Who took the Dave video footage?

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Dear Ed,  

Re: Dave the Dolphin

He was performing beautifully yesterday, leaping and flying out of the water, playing and appearing extremely happy for a long time. 

Someone was there with a camera, I think it may have been a small video, they must have taken some incredible footage, I hope they contact you.



Editor's note:- Yes so do I. If anyone has any footage or stills, please Email them to the Hawkinge Gazette - davethe

Folkestone man in 600ft Greenpeace protest

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Greenpeace protest at  the top of the Didcot chimney

A man from Folkestone is among about 10 Greenpeace demonstrators who have scaled a 600ft chimney stack while others chained themselves to a conveyor belt used for feeding coal into a power station in protest at 'Blair's legacy of fumes'.

Ben Stewart, 32 from Folkestone is one of more than 30 who surprised security guards at Didcot Power Station in Oxfordshire shortly after 5am and climbed up the main chimney alongside the cooling towers.

They have said they would not climb down until they had assurances from Tony Blair that he was committed to climate change.

Two protestors abseiled from the top of the chimney and painted "Blair's Legacy" in white paint on the giant concrete tower.

The demonstration was staged because Prime Minister Tony Blair is visiting nearby Milton.

The protestors claim the power station emits over six million tonnes of CO2 a year; more than the 29 lowest polluting countries put together. 

Power station chiefs said that the Didcot plant might be forced to shut down if the Greenpeace protest continued.

'Lucky' David aims to snap Dave

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Picture David Godfrey 

Dear Ed,

I seem to be lucky with dolphins having spotted Dave by chance on Sunday. 

I was also lucky enough to get this shot off Abel Tasman New Zealand in Jan 2005. 

Being an amateur holiday snapper I was quite proud of this one. 

I will take my camera to Folkestone beach next time......who knows?

David Godfrey

If anyone has a picture of Dave (the Dolphin that is) please send it to us, we would love to publish it. Email us: dolphin

Charles de Menezes marksmen shoot man at New Romney

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It has been reported in the Daily Mail today (2 November) that one of the police marksmen who killed unarmed Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes; the man mistaken for a suicide bomber at Stockwell Tube station in South London in July last year, has shot dead a suspected armed robber.

A man aged 42 was shot and died in hospital after an incident at an office of the Nationwide building society at New Romney around 8pm on Tuesday (31 October). 

In a statement, the Metropolitan Police said: "The firearms team involved in the Flying Squad operation in Kent did include officers from the same team who were involved in the Stockwell shooting in July last year. 

"The Met has a small cadre of specialist highly-trained firearms officers who last year were deployed to 2,529 incidents and are involved in 938 pre-planned operations. 

"They perform an extremely difficult but vital function responding to armed threats against the public and their unarmed colleagues and it is extremely rare for officers to fire their guns. 

"As is proper, the IPCC is conducting an independent investigation into the shooting. Their inquiries are ongoing but they have confirmed that a firearm was recovered at the scene. It is deeply regrettable when anyone dies as a result of police action."

Howard's Way - 2 November 2006

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HOWARD'S WAY.... a weekly column from Michael Howard MP


Last week I made two speeches in the House of Commons. 

On Tuesday I spoke in a debate about extradition. It focussed, particularly, on our extradition arrangements with the United States. These are one-sided. In order to extradite people suspected of a criminal offence from the United States the UK authorities have to produce evidence to show that it is probable that the person concerned did indeed commit the offence. But if the Americans want to extradite anyone from the UK they merely have to produce information (not evidence) showing that prosecutors believe an offence was committed – a much weaker requirement. 

It was a good debate with some excellent speeches on both sides. Those of us who wanted the arrangements changed were defeated in the vote but I am sure this will not be the last we hear on this subject. 

On Wednesday I spoke in a debate on the future of Eurostar services to the continent from Ashford International Station. This debate had been initiated by Damian Green, the MP for Ashford, and provided us with an opportunity to register our concerns with a Minister from the Department of Transport. The Minister’s reply was not very informative so we must look to our next meeting with Eurostar to see if progress can be made. 

It was also a week of meetings involving MP’s for the whole of Kent. 

Also on Wednesday I attended a meeting by the new South East Coast Regional Health Authority. It was dominated by the concerns expressed by MP’s of all parties from Surrey and Sussex about the prospect of hospital closures in their areas. I asked whether this was what was in store for Kent and was told by the authority that indeed it was. 

This is obviously a real cause for concern. We have all seen television reports of marches, petitions and widespread concern about proposed hospital closures in Sussex. If the Health Authority gets its way we will be next. We have been warned. 

On Friday I went to Maidstone to attend a meeting between Kent MP’s and the Chief Constable and his senior team when we had a good exchange of views 

Saturday was “Make a Difference Day” when we are all encouraged to spend some time on voluntary work. Together with Damian Collins, the Prospective Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for the constituency, I spent some time at Dr Barnado’s in Folkestone. The charity shop needs more volunteers as do many others. If you want to help, phone Dr Barnado’s on 01303-244337 or the Shepway Volunteer Centre on 01303 253339. You really can make a difference.

Safer Shepway message

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"Strong partnerships are helping to build stronger and safer communities and reduce anti-social behaviour and the fear of crime" was the message at the KCC Shepway Local Board meeting on Thursday (26 October), which focused on community safety throughout the district.

