More cash for Dover

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Funds are still available from Kent County Council for local projects in Dover.

Residents will be able to hear at first hand how much cash has already been distributed when the Kent Dover Local Board meets next Thursday 16 September at Dover Discovery Centre, starting at 6.30pm.

Members will receive an update about which projects have received cash so far since funds become available from April. Individual members can recommend projects to receive a share of up to £10,000 and there's also a £500,000 central pot for capital projects.

Board Chairman Bryan Cope said: "The County Council is making considerable sums available for local projects throughout Dover. This is a good opportunity for local members to make local decisions about which projects should be supported and to give a boost to their community."

Local organisations and community groups may put in a bid for funds by contacting individual KCC members whose details are o­nline at or by contacting KCC's community liaison manager James Painter, email The board will recommend projects for approval by KCC Cabinet Members.

The local board is a new form of public meeting designed to bring local county council members in closer contact with the people they serve. Next week's meeting will also receive reports o­n the area's Sixth Forms, Children's Centres and Joint Service Centres for social services, and Community Safety.

Local head gives cautious welcome to school plans

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<FONT color=black>Headteacher at the Churchill School Jennie Carter has given a cautious welcome to   Education Secretary Charles Clarke's plans for schools to offer 'wrap-around' childcare available from 8am to 6pm.

<FONT color=black>She said: " Although I think it makes sense to utilise school buildings, I need to see the colour of the government's money to pay for staff to provide breakfast clubs and after school care. Training would also be a consideration that will, inevitably cost money".

<FONT color=black>The Education Secretary called for a universal o­ne-stop childcare service for working parents, continuing through the school holidays.

<FONT color=black>He said: "We expect to make significant progress over the next five years - schools will be at the heart of this,"

<FONT color=black>The 'wrap-around' care would be available for 48 weeks of the year and be paid for by tax credits.

<FONT color=black>Mr Clarke emphasised that the key to providing the care would be the "extended school" providing a menu or breakfast, after-school, holiday clubs and nursery care.

<FONT color=black>Government plans to introduce extended schools were originally announced in its five year strategy for children and learners earlier this year.

<FONT color=black>A recent survey shows that most schools are well placed to meet the challenge of becoming extended schools. The survey showed that:

<FONT color=black>100 per cent of schools had some form of out-of-schools learning or study support
47 per cent had a Breakfast Club
34 per cent had an after-school club - with over 80 per cent using another group or organisation to provide this service
39 per cent had holiday play schemes and clubs
Around two thirds of schools want to become extended schools

<FONT color=black>Mr Clarke said: <FONT color=black>"It will take time for all schools to make an Extended Schools offer to their parents - either o­n their own or in partnership with other schools close by.

<FONT color=black>"But we want it to happen and we will be providing practical help, training, capital funding as well as some revenue support to help roll out the strategy across the country and to make a reality of a childcare guarantee for parents."

Farmers Harvest Market

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<FONT color=black>Roll up for the Harvest Market o­n Tuesday, October 5th, at Capel-le-Ferne Village Hall when Marshmellow Bakeries will be making a speciality  Wheatsheaf  Loaf.

<FONT color=black>Bakers, Goodchilds will have a special Harvest Cake and E. F. End will be providing pumpkins. 

<FONT color=black>It is hoped to have some corn dollies  made together with a scarecrow.

<FONT color=black>Harvest and autumnal photographs will also be o­n display, kindly o­n loan from Folkestone Camera Club.

<FONT color=black>There can be a huge variety of stalls for regular visitors as many stalls may o­nly visit every month or fortnight.  You will find meat, eggs, dairy, cheese, bread, cakes, sweets, herbs and spices, olives and specialities, preserves, apple andpear juice, fruit, vegetables, plants and cut flowers on sale.

<FONT color=black>There are also craft stalls selling painted glass, woodturning, decorated t shirts, jewellery, cards, photos, candles and pottery.

The market opens every Tuesday between 10.00am and 1.00pm

Best way forward after Ramsgate Library blaze (photo)

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<FONT color=black>A public meeting to give an update o­n Ramsgate Library has been organised for Tuesday 14 September from 7.30pm at Courtstairs Country Club, Ramsgate.<IMG alt="'"Courtesy" hspace=5 src="" align=left vspace=10 border=0 Service?' Rescue & Fire Kent of>

<FONT color=black>There will be an opportunity to hear about recent developments in the recovery process at Ramsgate Library including temporary library service arrangements, an update o­n collections held in the library and an opportunity for the public to air their views o­n the redevelopment of library services in Ramsgate.

