Hanger Roof Appeal gets £1000 boost from Round Tablers....24 November 2002

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Following on from a recent campaign by the Kent Battle of Britain Museum at Hawkinge, Folkestone and District Round Table has agreed to donate £1000 to their roof appeal.

The full amount was finally agreed at a meeting last week and was voted unanimously by all members who attended.

Matt Nixon, the PR and Media representative for Folkestone and District Round Table said, “I was extremely pleased that the Folkestone group agreed to my request for funds, it was even more of a delight when the sum offered was £1000. This donation gives recognition for the hard work that the volunteers do at the museum to keep the history of the Battle of Britain alive. Although it could be argued that there are other charities that could benefit from the donation, you can’t let other small charities be put on the side lines. Yes, for example, children’s charities are important, but low profile charities such as the museum need as much help as they can get.�

The donation came from money raised by the recent Round Table Golf Day held at Sene Valley. If approved, the donation will hopefully be doubled by Railtrack who agreed to match donations to charity taken from the Golf Day money. Unfortunately it will not be until December before the outcome of the application to Railtrack will be known.

Folkestone and District Round Table is involved in raising money for both national, and more importantly, local charity groups. If there is anyone who would like to get involved with the local Round Table please contact us.

For more information telephone:

Matt Nixon on (01303) 893300

Local Round Table raise cash for Children in Need....24 November 2002

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By Matt Nixon

Folkestone and District Round Table joined thousands of people to raise money for Children in Need.

A group of eight local members were collecting at Kings Cross and Euston main line stations in London to coincide with the morning rush hour passengers that entered those stations.

The whole event was being organised by Area 16, which is the group responsible for all Round Table members in Kent.

The Folkestone Group in Kings Cross station managed to collect £1358.67 in the space of four hours that they were there.

Other Kent groups collected similar amounts and the Kent group at Victoria station managed to collect in excess of £3100 for the morning.

The total for the morning collection was just over £15,000. Other Kent groups would also be collecting in the evening rush hour period and the estimations are that it is likely the final total collected will exceed £30,000. This expectation is better than last year when the same event, organised by Nick Taylor of the Folkestone and District Round Table, raised over £25,000.

Despite the extremely early start, the 5.01 a.m. train from Folkestone Central, the Folkestone group was in high spirits and all agreed it was a good use of their time, including myself who spent the entire period wearing a Pudsey Bear costume.

Folkestone and District Round Table is involved in raising money for both national, and more importantly, local charity groups. If there is anyone who would like to get involved with the local Round Table please contact us.

For more information contact:

Matt Nixon on (01303) 893300


Churchill School building progressing well....24 November 2002

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Good progress is being made at the Churchill School with the roof nearly completed and the stylish glass canopy under construction.

Normally one visit is enough for anyone....22 November 2002

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I like some Parish councillors realize that the parish council website cannot be justified at a cost of £235 month,but others have still to be convinced,

I would be generous if I said it got 20 hits a week from the local population.(Normally one visit is enough for anyone)

Cyril Trice


MP boards walking bus....22 November 2002

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Folkestone and Hythe MP Michael Howard showed his support of Kent County Council’s Walking Bus initiative when he followed in the footsteps of children at the Mundella School today (22 November).

Children on the school walking bus received rucksacks sponsored by the Believing in Folkestone fund and Kia Cars has donated reflective jackets.

<img src="images/bus1.jpg"width="152" height="148" align="left">

The Walking Bus Scheme is another initiative of the Childlife Project, launched in November 2001 in Ashford, Gravesend and Dover, to reduce child road casualties.

Vice-Chairman of KCC’s Highways Advisory Board Graham Gibbens, said: “Itis great to see Mundella School celebrating their walking bus, which will not only help ease congestion and pollution at the School, but also help keep pupils fit and healthy.�


I am surprised that it has taken this long for residents to "wise-up"....22 November 2002

Contributed by localrags on Nov 22, 2002 - 07:01 AM

I can only fully concur with what is being said about the Official Hawkinge web-site and I am surprised that it has taken this long for residents to "wise-up". The official HPC (Hawkinge Parish Council) web-site was a good idea but unfortunately it should really admit defeat and die a graceful death.

