Doing your bit for the environment

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Kent County Council wants to know what local people think about minerals and waste issues. 

Your views will help Kent County Council to produce a plan for how they will be dealt with in Kent - and you could win a fantastic prize!

A discussion pack has been designed to get people talking, and to gather feedback about your priorities, hopes and concerns and you don’t need to have a special interest in the subject to take part. 

For a copy of the discussion pack and information about how to enter for the prize draw please click on the following link:

Alternatively, to request a copy of the discussion pack by post please call 020 8683 6602.

Reply forms should be returned by 1st July 2005.

For more detailed information about the development of the plan for minerals and waste please click on the link below:

Helicopter search after blood soaked cap found on local cliffs

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Emergency services were scrambled after a dog walker reported finding a blood-soaked baseball cap on cliff tops above Samphire Hoe today (6 June).

A hunt was launched for a person injured or missing "under suspicious circumstances" and a major air and sea search was started.

Police said the baseball cap was found along with a mobile phone.

Climbers, a lifeboat, coastguards and a helicopter from Lee-on-Solent, Hampshire searched the area for four hours, and British Transport Police searched rail lines.

Police have confirmed the search has now finished without finding anything but they have said that they are continuing their investigation.

Grass is greener for school sports

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After waiting 120 years Mundella primary school is to finally get its own playing field. 

Pupils at the school will be joined by Conservative Leader and Folkestone and Hythe MP Michael Howard for the grand opening on Friday 10 June.

Around 200 pupils will be gatherimg on the field for a ribbon cutting ceremony which will be followed by sporting activities and a balloon race from the site.

Kent County Council’s Sports Development Unit helped the school with its successful bid of more than £80,000 from the Big Lottery Fund to restore the area and provide fencing, drainage and improved access.

The pupils will  be able to enjoy outdoor sports as well as learning about wildlife and the environment. The community will also be encouraged to use the field through playschemes and coaching opportunities.

Headteacher Rosemary Hannibal said: “ I am so pleased we now have our own playing field, which I’m sure will be thoroughly enjoyed by all our children.�

KCC’s Cabinet Member for Community Services Sarah Hohler said: “Giving Mundella Primary the chance to develop the site into a well-managed grassed area means the pupils will be able to take part in a range of sports while improving their all-round fitness.�

Arrests after teenager suffers serious burns in workshop fire

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Police investigating a fire in which a 15 year old boy was discovered with serious burns at a car workshop yard in Folkestone have arrested
two 14-year-old boys on suspicion of arson and grievous bodily harm.

Kent Fire and Rescue Service reported that the boy was found at the yard of Kent Auto Panels on Ross Way Industrial Estate yesterday (5 June).

The teenager suffered petrol burns to 80% of his body after being found at the workshop where tyres were on fire.

He was treated at the scene before being flown by air ambulance to the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford where his condition was described as serious.

Only 6 days to go to the Summer Variety Show

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Lyminge Dramatic Society will be presenting their brand new Variety Show o­n o­ne night o­nly, Saturday 11th June starting at 7.45pm.

This exciting new show is a packed full of new comic sketches, songs, instrumental pieces, monologues and dance routines.

Why not organise a party of your friends to join you for a good old night out at a traditional variety show. Tickets are priced at £5 for adults and £2-50 for children and are o­n sale from Serendipity, Canterbury Road, Hawkinge and The Cat and Custard Pot, Paddlesworth.

Book early to avoid disappointment!

My adventures in Kent

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Dear Ed

Well we will have to go back right to the very beginning where it all started.

I was 22 when I was first Introduced to Kent and from that day the spirit of Kent has never left me. I lived o­n a dairy farm in Fordcombe for 3 years working round the farm helping the farmer out delivering milk, bedding the cows down, getting them up for milking each evening, feeding them etc, It was a fair exchange for my accomodation and I loved every single minute of it.
As I said earlier the spirit of Kent engulfed me and I got carried away with it and began to lose my grip o­n this reality and moved into a whole new magikal reality oh wow It totally blew me away It was the most amazing experience I have ever had and It was down to this that I ended up getting sectioned in a mental hospital for a month because people didn't understand me or what had happened to me they just classed me as crazy.
It was after I came out of the hospital and returned to the farm that I first began writing my poetry.

I kept my poetry hidden until last year for fear of the hospital situation arising again, but then I met my partner who recognized something in me and understood me and I decided I could trust him and showed him my poetry, I had never shown It to anyone until this day, not even my own family and it was his encouragement and positive attitude to my work that I finally plucked up the courage to take my fears by the horns and face them head o­n and began to post my poetry o­n the Internet.