<FONT color=black>The meeting will be attended by Kent County Council's Lead Member for Community Services David Brazier and representatives from KCC's Libraries & Archives service.

<FONT color=black>David Brazier said: "A lot has been achieved since the fire at Ramsgate and it is important to keep the local community updated. This meeting will also give everyone who cares about Ramsgate Library the chance to discuss the best way forward."

 "Picture courtesy of Kent Fire & Rescue Service"

Howard brings in new blood

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<TABLE width=150 align=left border=0><TABLE class=lightbg cellPadding=4 width=145><TD class=mcblack align=middle>
Michael Howard
<TD width=5><IMG height=1 alt="" src="" width=5>Tory leader and Folkestone and Hythe MP Michael Howard has brought in new blood to the Conservative shadow ministerial team as the party gears up for a general election.

Former Welsh Secretary John Redwood returns to the Shadow Cabinet to take charge of a new De-Regulation brief, Nicholas Soames is promoted to the party's top team in his role as Shadow Defence Secretary, and David Cameron also joins the 17 strong Shadow Cabinet as Head of Policy Co-Ordination.

A further wide ranging shake-up of front bench posts includes George Osborne's promotion to Shadow Chief Secretary of the Treasury; while Alan Duncan switches to the International Development brief to replace John Bercow who returns to the back benches; and Damian Green also leaves the front bench, his transport brief taken over by Tim Yeo, the Shadow Secretary for Transport and the Environment. Mr Duncan's former role as Shadow Constitutional Affiars Secretary will be taken over by Oliver Heald who also retains his Shadow Leader of the House portfolio.

John Whittingdale moves to the Shadow culture, media and sport brief – replacing Julie Kirkbride who transfers to the foreign affairs team – while his old post at agriculture is taken over by James Paice, who has been promoted from the shadow Home Office team.

After announcing further changes in personnel, Mr Howard declared: "These changes will strengthen the Conservative team in the run up to the General Election."

Throwing good money after bad

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<FONT color=black>Dear Ed

<FONT color=black>The village hall trustees want to erect a fence between their 'car park' and the community centre.

<FONT color=black>May I ask - why???
I assume that the car park to which they refer is the area of pot-holed, derelict wasteland to the side of the hall. 

<FONT color=black>If they are intent o­n throwing good money after bad, wouldn't it make more sense to fence in the front of the 'car park' so that it can't be seen from the road?

<FONT color=black>It's interesting to see that, according to the Gazette's poll, a lot of people agree with me regarding the hall.

<FONT color=black>Jean James

Re: Village Hall fence - Concern over alleyway lighting

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Dear Ed

The Hawkinge Community Safety Forum is concerned that sufficient lighting is installed in the alley before this proposed fence is erected.

Personal Note:
It is obvious that the Village Hall Committee may have it's own reasons for segregating the village which is not popular amongst those wishing to harmonise the village, but at least it will protect casual passers-by from the potholes and piles of rubble.

Chris Ashman
Hawkinge Community Safety Forum

What is the Safety Forum About and Contacts

Contributed by ChrisAshman on Sep 09, 2004 - 11:33 PM

Hawkinge Community Safety Forum (HCSF)

The Forum now meets o­n a bi-montly basis normally at Churchill school and we welcome all members of the community. See HCSF Agendas.

What is our Purpose

Community Safety is an issue of major public concern.  It affects most people’s lives in some way – from poorly lit streets or threatening neighbours through to experiencing crime directly, or living in fear of crime.  It is central to people’s quality of life and can make the difference between people wanting to live, work and stay in an area or not.

Community Safety is about people’s sense of personal security, which is the product of multiple factors.  It is concerned with more than crime, and aims to prevent, reduce, (or at least contain), the things that are most disruptive to people’s quality of life.

We aim to address what is directly relevant to people in and around Hawkinge, the regular core of the Forum includes representatives from County and Community Officers dealing with Crime and Disorder, Neighbourhood Watch, Parish and Borough Concillors,  The Hawkinge Partnership, Organisations that deal with Community issues for the Elderly, the young and the deprived. We aim to prevent Community Safety problems from happening in the first place and to reduce their incidence.  In order to address the community’s fears and concerns properly, community safety work must engage fundamentally with the community in a way that goes beyond the scope of traditional crime prevention work. Thus we invite all members of the Community to participate in our meetings and bring their issues to us to resolve.

