Hawkinge Parish Council

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Hawkinge Parish Council.......




Read the agenda for the next meeting


Parish Council news


Minutes from the Parish Council meetings (published shortly after the following meeting)


  Hawkinge Parish Council members


Cllr David Callahan (Chairman)

Ms. Mildred (Joan) Brisley

Mr. John Heasman (Vice Chairman)


Mr. George Hodgson


John Punnett


Mr. Peter Smith


Tony Hutt

Patricia Meloy

Colin Tearle

Clerk to the Council

Mrs V. Wiles

Tel: (01303) 891077

Tel: (01303) 894232

Tel: (01303) 892752

Mobile 07790 782606

Tel: (01303) 893769
Mobile 07776 386974

Mobile 07866 915350

Tel: (01303) 892075

Tel: (01303) 891804
Mobile: 07833 353313




Tel: Tel/fax (01304)242704

Local shopping

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Advertising rates

Limited advertising available for local businesses


Local estate agents

Business Directory

Business directory at Hawkinge DotCom

Local History Books

History of Hawkinge and the surrounding area




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Hawkinge Community Safety Forum.......


About us

All about the Forum.


Read the agenda for the next meeting


MInutes from the meetings


Safety Forum news


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The Churchill School

The school's website and weekly newsletter


Hawkinge Primary School

The newsletter written by pupils from the school


Schools Libraries Playgroups

Information about local schools, libraries and playgroups


Selsted Church of England Primary School

A link to the Selsted School  website

Have your say

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Tell us what you think or let us know what YOU know


Make your views known on our popular letters page where you can be read by as many as 3000 website visitors.

Lost touch

Find old friends and relatives from the area


Sometimes serious, sometimes not, but no matter what, please vote with your opinion.

Out and about

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Local events

The Gazette list of local events

Walking in Kent

Walking groups and walks across the county

Tourism in Shepway

Places to visit in Shepway and more visit Discover Folkestone

Local groups

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Churchill Challenge

The Churchill School PTA

Folkestone District Round Table

Charity organisation for local residents

Franz Academy of Modelling & Commercial Jazz

Modelling , dance and entertainment group for young people

Folkestone Camera Club

Improve your photography

Hawkinge Action Group

Bombs on the airfield action group

Hawkinge Angels

Support group  predominately for parents with special needs children

Hawkinge Paddlesworth and Acrise WI

The WI is more than jam making

Hawkinge Childminding Group

Local registered childminders

Hawkinge District Gardeners Society

Garden society meets at the Village Hall

Hawkinge Community Safety Forum

Crime and safety focus group

Hawkinge Parish Council

The Parish Council meets every month at  the Village Hall

Hawkinge Partnership

Looking to improve the  lives of villagers

Lyminge Dramatic Society

Local drama group based in Lyminge

Short Mat Bowls Club

Popular bowls club meets at the Hawkinge Community Centre

Swingfield Twinning Association

Cross channel twinning group

Walking Group

Regular walks organised


More groups

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Law and Order

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Law and Order.......

Crime fighting initiatives

New crime fighting measures

Neighbourhood Watch

Latest crime reports and advice

Police matters

Meet your local bobby

Village Warden

All about he Village Warden

Warden alerts

Crime reports and warnings


World - Breaking news

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Boulogne and back is back...5 February 2003

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The Dover Boulogne ferry route is back after a ten a year break. The announcement by SpeedFerries that it is to re-open has been welcomed by the Dover Harbour Board.

SpeedFerries, in co-operation with Danish ferry company Mols-Linien, expect to start services in early May with the Speed One, a 91-metre catamaran.

The Port of Dover’s Commercial Director, John Turgoose, said: "It will bring a new dimension to the English Channel.

“This will be the largest and fastest catamaran to operate from the Port of Dover crossing to Boulogne in 50 minutes. With a capacity for 200 cars, four coaches and 800 passengers on her five round trips a day, SpeedFerries will bring significant new capacity.

“We are delighted to be able to offer the choice of another route to Continental Europe especially with the re-introduction of the historic link with the attractive town of Boulogne and its new motorway into south west France,� he said.