I was completely overwhelmed by the positive response I received to my work and how well it has been received globally.

I am now In the process of becoming published and last week I revisited kent to share my good news with the farmer and his family and to visit the place where it all began, where my heart is, where I want to be to come back and write my book there.
It was also my 40th birthday and I celebrated it at the enchanted forest oh wow what a magikal experience that was, It all felt so familiar just like they had been expecting me like I was coming home and I was greeted by the spirit of the eagle the o­ne who lives in the enchanted forest, but that is another story, but his owner should have his own tv show he is talent just waiting to happen.

I have written a poem in honour of that meeting.
Well Wednesday was my last day here and it was a very tearful day before I left though I had a few special deliveries to make.

I began at the enchanted forest and delivered a bundle of poems to say thank you for the wonderful time I had there It made my stay here even more special and then I popped o­ne in each of the post boxes In Groombridge, Langton and Fordcombe, a few to the village pub in Fordcombe and another to Angel House in Groombridge and finally I scattered a few around the cottage we had been staying in, I just wanted to spread a little magic around Kent to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Thank you.
with love and light Starchild

Take off at Hawkinge Battle of Britain Museum

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Memories of the summer of 1940, when Kent was the front line county as Britain stood alone against Hitler, will be revived by the launch of a new CD, Drive the Battle of Britain at the Kent Battle of Britain Museum, Aerodrome Road, Hawkinge on Monday (6 June).

The CD, which can be played in your car, guides you along an evocative trail of Battle of Britain sites for 64 kilometres across Shepway using interviews with pilots, ground crew, WAAFs and civilians, as well as Churchill’s speeches, original news clips, music and information on the sites.

Guests at the launch will include representatives from Kent County Council, Shepway District Council and Acoustiguide who together produced the CD as part of an Historic Fortifications Network project supported by the European Union Interreg programme. Speakers will include KCC Cabinet Member Richard King, Shepway Cabinet Member Carole Walters and Acoustiguide producer Alan Hall. There will be opportunities to photograph them with Spitfire and Hurricane aircraft. World War Two veterans have also been invited.

The first 1,000 CDs are available free from the Battle of Britain Memorial at Capel-le-Ferne, the Kent Battle of Britain Museum, Brenzett Aeronautical Museum and other outlets in the area.

KCC Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport Richard King, Chairman of the Kent Tourism Council, said: “The Battle of Britain was such a crucial time in Kent and Britain’s history. It is important that we do not forget the sacrifice made by 544 Fighter Command aircrew who gave their lives. This new CD is an excellent way for residents and visitors to find out about the conflict and see some of the places where it happened.�

Housing bonanza afflicting Hawkinge

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Dear Ed,

I was impressed by the thoughts of Guest 999 where he (rightly) questions why Elham and Lyminge appear to be missing out on the housing bonanza currently afflicting Hawkinge

Although his presentation style may be lacking in finesse, the thoughts and arguments are valid.

Therefore, Guest 999, I support you in this matter;  Shepway, are you listening?


Latest local crime 23/05/05 to 29/05/05

Contributed by editor on Jun 03, 2005 - 08:52 PM


Crime Sheet 23/05/05 to 29/05/05


Between 1900hrs & 1915hrs 23/095/05

Theft from Motor Vehicle


The IP states that he returned home at approx. 1645hrs, and parked his vehicle o­n the driveway. At approx. 1900hrs a neighbour alerted him, that 2 young males had been acting suspiciously beside his vehicle. The neighbour stated it looked as if the young males had been trying the door, before running off. The IP then realised he had left his keys in the drivers side door.



Between 1730hrs & 1735hrs 27/05/05



A window to the rear of IP's house in the dining room has been smashed.



Between 2000hrs & 2017hrs 23/05/05

Possession of Cannabis


Whilst officers were checking over a BMW the 4 males reappeared and headed back towards the vehicle. o­ne male identified himself as the owner and driver of the vehicle and he smelt strongly of cannabis smoke and o­ne of the other males had very red and bloodshot eyes. All 4 males were subjected to a stop search during which offender voluntarily produced a small clear plastic bag containing a green plant like substance. He was then arrested for being in possession of a controlled substance.



Between 2015hrs & 2215hrs 24/05/05

Attempted Burglary Other


IP noticed scratches & grooves in the woodwork & paintwork of the front door.  IP states that these were not o­n the door prior to her leaving the house & feels that in might been an attempt break in.