Crime is an emotive issue for everybody. Fear of crime is more prevalent than crime itself and it can affect people’s everyday confidence. The effects of fear of crime are not evenly distributed,  they are concentrated within certain parts of the community, and the most vulnerable groups in society are most affected. Hawkinge must deal not o­nly with the wider experiences of the majority of the people,  but must focus in particular o­n the needs of those most at risk.  For some, a sense of  isolation, victimisation or insecurity in effect places them under a ‘curfew’ whilst  for others, the concentration of problems in a particular neighbourhood destroys their quality of life, health and welfare. The Forum exists to tackle the problems we have in our expanding village but we need everyone to participate and give us feedback as to where you wish us to act.There are HCSF suggestion boxes in the Chemist and Community Centre for anybody who wishes to pass o­n their concerns if they cannot attend a Forum, or you cet a message to us via the Contacts below.

Issues to be considered:

Crime    Victimisation  - Domestic Violence  -  Child protection -  Racial issues - Youth  -  Children’s plans  -  Noise & Nuisance - Drugs/drugs education -  Excluded pupils - Community Care  -  Vulnerable adults  -  Fire safety Education Arson, smoke alarms, hoax calls  -  Health promotion  -  Mental Health services  -  Schools liaison.

Contact Details

Chairman: Chris Ashman
The Cedars
Elvington Lane
KentCT18 7AD
Tel: 01303 893472

Forum Email Address

Personal Email    

<FONT color=red>For Community and Police contacts see the Hawkinge Community Newsletter and other headings o­n the Hawkinge Gazette - o­nline

Hawkinge Community Safety Forum Minutes 15th July 2004

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<P align=center>

<P align=center>Minutes of Meeting 15th July 2004 at Churchill School

1. Introductions.


Chris Ashman (Chairman), Diedre Lawton, Perry Hayward, Terry Scott (Hawkinge Gazette), Ian Norman (Hawkinge Community Warden), Janet Hutchings,

2.  Apologies:

Jackie & Martin Ide (Hawkinge Community Newsletter), PC Trevor Moody, Jean McGill (Vice Chair), Jan Doyle (Chair. Hawkinge Partnership). Sally Coleman (Parish & NHW Liaison Officer)Note – A special meeting of the council prevented councillors attending.

3.   Minutes of last meeting. 

Minor error corrected. Accepted. Signed by Chairman.

4.   Open Forum - Matters Arising.

Concern about parking of cars too close to the traffic lights in both Uphill and Harvest Way – “Ian Norman said, parking closer than 15 Metres is not permittedâ€?. Offenders should be reported initially to Ian Norman (Hawkinge Community Warden), by telephone 07811 271303Forum to apply for Community Chest /Hawkinge Partnership funds to supply village schoolchildren with Safety Armbands or Discs ready for Autumn term, and at another date to purchase Personal Alarms for vulnerable villagers –Discussion took place about the safety message to be printed o­n the Alarms.  Possibility of sponsorship to meet same ends. Action: Ian who has application forms

The success of the Hawkinge Gazzette website as an additional medium for Safety matters is recognised and applauded o­n its success with its poll about a 20mph limit for residential roads. Response 97% in favour. Forum to take up offer to place Minutes and Notices o­n the site after acceptance by the Forum. Action: Chris to contact Terry

Concern over Grass cutting at Avon Drive and Haven Drive and un-adopted roads with regard to visibility of vehicles and pedestrians. Action Chris to Contact Parish Council

Although councillors have had the obstructive barrier outside of the “Kideezeâ€? Nursery (Haven Drive)removed there remains concern that the planning of access directly o­nto a roundabout o­n what is used as a main through road for the village, is ill advised and dangerous. Pedestrian crossing points are too close to the corner and roundabout and traffic calming measures not effective. Future expected use of the “Employment Landâ€? with make this a most serious “Black Spotâ€? and a danger to our children. The KCC Road Safety Officer Phillapa Janaway will be invited to our next meeting o­n 2nd September. Janet and Ian have offered to show the officer around o­n foot.

There are o­ngoing concerns about parking in the village centre with no o­ngoing plan. It is thought that the situation will get worse as the new Tesco store opens and conflict between people shopping, collecting children from school and hirers of the village hall.

It is known that the Parish Council have plans to re-mark or re-lay the pavement outside of the shops but we would appreciate a view of more forward looking plans for the parking problem.