Nigel Best quite rightly points out that there were three web-sites for Hawkinge (mine hasn't died out I might add!) and certainly your site out classes the official site's news capabilities and contacts, whereas my own site has an extensive list of local businesses and links. If there are any local HPC functions in the village it is extremely rare that you do not report them quickly and after time these reports are archived. The official site is still reporting functions from a couple of years ago, in fact they have the gardening society calendar for 2001 still posted!

There have been a couple of events posted recently, but it hardly justifies the monthly fee of £235 paid out regularly to Geoff Goode. HPC should really put this cash to better use. If, as Cllr. Robertson stated, there would be financial implications for cancelling the contract there are two trains of thought I have on this:

1) Geoff really has got HPC over a barrel; and

2) it may cost some money to cancel the contract (I don't know what the amount is), but is it justifiable to continue to pay this sum every month?

Like Nigel, I doubt some of the claims made about the official web-site statistics. Let's face it, if you do a search for Hawkinge on the internet invariably the rankings are my site followed by your site. I know how many hits that I receive (plus they are public), and unless there is a regular stream of people who return to the official site, I doubt it out performs my stats. People are more likely to return to your site as you are frequently updating it and therefore it is the most popular site in the village (apart from perhaps the Battle of Britain museum site?!?).

Lou made a good point about a web-site for the community centre. I'm sure that either you or I could undertake the task of constructing this without charging HPC any costs (other than perhaps domain hosting and naming - but let's face it they have already and that could easily be pointed to a folder on one of our sites), likewise either of our sites could post the HPC minutes free of charge when the clerk has them. Yes, a booking system might be a little more expensive, but invariably you would have a volunteer in charge of bookings generally, and all you would really need is an enquiry form that sends a request to this person who then responds accordingly. If people wanted to see what had already been booked, there are many free services available (MSN Groups for example) that could allow this to be done.

Well done for showing the initiative HPC, but it's time to move on.



Matt Nixon


Acrise stays independent....21 November 2002

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District Councillor Colin Tearle had called the meeting which agreed to appoint Winfried Richter as its new Chairman.

It was thought that Acrise would have been amalgamated with Swingfield if a Chairman had not been found.

District Councillor Colin Tearle who called the meeting


Use the money for young people....21 November 2002

Contributed by localrags on Nov 21, 2002 - 06:59 AM

I agree with coments made about official Hawkinge web site, that we do not need it.

We have a very good site at Hawkinge Gazette which is up to date. I have given up even looking at the Council site as there is nothing on it.

Its difficult to give them information, lots of local items are out of date, people are mentioned who are running organisations that have moved years ago.

Use the money in a more productive way, for young people.

Wendy Bell


High speed rail link from Folkestone gets a boost....20 November 2002

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The Strategic Rail Authority has presented a study to Ministers, in which Folkestone is included as one of the best value-for-money options, for the introduction of high-speed CTRL Domestic services in Kent.

A Government announcement is expected at the end of November

Leader of Shepway Council, Cllr. Rory Love, said: “This is a tribute to the

support from the community and from local business for Shepway Council’s Rail

for Folkestone campaign.

"We await the Government’s announcement with interest.

We are encouraged to learn that our campaign has helped to persuade the SRA that Folkestone represents the best value-for-money option in Kent.�


Official website is a cost village could well do without....18 November 2002 .

Contributed by localrags on Nov 19, 2002 - 05:13 PM

I must say that I agree with most of the comments so far posted with regards to the "official Website".

As a PC Literate resident of Hawkinge, I feel that there is no need to pay for the current official website.

The Hawkinge Gazette provides far more (and up to date) information regarding the village. If there is a need to use the money I could suggest a few more well deserved places to use it (something for the younger generation).

I agree with Lou Bolechala that a website for the village hall is a good idea, but as for requiring it to be attended on a full time basis, I would suggest that this would not be necessary, and bookings could still be done on a website that is monitored daily rather than on a full time basis, they would just require a confirmation system.

All in all, the official site is a cost that the village could well do without.

James Smith
IT Analyst