At the edge of the universe!

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Dear Ed

<A href="" target=_blank>Try this if you are interested in the most distant cosmic explosion o­n record: a gamma-ray burst that has come from the edge of the visible Universe

The record gamma-ray burst, 13 billion light-years from Earth, was detected o­n 4 September, 2005, and lasted about three minutes. It probably marked the death of a massive star as it collapsed into a black hole.


<FONT color=navy>Editor's note

<FONT color=navy>Cosmic blasts are the most powerful explosions in the Universe and scientists think a 10-second burst near Earth could deplete up to half of the planet's ozone layer.
With the ozone layer devastated, the Sun's ultraviolet radiation could kill off much of the life o­n land and near the surface of oceans and lakes.

Sadly no-one knows

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Dear Ed,

Last year, a major new classical work was commissioned by the John Armitage Memorial Project (JAM) for the UK's most-performed contemporary composer Paul Patterson whose works were central to The Proms this year and have been performed to international acclaim.

The piece was inspired by the unique landscape of Romney Marsh and this important new work had its World Premiere in London, performed by Selwyn College Choir, Cambridge and Onyx Brass. 

Further performances included stops in Edinburgh and New Zealand - but sadly it seems that no-one in Romney Marsh knows anything about it at all. 

Next year it will be broadcast nationally." The Fifth Continent - A Gift From The Sea" will be performed live once more this year at St. Bride's Fleet Street, London and on 25th of November 2005 at 7pm.

Whilst JAM. and the joint collaborators Paul Patterson and Ben Kaye have enjoyed international praise over the work, they would relish the opportunity to perform the piece in the intimate environment in which it was inspired...Romney Marsh.

If any local Council or Community is interested in having this piece performed locally, please contact JAM at for further information.

Yours sincerely,

Ben Kaye (librettist)

Motorcyclist killed near Capel-Le-Ferne

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Police are appealing for witnesses to a crash where a  motorcyclist  died.

The rider was in collision with a car on Dover Hill near Folkestone at about 1.00pm this afternoon (18 September). 

Police said that the 30-year-old man lost control of his motorcycle while riding up Dover Hill in Capel-le-Ferne and collided with a car coming in the opposite direction. The man died from his injuries. 

The couple in the car were not injured.

Big clean up to improve area

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Abandoned cars and fly-tipping are to be targeted in a major clean-up of part of Dover.

The scheme, badged as 'The Big Buckland Clean Up' will take place next week and will also see litter removed, broken street lights mended and more rubbish bins on the streets and on open spaces.

Schools in the Buckland area will be visited to encourage children to do their bit in the clean-up.

Cllr Nicholas Kenton, the council's Cabinet Member for Environment, said: "This is a very significant project and we are delighted at the support from the community and a range of agencies. 

"We are fully committed to working with all partners to clamp down on environmental enforcement and anti-social behaviour."

Howard's Way 15 September 2005

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HOWARD'S WAY.... a weekly column from Michael Howard MP

Last Friday I visited the two nuclear power stations at Dungeness.

Dungeness A is, I was told, the oldest nuclear power station in the world which is still operating. It will cease generating at the end of next year and work will begin on the complex process of decommissioning.

Dungeness B hopes to continue generating power for another 10 years. A decision on this is likely this week and may have been made before you read this. The safety issues which arise have been cleared by the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate and all that remains is approval by the Energy Minister and the board of British Energy.

Nuclear power is controversial. But if we are to take the problems of global warming seriously it is difficult to see how we can generate the power we need to sustain modern life without some contribution from nuclear energy. Alternative energy sources like wind power will simply never be able to fill the gap.

So I hope that Dungeness B will continue to make its contribution to our local economy and to the challenge of global warming for many years to come.

Next stop was Christ Church Primary School in Folkestone. The pupils were busily engaged in House elections but I had the opportunity of a good discussion with Headteacher Jim Kreiselmeier. He was concerned, as is the case with so many other headteachers I have seen recently, that recent changes in teachers’ terms and conditions have not been matched with increased resources. It is true that the national education budget has increased significantly in recent years, but not enough of that money has got through to the schools. That is something that certainly needs attention.