Between 1200hrs 28/05/05 & 1215hrs 29/05/05

Theft of Motor Vehicle





Between 1850hrs & 1945hrs 28/05/05



The informant states that she had returned to her block of flats after shopping & got into the lift, she got out of the lift o­n the second floor & realised that she had left her handbag in it. The Ip went straight back to the lift, but the handbag had gone, she does not remember anyone waiting for the lift when she got out of lift o­n her floor.



If you have any information in relation to any crime. Please contact the Watch Office o­n 01304 218151 or ring Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 You do not have to give your name and you maybe eligible for a reward.

To Report suspicious incidents and problems you cannot resolve yourself 01303 850055


To report crime that has happened to you and the offenders have gone 01303 289134

If you would like to help with Neighbourhood Watch or would like to know more about what is involved, you can contact the Neighbourhood Watch & Parish Liaison Office at Dover Police Station o­n 01304 21815

Hawkinge Parish Council Agenda 8 June 2005

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The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held o­n Wed. 8th June 2005 at 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hall


The Chairman will take questions from parishioners.   The number of speakers will be limited to five (time limit 3 minutes). 



1            Apologies


2          Minutes

To confirm and sign the minutes of the Annual Meeting held o­n 11th May 2005

(already circulated).


3            Declarations of Interest

Councillors should disclose personal or prejudicial interest/s in any item/s o­n this agenda.  Councillors with a personal interest must describe and give details of the interest.  Unless the personal interest amounts to a prejudicial interest, he/she may participate fully in the meeting.   A prejudicial interest is o­ne in which a member of the public, with knowledge of the relevant facts, would reasonably regard as so significant that it is likely to prejudice a Councillor’s judgement of the public interest.   Anyone with a prejudicial interest must, unless an exception applies or a dispensation has been issued, withdraw from the meeting room.

Whenever possible, and if in doubt, advice should be sought from the Clerk prior to the meeting.


4          Casual Vacancy

Mrs Carol Newton has not attended a meeting for six consecutive months and is therefore disqualified.     The Council must declare a Casual Vacancy exists, place an official notice in a public place and notify SDC that there is a casual vacancy.     SDC will advise the Clerk when the Council may co-opt a new member.


5          Matters arising out of the Minutes

       (a) Questions raised by residents at Annual Meeting:

(i) gate for pedestrians at the Incinerator Road entrance to the football ground

(ii) traffic calming for Mill Lane.             

       (b) KAPC [min. 114(b)] Mr Rodney Williamson will attend the July meeting.

       (c) Footpath/Cycleway [min. 93] reply from Mr Stack, Director of Regulatory

             Services, SDC (enc.)

        (d) KCC – Kent Community Warden appointment for Hawkinge.


6          Reports – Working Groups

Community Liaison

Planning and Development

Public Rights of Way 

Finance Group (report of meeting under Finance)


7          Other Bodies

Neighbourhood Management Partnership

Community Centre

Village Hall

The Churchill School – Board of Governors

Hawkinge Primary School – Board of Governors

KAPC, Shepway Area Committee


8          Future of the Spitfire Leisuredrome

Chairman to report.


9         Hawkinge Football Ground

      (a) The Football Project – Cllr. Trice


      (b) Management of the ground – Cllr. Hodgson


10        Finance

      (a) Finance Group meeting – Chairman to report

      (b) To approve the Statement of Assurance in the Annual Return for the year ended

31st March 2005 (copy enc.)

       (c) Memorial Garden – Cllr. Hogben to report

       (d) Payments:

            To approve payment of the accounts presented at the meeting (list enc.)


Any queries regarding accounts must be raised with the Clerk before the meeting.


11        Correspondence

        (a) Kent Highway Services – County Lengthsmen – a new service to deal with

             highways problems for Parish Councils (enc.).

        (b) KCC – Overview and Scrutiny of the NHS – Induction  Day 15th June (enc.)


     (c) Letters from residents – copies enclosed and acknowledgments.

          (i) Mr Martin

         (ii) Mrs Green


12        Plans

            Planning applications received since the last meeting (list enclosed)


Please contact Cllr. Trice if you would like to view the plans before the meeting.  



           To resolve that because publicity would be prejudicial to the public interest by

Reason of the confidential nature of business to be transacted the public (including the Press) be excluded from the meeting pursuant to the provision of sub section 100 & 102 of the Local Government Act, 1972.


14            HY&CSC - Lease

To receive a letter and enclosures from Kingsfords dated 20th May 2005.


15        Clerk’s Salary – Annual Review

Chairman to report.

Any other matters referred to the confidential section during the meeting