforcement Campaign has so far seen officers visit 20 licensed premises and check more than 70 youths.

The initiative will run for the next six weeks.

Councillor calls for road widening

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Nigel Collor a cabinet member o­n Dover council has written to a group of consultants to encourage improvement of the road network into the historic port.

<FONT color=black>Cllr Collor wrote to Babtie, the Highways Agency's consultants, to stress council support for the dualling of the A2 from Lydden to Dover.

<FONT color=black>He said: "It is vital that Dover is given the transport links it needs."

Folkestone goes back in time

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<FONT color=black>Folkestone returns to the Georgian era for the next nine days with a festival attracting people from Germany, France and Holland.

<FONT color=black>The Georgian Festival begins with a soldiers' warning of the threat of invasion by Napoleon.

<FONT color=black>The opening day will also see a concert from the Kent Concert Orchestra.

<FONT color=black>The finale next weekend will see more than 600 performers in uniform re-enact military skirmishes between the Duke of Wellington's men and French invaders.

Storm floods cause local damage

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<FONT color=black>Scores of homes in Dover and Deal have suffered flooding after recent storms.

<FONT color=black>Traffic was brought to a standstill o­n roads in South East Kent as flash floods made driving treacherous.

<FONT color=black>Kent Fire and Rescue Service said a wide area had been affected by heavy rain, with water seeping into many properties.

<FONT color=black>A spokeswoman reported that firecrews had attended a number of houses to help safeguard possessions from damage.

Divers get bubbly

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<FONT color=black size=4>DIVERS GET BUBBLY

<FONT color=black>Divers, including some from Folkestone Diving Club have retrieved champagne from a boat which sank in the Channel 50 years ago.

They found the 20,000 half bottles of vintage bubbly in the hold of a French ship, and some of it was uncorked today for a tasting session at a London hotel.

They admit the stash is somewhere in the English Channel, and are secretive about where they found it.