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Taking part, making changes

Contributed by editor on Dec 14, 2004 - 10:02 PM


During this year over 500 local people took part in the Hawkinge Partnership community consultation events. 

Their findings showed that local residents would like to live in a  safe community where people know their neighbours.

A community with better facilities and improved services,  events for the community, and o­ne with a pleasant environment.

The Partnership is holding a special event early in the new year called ‘Taking Part……Making Changes’ where residents are invited to come along and find out how these changes can happen and how they can get involved in the Hawkinge Partnership

Local residents are welcome to drop in anytime between 2.30pm and 8pm at the Hawkinge Village Hall o­n Thursday 27th January.

For more information of this event or the Partnership please contact the Neighbourhood Management Team o­n 01303 852321

What is the Hawkinge Partnership?

Contributed by editor on Nov 12, 2004 - 07:51 PM

<P align=center><FONT color=black size=5>HAWKINGE PARTNERSHIP


<P align=left>
<FONT color=black size=4>·     What is the Hawkinge Partnership?

<FONT color=black>We are a partnership of local residents, service providers, District and Parish Councillors who have come together to oversee the development and delivery of the Neighbourhood Management Pathfinder Programme. 

We developed as a Partnership after a bid was made to Government to have Hawkinge included in the second round of the Neighbourhood Management Pathfinder Programme. As a result, Hawkinge is now recognised as o­ne of 35 Pathfinders operating nationally and the village stands to benefit from funding which supports improvements in services to meet the needs of local people. 

<FONT color=black>·     What do we do?

<FONT color=black>As a Neighbourhood Management Pathfinder we focus o­n three key areas of work:

1.     Firstly we work to develop a clear understanding of the needs of the local community. 

2.     Secondly, we work with the community and service providers (health, education, police etc) to bring about positive changes and improvements in service provision to meet identified needs. 

3.     Thirdly, we work to ensure that service improvements will continue over the long term. 

<FONT color=black>·     What do we aim to achieve?

<FONT color=black>What we aim to achieve is determined by residents and the information we have regarding local needs. 

Since February of this year we have been gathering information from a range of existing sources to inform our understanding of the needs of local people in terms of service provision. We have also undertaken our own research and consultation through the Mori Poll and Community Fun Day. 

An analysis of all of this information has enabled us to identify the priorities of local residents and from these we have established five key objectives that will direct our future work. 

1.     To increase knowledge and awareness of the services and facilities available to villagers and to improve access to them.

2.     To improve facilities and services for young people and children.

3.     To build community cohesion.

4.     To improve the quality of the environment for all.

5.     To develop a safer environment for all.

By understanding needs, working with the community and service providers, we will explore new and improved ways of working together which will enable us to achieve our objectives and address local priorities. 

Ultimately, by demonstrating the value of these new ways of working we hope to bring about welcome improvements to services that will be supported beyond the life of the programme by service providers and other partners we have worked with. 

<FONT color=black>·     How are we funded?

<FONT color=black>As the Hawkinge Neighbourhood Partnership, we expect to receive an average of £350,000 each year over the next seven years to support our Pathfinder work. This is subject to annual approval, and, as funding comes from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, our progress will be closely monitored. 

It is important to remember that this funding is being awarded to enable us to work with the community and service providers to bring about positive and lasting change in service delivery. We are not a grant making body.

<FONT color=black>·     How can you contact us?

<FONT color=black>Deirdre Ferguson has recently been appointed as Neighbourhood Manager and is the key contact regarding our Pathfinder initiative. Deirdre is temporarily based at the Civic Centre in Folkestone and can be contacted on: 07880922838.

Deirdre’s immediate tasks are to complete a plan of work for the Hawkinge Pathfinder and to establish a community office base in the village. A site has already been identified for the community office on Canterbury Road and it is hoped this will be open as a community information point for our initiative in the new year. 

<DIV align=center>
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<P align=center style="line-height: 150%; margin-top: 0; margin-bottom: 0"><FONT size=5><FONT color=black>Vision Statement
<P align=center style="line-height: 200%; margin-top: 0; margin-bottom: 0">
<FONT color=black>The work of the Partnership will contribute to:

“the growth of Hawkinge as one village, where local residents young and old feel a part, where everyone has a pride in where they live and where everyone works together in taking responsibility for the village with support from effective and accessible services�

Hawkinge Neighbourhood Management Partnership - about us

Contributed by editor on Sep 26, 2004 - 12:18 AM


A bit of History

Shepway District Council, o­n behalf of Hawkinge, set up the Partnership in February 2004 following a successful bid to the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. The funding, which amounts to quite a substantial sum, £2.25m over the next 7 years, is via the Neighbourhood Management Pathfinder Programme.

