Something familiar

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Dear Ed,

Re: Don't tell the police - tell it to the fairies

I'm afraid this story has something of a repeat about it.  A  reporter for the Daily Telegraph had her handbag snatched whilst in view of a CCTV camera in a cafe.  A year o­n and the police have still not collected the tape for viewing.

And yet, o­n the same spot a couple of months after the handbag snatch, she was seen in her car encroaching o­n the bus lane too early for a left hand turn; within a couple of weeks she had been fined a given points!

Have we gone mad?  Do we get the police force we deserve?



Something missing?

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Dear Ed,

Re: Neighbouhood Watch bulletin

The list of the latest criminal activities in the area is always well recieved.

Unfortunately, I feel there is something missing from the list; could we add a list of traffic offences committed in the area?

The speed limit must have been broken hundreds of times, parking laws flouted, red traffic lights ignored and driving without due care and attention - well who would make a guess at that?



Peerage for Sir Sandy

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Sir Sandy Bruce-Lockhart

Sir Sandy Bruce-Lockhart, former Leader of Kent County Council, is to become a working peer.

Paul Carter, who took over as Council Leader last October after Sir Sandy had served
8 years in the post said that he knew he spoke for many hundreds of the county's residents when he expressed his delight at the news.

"Sandy is an inspiration not just to those of us at County Hall who know him and work with him but to everyone who comes into contact with him. Whatever the issue, it receives his unstinting time, vision and commitment."

Sir Sandy, aged 63, farmed in Zimbabwe before settling in Kent nearly 40 years ago. He farms fruit at Headcorn and Egerton. He is married to Tess and the couple have three children.

Sir Sandy said: "I am deeply grateful to so many people in Kent who supported me throughout my time leading the county council and I am delighted now to have a new and national opportunity. I will serve to the very best of my ability, whatever way the House of Lords develops, and work to promote the interests of Kent and the values that so many of us share."

He was elected a County Councillor in 1989 and became Leader of the Conservative Group in 1993. He was Leader of the council from 1997 until October 2005.

Don't tell the police - tell it to the fairies

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Dear Ed ,

Re: Watch those gnomes

I feel that I must tell you my story of gnomes and garden ornaments.

On Friday 4th February 2005 my wife and I returned home from an evening out to find that a heavy garden ornament and its plinth had been stolen from our front garden in Mill Lane.

I was what I thought lucky to have my CCTV turned on, and yes it had the pictures of two people in the process of lifting and removal of that ornament through the gate and down the lane.

The CCTV even gave the names of those two people as they addressed each other; one was Michael and the other was Nathen.

The Police Officer who collected the CCTV film from us said that the film was clear and that the police would have no problem in catching the thieves. That was over a year ago and we have not been told a thing about the incident.

My moral to this story is that if you have gnomes or ornaments stolen from your garden don't tell the police tell it to the fairies.

Tony Hutt

Battle of Britain easy access history trail launched

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The Memorial at Capel-le-Ferne

Easy access trails including one for Dover and another encompassing the history of the Battle of Britain have been launched by Kent County Council to help people discover the stories behind seven of Kent's historic fortified towns and sites.

The trails were developed by KCC's Heritage Conservation and Access Development teams with the help of local access groups. 

Full-colour pocket guides have been produced with maps showing gradients, disabled facilities, and places of interest for the Battle of Britain, Canterbury, Dover Castle, Hythe, Rochester, Sandwich and Tonbridge. They can be obtained from tourist information offices and at the sites. 

The Battle of Britain trail takes in Capel-le-Ferne, Hawkinge, and Brenzett in Shepway. Click here for a detailed list of trails.

Watch those gnomes

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Residents should keep a close eye o­n their garden ornaments following a recent crime report from Neighbourhood Watch.

It has been reported that a number of garden ornaments were stolen from a garden in Pay Street, Hawkinge between 3rd and 7th April.