The proprietor of the Car Sales premises opposite to the o­ne Stop has taken to parking vehicles and transporter o­n the public highway helping to create even more chaos at certain times of the day, which could be conceived as causing an obstruction to access to the Bus Stop.Previous Actions: Forum discussed and agreed that the traffic speed in parts of the village was unacceptable and that it should push for 20mph restrictions o­n residential roads. Ongoing, Chairman to write to SDC, County Member and Hawkinge Parish Council

Danger to schoolchildren going to and from school area; Aerodrome Rd. to Swann Way due to bad planning and absence of footpaths, long grass reducing visibility and hiding possible dangers to walkers, such as broken glass. Parental Advice required. Parish Council has taken action where notified, so action all –

Concerns over efficiency of roundabout/hump o­n Pannell Drive at junction of Proctor Walk to reduce speeding. In hand with Parish Council 

5.   Report From Local Police Officer

PC Moody unable to be present see Community Warden report..

6.   Report from Community Warden 

Crimes in the last month include – Shoplifting from o­ne Stop – Domestic ABH - ABH – Criminal Damage – Possession of an Offensive Weapon – Vehicle Interference – Theft from Hawkinge Primary School during fete.

A substantial % of the crimes have solved.  - 5 cases of fly tipping. Any vehicle seen carrying builders waste to be reported to Ian.

Other o­ngoing problems Motorcycle Nuisance and youths playing football in inappropriate places.

Speed checks were made in the village over a 6-hour period with no offences recorded. CCTV cameras are to be used in appropriate places for maximum use.

Attempted burglary at Stansfeld Ave. Any concerns and clues to Ian Norman Tel. No. above.

7.  Neighbourhood Watch.

Sally Coleman’s (Parish & NHW Liaison Officer )reports via Chairman. Committee to note that her email address is not the o­ne previously given.

Some reports from the past month

In between 8th/10th June in Gilman Close, where jewellery, mobile phone, games console and DVD’s were stolen.  An arrest has been made in respect of this crime. 

14th June btn 1330 and 1640hrs a burglary occurred at a property in Canterbury Road, where again jewellery was stolen.  Entry was through the patio door that was forced and exit was through a rear door.

Underwear was removed from a washing line in Grebe Close, Hawkinge o­n 19th June.

A door frame was forced in an attempt burglary at a property in Stansfeld Avenue btn 24th and 26th June.

The lock was forced o­n a black Peugeot 406 estate whilst it was parked o­n the driveway of a property in Opie Walk overnight 27th/28th June.

During the Hawkinge Primary School fete o­n Friday 9th July someone entered the school buildings and stole a laptop computer, a Polaroid camera and a purse.  Were you at this fete and did you see anyone walking around with a laptop computer?.

The side window of a vehicle parked o­n Crete Road East o­n Sunday afternoon was smashed and a handbag with the normal type of contents was stolen.  o­nce again the message is DO NOT leave any valuables in the car at any time let alone when going for a walk etc.

For general information Flytippers can be fined up to £20,000 and even if you pay someone to dispose of rubbish for you. You have a duty of care under the law to ensure that the rubbish is disposed of correctly.  This means that you have to ensure that the person moving the rubbish o­n your behalf  has the required permits issued to them by the Council.  If you don’t you can face this fine and also costs for the removal of the rubbish.  Best advice is to ALWAYS ask for a receipt when you pay the contractor.

8.   Reports from Councillors

A special meeting of the council prevented councillors attending.

9.   July Fair

24th July o­n The Green. The councillors have set budget. It is expected that NHW and the Forum will share a presence with Police and Community Warden.

10.  Any other business. 

A Community Safety Day is being planned by Ian Norman further details to follow.Points of Etiquette –

Speed traps are - Safety CamerasSleeping Policemen and Humps are - Traffic Calming Measures.

Call to change title of forum to Safety Action Group deferred until advice taken and more members of the forum to discuss.

11.  Next Meeting. 

No meeting in August 2nd Sept. 7pm - 9pm Churchill School

Man dies after being struck by car

Contributed by editor on Sep 09, 2004 - 05:15 PM

<FONT color=black>

Blackbull Road in Folkestone remained closed this morning (9 September) following the death of a 19 year old man in the early hours of Thursday.

<FONT color=black>Police believe the man died when he was struck by a dark coloured sports car at the bottom of Black Bull Road.

<FONT color=black>A Kent Police spokesman said a man from the Folkestone area, has been arrested.

<FONT color=black>Folkestone police are appealing for witnesses and are asked to contact Folkestone Police o­n 01303 850055