Police warning after drugs theft

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Police in Canterbury have issued a warning concerning stolen drugs following the theft of a car containing a quantity of prescription medicines.

A silver Mercedes Benz A190 containing approximately ten emergency meningitis treatment packs in its boot was stolen from outside a house in Chartham overnight between Tuesday, 31st August and Wednesday, 1st September.

The antibiotics are contained in orange boxes that state that the drugs are intended for the treatment of meningitis.

A police spokesman said, “These prescription drugs should o­nly be taken as prescribed by a pharmacist or doctor and may be harmful if misused. Anyone finding the packs should hand them into their nearest police station or a pharmacist and ask them to contact the police.â€?

More homes included in kerbside recycling scheme

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Another 10,000 homes are being added to Dover District Council's kerbside scheme for the collection of paper, glass and cans from October as part of its o­ngoing commitment to recycling and improving the environment.

<FONT color=black>The next phase of this important service will be operating from 4 October and will be in addition to almost 20,000 homes already covered by the scheme across the area. Recyclable materials will be collected fortnightly using special black plastic boxes supplied free of charge by the Council. The boxes, together with detailed information o­n how the service will operate, will be delivered to homes in the new phase during September.

<FONT color=black>New areas covered by the scheme will include homes in Whitfield, Temple Ewell, Lydden, Shepherdswell, Coldred, Guston, Capel-Le-Ferne, St Margaret's-at-Cliffe and River. It will also incorporate parts of Dover, including houses in Maxton, Elms Vale, Buckland Estate, Folkestone Road, Old Park, Castle, Aycliffe, and Burgoyne Heights. It is not possible to access all homes in these areas and the exact route is awaiting confirmation.

<FONT color=black>This scheme builds o­n the Council's existing recycling centres, which remain for residents to use. Currently around 35,000 tonnes of household waste is collected each year and disposed of to landfill from homes within the district.

<FONT color=black>Cllr Andrew Richardson, Cabinet Member for Environment, said: "We are fully committed to helping people recycle more across the district. By bringing more collections to the kerbside, we are delighted to be making it easier for more people to recycle and do their bit for the environment. We are looking at ways of increasing recycling across the area, and are currently developing a waste strategy, which we will be consulting o­n. As part of that we will be investigating the possibility of extending kerbside collections across the district to as many properties as possible."

<FONT color=black>For more information, please call the DDC Wasteline o­n (01304) 872428 or email

Carroll attacks Howard over Gurkha rights

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<FONT face="" color=black>Michael Howard's unwillingness to help the Gurkhas in their fight to be granted UK citizenship has been slammed as "simply outrageous" by local Lib Dem campaigner Peter Carroll who is the challenger to Michael Howard in his Folkestone seat.

<FONT face="" color=black>The Lib Dems claim that in a statement to the press Michael Howard, Leader of the Conservative Party, said that the Gurkhas should be repatriated.

<FONT face="" color=black>Peter Carroll said: "It is simply outrageous that Michael Howard, whose constituency represents the UK Gurkha base, has taken this view."

<FONT face="" color=black>"Mr Howard has missed the point. These soldiers fought for Britain and should not have to fight for citizenship as well."

<FONT face="" color=black>"Mr Howard is happy to take the salute at the Gurkha base at Shorncliffe Barracks in Folkestone but when it comes to the political crunch he is unwilling to help."

Michael to fight "superbug"

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<DIV class=subheading><FONT color=black size=4>MICHAEL TO FIGHT "SUPERBUG"

<TABLE width=150 align=left border=0><TABLE class=lightbg cellPadding=4 width=145><TD class=mcblack align=middle><FONT color=black> <TD width=5><FONT color=black><IMG height=1 alt="" src="" width=5><FONT color=black>Michael Howard has promised that an incoming Conservative government will give priority to sustained and effective action to tackle the MRSA hospital "superbug".

Speaking in Deal, the Oppositon Leader warned that in spite of 21 separate initiatives by the Blair administration, thousands of NHS patients are still dying from hospital infections every year.

And condemning the Labour Government's half-hearted action as "intolerable", Mr Howard declared: "The time has come for a sustained and effective programme of action. The next Conservative government will therefore make ridding our hospitals of the superbug a key priority. Patients deserve, and patients will get, clean and safe hospitals."

Criticising the way hospital bosses have kept unclean, infected wards open because of Government targets, Mr Howard made it clear that under a Conservative administration, patient safety would come first. The plethora of targets would be scrapped, patients would be given proper information about MRSA, and infection statistics would be made public.

However, most significantly, under the party's Right to Choose policy, patients would be able to determine which hospital to have an operation in, which would force those with a disease problem to clean up their act.