On Friday afternoon I chaired a meeting of the Channel Chamber of Commerce which is planning an ambitious Hospitality conference in Folkestone next spring.

Saturday was surgery day with my advice centres in Romney Marsh. And on Sunday I was privileged to attend the Civic Service celebrating the 200th anniversary of Methodism in Hythe.

All this, I confess, interspersed with avid listening to the news from the Oval. As I write, on Monday morning, the result is still in doubt. By the time you read this the most exciting Test series for a generation will, alas, be over.

Folkestone parking hike slammed

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Philip Martin, Conservative Party Candidate for Folkestone Harvey Central, today criticised the hike in car parking charges in the Middleburg Square Car Park

The Car park, run by NCP, has increased its charges for local workers who need to park for around 9 hours from £4.40 to £10, up 227%. Car Parking is still advertised as £4.40 on the website (as of yesterday 16 September) and on a sign outside.

In a statement Philip said, “This smacks of opportunism. We know there is a shortage at the moment but that does not excuse this. I want to encourage people into the town not scare them away.�

NCP said the increases were, “due to the shortage of car parking spaces in Folkestone.�

Lyminge Dramatic Society - It’s Pantomime time

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Well, not quite yet, but rehearsals have started for Lyminge Dramatic Society’s pantomime. Stuart Hunnisett has written this pantomime based on the fairy story “Rumpelstiltskinâ€? by the Brothers Grimm and it promises to be a treat for the whole family. All the usual pantomime ingredients will be there. 

Please make a note in your diary for the dates of the panto which are November 27th to December 3rd at Lyminge Village Hall. Evening performances will start at 7.45pm and there will be matinees at 4.45 pm on Friday and 4.00pm on Saturday.

Tickets will go on sale on 5th November at Haxtons Estate Agents, Lyminge. Book early to avoid disappointment!

We are pleased to announce the start of the Lyminge Drama Club for 8 to 15 year olds at Lyminge Methodist Hall on Friday evenings. Sponsored by the Society, the sessions will initially be held between 6pm and 7pm and will be run by Amanda Rynston of Little Acorns Performing Arts. 

The sessions will increase to one and a half hours once the children start working on a script. Various theatre visits and workshops have been arranged and the children will get the opportunity to take part in the Society’s pantomime. The cost is £4 per session (excluding the various visits) for each of 12 sessions and the £48 is payable in advance. 

For more details phone Amanda on 862049 or Liz Parrish on 862748.

Happiness is Cyril Trice

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Dear Ed

If I look happy its because the Hawkinge  Football Club is attracting lots of people who want to play football. 

We may not be winning many matches yet as we have two new teams going through a steep learning curve, but just give us time.

The Senior Saturday team has  25 to 30 players looking for a place and the youth Under15 squad has the maximum of 20 players striving to get into the team.

I am very much looking forward to next season when I can increase the number of teams, including one for the girls, so that even more people can play competitive football locally.

Cyril Trice



To visit the Hawkinge Football Club website <a href=""target="_blank">click here

Petty crime round-up

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A childs bicycle which was stolen from a garage in Proctor Walk, Hawkinge on 10th September has since been recovered.

Another green wheelie bin has been stolen from a front garden in The Street during the night of 10/11th September.

Following in from the spate of damaged trees in the village, it was reported that a young boy described as about 9 years of age was seen to damage two trees in Winter Drive on Sunday afternoon (11 September).

About turn on station closure

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In an apparent about turn the Dungeness Nuclear Power Station is to remain open for a further ten years.

British Energy had been planned  to cease generating   electricity at the plant in December 2006 when defuelling was set to begin.

The announcement  made o­n Thursday by the plant's operator British Energy will mean the station will be producing electricity until 2018.

The company called it great news because of the economic benefit and jobs boost that the extension would provide for the Romney Marsh area but drew criticism from South East's Green MEP, Caroline Lucas who described it as "enormously disappointing news".