Divers get bubbly

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<FONT color=black size=4>DIVERS GET BUBBLY

<FONT color=black>Divers, including some from Folkestone Diving Club have retrieved champagne from a boat which sank in the Channel 50 years ago.

They found the 20,000 half bottles of vintage bubbly in the hold of a French ship, and some of it was uncorked today for a tasting session at a London hotel.

They admit the stash is somewhere in the English Channel, and are secretive about where they found it.

Summer playschemes for Hawkinge youngsters

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Summer playschemes for the youngsters will be held during the summer holidays at the Hawkinge Primary School and the Community Centre.

<FONT color=red>Seaside Rock is run by the Baptist Church for children from six to eleven. It will be held at the Hawkinge Community centre from 23rd August to the 27th between 9.30am and noon.

Contact 894064 or 893948 to register your child.

<FONT color=red>Try Sports have many sport based activities for youngsters between eight and thirteen.

The activities  which cost £3 a day are held at Hawkinge Primary School. They are o­n various dates between 9th August and 25th August from 10.00am to 3.00pm. For more details contact Try Sports o­n 01303 298233 or speak to Community Warden Ian Norman o­n 07811 271303.

For details of these events and others click on our Calendar page where you will find a listing of many Hawkinge events. You can even add your own events if you are a registered member!

Hawkinge set for a day of fun

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<FONT color=black size=4>

<FONT color=black>Hawkinge will be rocking, rapping and roasting o­n Saturday as part of a fun day being staged for the people of the village.

<FONT color=black>The day’s programme o­n the green at the Community Centre is crammed with a range of activities, music, sport, competitions and dance.

<FONT color=black>A steel band will set feet tapping while Blue Grass and folk music will provide a more relaxing backdrop.  The Funky Town Youth Project will be stepping up the pace for young people with workshops for street dancing, DJ mixing and scratching.   There will be plenty of opportunities to browse among stalls and take a chance at inflatable kangaroo boxing and inflatable table football.

<FONT color=black>Refreshments will be o­n hand to keep hunger at bay – and there will be a hog roast to satisfy bigger appetites.

<FONT color=black>The event is being staged by the Hawkinge Neighbourhood Management Partnership in conjunction with Shepway Council’s community engagement team.

<FONT color=black>Chairman of the Partnership, Jan Doyle, said the fun-packed day would provide something for all ages – and tastes.

<FONT color=black>“Everyone from Hawkinge is welcome. There will be loads to see and do. We hope it will also give local people the chance to tell us what they want to see in their village and how the partnership can help. Flyers distributed throughout the village to promote the fun day have included a ‘wish list’ where we have asked people for their three wishes to improve Hawkinge. I am sure we will get some great replies.�

Parish Council Chairman Dave Callahan said: "It's a great opportunity for the village to get together and have some fun."

Howard calls for action on child Internet safety

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Folkestone and Hythe MP and Tory leader Michael Howard has called for more determined international co-operation to protect children from abuse o­n the Internet.

<FONT color=black>The Conservative Leader hosted a special Internet Forum at party headquarters where he invited experts and interested groups to put forward new ideas to deal with what he called "the darker and more sinister side" to the world communications revolution.

<FONT color=black>Ruling out the imposition of censorship o­n the worldwide web, he nevertheless urged other nations like the United States to do more, and said: "The internet has revolutionised the way we live…and given millions of people living in totalitarian states access to impartial news for the first time. It's made it easier for everyone to communicate and to do business. And it's created millions of jobs.

<FONT color=black>"But it does have a darker and more sinister has given criminals a new arena in which to operate, under a cloak of anonymity and without finger prints. It has given paedophiles the ability to create chatrooms and to ‘groom' children. It has made it easier for them to look at, distribute and store pictures of children being abused. It has fuelled an illegal industry which ruins young lives."

<FONT color=black>Mr Howard acknowledged there are no easy answers to the problem, and accepted that "when you close down o­ne avenue, the paedophiles simply use another."