A number of Pathfinder Programmes are successfully running throughout the country and Hawkinge is unique in Kent in being awarded this money.

Why have we been singled out for this funding and what will it do for Hawkinge?

We are all aware that the explosion of developments in our community has been a mixed blessing for us all. For those of us who are new to Hawkinge it has enabled us to live in a part of Kent, which has outstanding views, good road access to London and the Continent and the promise of an improved rail service to London!

For those who lived here before us incomers arrived, the expansion has brought promises -improvements to the A260, improvements to the village centre,improved health facilities for the village, improved schooling, improved shopping and employment opportunities. So far they have o­nly been promises!

In terms of population, Hawkinge could almost be described as urban, yet we have very few facilities and infrastructure to support a population of that size. I feel confident, however, that the Hawkinge Neighbourhood Management Project will enable these promises to be delivered.

The money that has been allocated to us will not be sufficient to pay for all these promised improvements. However, by working in partnership with agencies and providers we will be able to plan for the future of the village.

Who's o­n the Board

The Board members are drawn from the Parish Council, District Council, County Council, the two schools, the police, various agencies and service providers -social services, the employment service, housing corporations, the countryside agency, and, most important of all the residents of Hawkinge.

I feel very strongly that we, the residents, should be in control of the future of our community -indeed it is for this reason that I joined the board and became its Chair. We live here and together we should take responsibility for our community and ensure that we have all the facilities we need which will improve the quality of our lives.

The Hawkinge Management Board will work very closely with the Parish Council to ensure that we build a strong community identity here in Hawkinge so that in the not so distant future those in Folkestone and surrounding districts look with envy at "the folk who live o­n the hill".

Deirdre Ferguson has been appointed as our Neighbourhood Manager and she is tasked with producing a Delivery Plan that will ensure that the key objectives identified by the Board do actually happen.

What are the key objectives, and how did they come about?

Well they have come from the people of Hawkinge. At the recent Fun Day people were asked to state their 3 wishes for Hawkinge and these, together with the findings of the recent MORI Poll that was undertaken in the village, have been collated.

The objectives focus o­n

....... improving access to services and facilities
....... improving facilities and services for young people and children within Hawkinge
....... ensuring community cohesion -getting the various groups within the village to work to a common goal
....... improving the environment of Hawkinge
....... crime and disorder -ensuring that Hawkinge is a safe and pleasant place in which to live.

The first delivery plan must be lodged with the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister by the end of October. But that is not the last time it will be looked at. Throughout the coming year the Board will be mapping the progress of the plan and it will be evaluated and at the end of the year it will be revised. The Delivery Plan, therefore, is a dynamic document, which will reflect the changing needs of the Hawkinge Community.

What have we done so far?

Some organisations within Hawkinge have already benefited from the Community Chest Grants for groups and organisations based in Hawkinge. We have put £10,000 into this chest and will give grants up to £750 until such time as the chest has been emptied. The money is not available to companies who distribute a profit, or to statutory bodies, other than the Parish Council the schools, or the health bodies.

We have had successful applications from a number of groups -The Football Club, the Cricket Club, Hawkinge Short Mat Bowls Group, the Parish Council. The pot is not empty -so I would urge Group Leaders to access this fund. For further details please contact Deirdre Ferguson.

Deirdre is temporarily based at Shepway District Council.

I mentioned the Fun Day earlier, and I know that although many people enjoyed the day, others have said we didn't know anything about it -we would have liked to have been involved.

This was the first Fun Day. In the future Deirdre will work with the many organisations and groups within Hawkinge to ensure that the next Fun Day is bigger and better!

Where will we be based?

Finally -watch the space next to Tesco! We plan to site our Neighbourhood Office o­n that vacant plot and it will become a o­ne-stop shop for residents of Hawkinge to access some of the services we are currently missing.

Jan Doyle

Chair- Hawkinge Partnership