Shaun Taylor from the Shepway Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership explained the multi-agency approach towards a safer Shepway, focusing on a number of areas of concern including quality of life issues, domestic violence, town centre crime, drug and alcohol misuse and public disorder.

He explained the partnership's work with young people and highlighted that 98% of youngsters under the age of 18 never enter the criminal justice system and more than 60% of anti-social behaviour orders are served on people over 18.

Acting Inspector John Merritt from South Kent Police detailed the work of Kent Police throughout the district and the move towards neighbourhood policing - due to take effect from 2008, where communities will have a named officer and their contact details.

In the lead up to this, recruitment has started for 273 more police community support officers (PCSOs) by April 2007 - Kent is the fourth most successful force in the country in recruiting PCSOs and currently has 108 in post. Folkestone East PCSO Janet Rumley talked about her role within the community, especially at The Channel School where she has got to know the students and works with them to resolve problems and build respect.

Kent County Council Community Warden for Folkestone East Nick Adams spoke about his role. "There are nine KCC wardens within the Shepway district, part of the 101 strong team across the county. We are out and about on foot in our area, making ourselves known and getting to know people. I see my job as spotting issues before they become a problem and nipping them in the bud. I've been involved in a number of successful projects, which involve as many partners as possible.

"During half time week we held a 'clean-up day'. 15 young people came along and worked like mad. They were industrious and polite and in the end we ran out of rubbish bags, such was their enthusiasm."

Chairman of the Kent County Council Shepway Local Board Chris Capon said: "Shepway has a very good community safety partnership and it was pleasing to hear how all the agencies are working together to build upon their successes and make communities throughout the district safer and stronger."

The Local Board announced their recommendations for more than £90,000 of Kent County Council funding. The Local Schemes Grant, a new funding stream for 2006/07, has brought an additional £56,000 to the district. KCC's six Shepway Members divided that money between them to support projects in their wards. In total, 22 organisations are set to benefit.

A further ten community-focused schemes have been recommended to receive a share of £36,800 from the Small Community Capital Projects fund. The donations will make a major difference to the lives of residents of all ages and abilities. Further details will be announced when the grants are approved later this year.

For more information about the Shepway Local Board, please contact Community Liaison Manager David Geoghegan on 07786 191667 or email

Met police shoot man dead in Shepway

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The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has begun an inquiry into the shooting of a 42 year-old man in New Romney. 

He was shot dead by police officers during an operation to prevent a suspected armed robbery yesterday evening (31 October), after an incident at the Nationwide Building Society in the town. 

The man who has not been named, died at the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford.

The operation, by detectives from Scotland Yard's Flying Squad was supported by officers from its specialist firearms unit CO19. Three men were arrested following the Metropolitan Police action.

One of the police officers involved has been relieved of firearms duties, pending an inquiry. 

Kent Police initially launched an investigation into the shooting, but that was later taken over by the IPCC.

Hawkinge Youth and Community Sports Council AGM

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The Annual General Meeting of the Hawkinge Youth and Community Sports Council is to be held on Thursday, 9th November in the Hawkinge Neighbourhood Partnership
offices, Canterbury Road, Hawkinge  at 7.00pm.

There will be a brief formal meeting with reports of the charity's work during the past year together with information about its finances. 

Once the meeting is over there will be an opportunity for less formal discussion whilst enjoying some light refreshments. 

The meeting will end before 8.30pm.

It took years, not months

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Dear Ed,

Re: Let's get a few things straight about the Leisuredrome 

I would like to correct Veritas on one point 

The Parish Council agreed in principle at its December 2002 meeting (minute 723) that once the Hawkinge Youth and Community Trust had been set up it would lease the Spitfire Leisuredrome at a peppercorn rent to the trust.

So it took years trying to transfer the building to the Trust not months.

After three years, and with the cost to the Parish Council rising it was felt we had a duty to stop pouring the precept money into a bottomless pit.

Cllr Cyril Trice

Let's get a few things straight about the Leisuredrome

Contributed by editor on Oct 31, 2006 - 12:05 AM


Dear Ed,

After reading the recent contributors to your Chatterbox, and the prominent item in the Folkestone Herald this week about what Cllr T. Buss may or may not have said to the Planning meeting when this item was discussed, I think the authors need to remind themselves of the circumstances of how we have got to this situation. 

We need only to read the Hawkinge Parish Council Minutes about this item over many months to appreciate it.

The Parish Council had tried over many months to make the Leisuredrome available to the Hawkinge Youth and Community Sports Council, which incidentally listed Cllr. P. Smith as its Charity Correspondent. To this end it agreed to pay their legal fees as well as its own to facilitate such an arrangement. 

After many months of trying and promises made in Council by Cllr. P. Smith nothing materialised, whilst all the time its legal costs were mounting and on top of that they were paying rates on the property. 

In effect our money was going into a bottomless pit and I think the Parish Council believed it had no option but to take its current course of action to protect the public purse.

On top of that, some members of the Sports Council then reported many members of the Parish Council to the Standards Board for England. One notable exception being Cllr.P. Smith. The charges were dismissed. 

I always believe that to understand where we are today it is always necessary to recall the events and personalities that have led to them, and only then make a judgement.

It is now quite clear to to me where the responsibility for this current situation rests.

The most curious thing about this farce is that although Cllr P. Smith declared a prejudicial interest on this subject recently at Shepway, in the Hawkinge Parish council minutes I have read, it appears he has never declared an interest.