<FONT color=black>But he said: "We need to look at how we can better educate parents, teachers and children themselves about the dangers, and we need to look at whether the police have the powers they need to tackle this threat. And that when the police have caught these monsters, the courts have the powers they need to punish them properly. Technology moves at an incredible speed and the law needs to keep pace with it. We also need to look at whether the industry is doing aboslutely everything it can to tackle the problem.

<FONT color=black>"I don't want to go down the route some countries have taken, where internet censorship is imposed via a central, state-controlled server. But as an industry you need constantly to explore new ways to stop child pornography making its way o­n to British computer screens. Ministers should be urging other countries, not least the United States which hosts over half of all o­nline child abuse images, to take tough action too. International cooperation is vital if we are to strike a lasting blow against both the demand for and supply of child pornography."

Army reveals Iraq training location

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<FONT color=black>

The Army has revealed they have trained over 6,000 troops to be deployed in Iraq at Shorncliffe barracks in Folkestone.

<FONT color=black>The Operational and Training Advisory Group (Optag) teach the soldiers how to find mines, how to deal with suicide bombers and how to communicate with Iraqis.

<FONT color=black>Workshops are set up with interpreters to teach them how to deal with locals and hostile crowds.

Cufley to stay

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Liberal Democrat leader of Shepway Council Linda Cufley, is still  in her job after last night's debate of  Liberal Democrat councillors.

An amendment was carried and the expected vote of no confidence did not happen.

Villagers can tackle councillors at Shepway Council meeting

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<FONT color=black>A full Shepway Council Community Meeting o­n Wednesday (21 July) will give villagers an opportunity to have their say directly to their elected representatives.

The meeting will include a debate o­n local issues with members of the Hawkinge Parish Council and the public given the opportunity to speak.

Subjects which may be discussed include the housing infrastructure, highway safety, speed limits o­n the A260 and the amount of time taken adopting new roads, infact the debate can focus o­n any local issues.

Anyone wishing to ask a question should be aware that time is limited to 45 minutes for the debate and it is therefore not a soapbox .

The meeting kicks off at 7.00pm in the Hawkinge Community Centre and the debate will begin shortly after.

Ealham pensioner found safe and well

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<FONT color=black>A 70-year-old man whose family reported him missing since Sunday (11 July) has been found safe and well.

<FONT color=black>Police were concerned for the safety of Edward Green, from Ealham, who had recently collapsed in Canterbury.

<FONT color=black>It was thought he may have been confused and in need of hospital treatment.

Jobless drops by 3000

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<FONT color=black size=4>JOBLESS DROPS BY 3000

<FONT color=black>The jobless figure for the South East fell by 3,000 in the three months from March to May, compared with the previous three months.

The number of people out of work stood at 160,000, according to the latest official figures. The unemployment rate was 3.8%.

The number of people out of work nationally stood at 1,432,000.

All chickens eventually come home to roost

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Dear Ed

Two highly critical reports highlighting serious officer mismanagement and organisational shortcomings have now been delivered o­n Shepway District Council within the past year.

Does this come as any surprise to some of us in the previous administration? No!

<FONT color=black>So why didn't you do anything about it when you had the chance, I hear you ask?

<FONT color=black>We attempted to and that led to the Chief Executive accusing councillors of bullying Officer staff, which then led to  six councillors being reported to the Standards Board o­n spurious charges, totally supported by the Senior Management Team - the very officers that the CPA crticises - and the Monitoring Officer.

<FONT color=black>That in effect stopped any progress being made to sort out these problems because, quite understandably, no other councillor was willing to put their head above the parapet until that was cleared up.

<FONT color=black>Of course Councillor/Officer relations have improved since May 2003 because no-one is challenging what is going o­n anymore or asking the awkward questions.

<FONT color=black>However, all chickens eventually come home to roost and although the "smoke screen" put up by Senior Management Team masked from Cllr Cufley and her Cabinet what was really going o­n, it did not fool the Audit Commission or the Council Facilitator.

<FONT color=black>Do I feel vindicated? Of course I do, but also saddened because others now see Shepway District Council for the shambles it really was under the previous Chief Executive.

<FONT color=black>The o­ne passing wish I have is that the other members of the SMT follow their boss into early retirement, along with the discredited monitoring officer so that the District can make some real progress.

Colin Tearle