"Hospital managers will therefore have real incentives to force up standards. Dirty hospitals will lose patients and the funding which goes with them. Clean hospitals will gain patients and the funding, and the reputation of hospitals will be based in part at least o­n how clean and infection-free they are. The best hospitals will drive up standards for the worst…and all hospitals will compete to be the cleanest and safest in the country," he said.

Pointing out that other countries have successfully cracked down o­n MRSA, Mr Howard said: "The superbug is a British disease. The Right to Choose is the cure. The Conservatives will give the Right to Choose to professionals in the health service as well as to patients. That is the way in which we will overcome the hospital superbug and save the lives of patients."

Passenger flights start from Manston

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<P align=left><FONT color=black>Shepway residents now have their own local airport after passenger flights from Manston near Ramsgate began today (1 September).

<P align=center><IMG alt="EU Jet" hspace=0 src="images/eujet.jpg" align=top border=0>

<FONT color=black>The journey time to Kent International Airport at Manston is just over half an hour from Folkestone.

<FONT color=black>Flights operated by the Irish airline EU jet are planned to fly to 21 destinations, with routes  to Amsterdam, Gerona, Copenhagen, Dublin and Nice operating now.

<FONT color=black>Further destinations are to be added this year, with plans for a trans Atlantic service in 2005.

<FONT color=black>A spokesman for the airline said it  hoped that they would carry 500,000 passengers in the first year.

<FONT color=black>Kent County Council has invested in the scheme to help regenerate the Thanet area.

Gurkhas protest over citizenship

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Gurkhas from Folkestone dressed in their regimental tie and wearing the medals they have won during their service protested in Liverpool before meeting Home Office officials tday (1 September).

<FONT color=black>Despite fighting as part of the British Army for almost 200 years, they are barred from British citizenship.

<FONT color=black>Many of the soldiers say it is difficult to find employment without British Citizenship and some have waiting nearly two years for a claim to be considered.

<FONT color=black>A spokesman said that many were afraid to go home to visit their families as they feared they would not be allowed back in to Britain.

<FONT color=black>

<FONT color=black>The Home Office said the soldier's concerns will "feed into" the policy review of their naturalisation.

Up to 400 retired Gurkhas are demanding  British citizenship.

Shepway local board meets at Elham

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<FONT color=black>The people of Shepway will be able to have their say about rural libraries and library services when their local board holds its next meeting o­n Thursday 16 September at Elham Village Hall, starting at 6.30pm.

<FONT color=black>The meeting will give members of the public the opportunity to meet their elected representatives at Kent County Council, hear a presentation o­n library services and ask questions.

<FONT color=black>Chairman of the Shepway Local Board Chris Capon said: "We are keen to listen to the views of the public about what they require in a rural library and library services in general. Their comments will help us to continue improving this important resource."

<FONT color=black>Another topic to be discussed will be the funding of small community projects. KCC has allocated £500,000 across the county towards supporting the costs of capital works for local community projects. The Shepway Local Board will consider a number of local projects with a view to recommending priorities for funding.

<FONT color=black>There will also be an update o­n expenditure from the Member's Community Grant through which each County Councillor is able to recommend up to £10,000 per year to local projects.

<FONT color=black>For more information about the board meeting or any of the issues above please contact Community Liaison Manager Dave Geoghegan o­n 01233 639677.

Woman's body recovered from sea

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<FONT color=black>A woman's body has been recovered from the sea near Dover

<FONT color=black>The Dover lifeboat was called to an area between St Margaret's Bay and Kingsdown this afternoon (31 August) and pulled the body from the sea.

<FONT color=black>Walkers had spotted the woman's body in the sea and alerted the emergency services.

<FONT color=black>A post mortem examination to establish the cause of death is to be held.

Police crackdown on illegal bikers

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<FONT color=black>Warnings have been handed out to nuisance bikers in Dover and Deal as part of an ongoing police crackdown, at the weekend.

Residents had reported the motorcyclists in the Crabble Recreation Ground in Dover and Cold Blow near Deal.

A Kent police spokesman said that those involved in this illegal activity must be aware we are constantly obtaining evidence and will take action.

Hawkinge Community Safety Forum Agenda 2 September 2004

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<FONT color=black>Thursday 2nd September 2004 at 7.00 pm at The Churchill School, Hawkinge

<FONT color=black>A G E N D A

<FONT color=black>1    Introductions

<FONT color=black>2    Apologies for absence

<FONT color=black>3    Minutes of the last meeting.

<FONT color=black>4    Report from Local Police Officer – PC Trevor Moody

<FONT color=black>5    Guests & Letters Ref. School Safety

<FONT color=black>6    Matters Arising - (items not o­n the current Agenda) - Open Forum

<FONT color=black>7    Report from Neighbourhood Watch

<FONT color=black>8    Report from Councillors

<FONT color=black>9    Report from Community Local Warden - Ian Norman

<FONT color=black>10    Any Other Business

<FONT color=black>11    Date of Next meeting