Shepway sports centre for Hawkinge?

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Dear Ed,

For nearly six years the issue of building two new sports centres has rumbled on. 

How much longer?

The Folkestone Sports Centre Trust has always been a `reluctant bride` with the problems of reaching an agreement seemingly insurmountable.

However matters are now coming to a head with a Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) deadline of the 30 May to get an agreement moving ever closer. At this point the Private Finance Initiative Grant of £10m.would be lost. 

The problem is now further complicated by an application which has now been submitted to have the land at South Road, Hythe (the second site) designated as a village green under the commons registration act.

It now turns out that a referendum will be needed in Hythe to progress matters further. Had the matters been resolved in Folkestone earlier, none of this would have happened.

It seems to many like me that such is the intransigence of the many factions involved that it will be impossible to put everything in place by the DCMS deadline.

Is this yet another opportunity being lost by Shepway because of factional in-fighting by major vested interests?

Is it now time to think outside the envelope?

Everyone has been trying to build two new small sports centres, but should we not have been trying to build a new state of the art single sports centre with Olympic facilities?

Where could it be situated? 

Two sites come to mind, both with far better highways access than any of the current proposals.

1.  Princess Parade, Hythe (site owned by Shepway District Council).

2.  Employment Land, Spitfire Way, Hawkinge.

My favourite would be Hawkinge because it would go a long way to solving the lack of infrastructure so bemoaned by the parishes of  Swingfield, Acrise, Paddlesworth and Hawkinge and also providing much needed employment.

All the facilities could be built there, including a ski-slope, perhaps using the natural topography, without the loss of any current facilities and amenities.

Furthermore it would be serviced by a new road and away from any potential problems caused by its proximity to residential development.

So come on Shepway, think outside the box, and act decisively before another opportunity for the area is lost forever.

Colin Tearle
Chairman Swingfield Parish Council

Neighbouhood Watch bulletin

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Neighbourhood Watch have issued the following bulletin.

Firstly, thank you to all of you that came to see PC Foster and I at the Open Day o­n Saturday at Folkestone Police Station.  You certainly kept us busy! 

For those of you that requested stickers or booklets etc. they are o­n their way to you.

Your enthusiasm for Neighbourhood Watch was really encouraging and thank you so much for the good work that you do and your kind words.

I am linking all of the Shepway crime together o­n this occasion.

There was a burglary in Stone Street, Lympne yesterday lunchtime (9 April) between 1140 & 1300hrs.  There was a very untidy search after they struggled to actually gain entry to the rear of the property. Chocolate was stolen along with some jewellery and some antique coins. An implement used to gain entry was left behind.

Meanwhile in Saltwood at approx 0945hrs there was an attempted burglary.  Again at the rear of the property.  Entry was not made at this time, but also an implement used in trying to gain entry was left behind.  The offenders could well have been scratched or hurt as the gate that they tried to make entry through is covered by a rose bush that appears to be damaged.

On Saturday sometime between lunchtime and 2000hrs a car was stolen from the driveway of a property in Meadow Grove, Sellindge.  This vehicle was later found near Pedlinge with accident damage.

Finally fencing was damaged at two properties in Cobay Close, Hythe o­n Saturday night between 2100hrs & 2145hrs.

Sally Coleman,
Parish & NHW Liaison Officer

Rhinos run wild in Shepway Savannah

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Zambezi and Manyara

Two rare black rhinos who were born and bred at Port Lympne Wild Animal Park near Hythe, were released into the 100 acre African Safari Experience area for the first time last week. 

Visitors will be able to see the four year old bull rhinos,  Zambezi and Manyara alongside giraffe, wildebeest, zebra and ostrich as they travel through the area aboard specially-converted safari trucks. They will need to be prepared as the black rhino, as well as being the most endangered, can be the most aggressive of the species. 

A two mile long reinforced solid steel boundary fence now surrounds Port Lympne’s newest attraction

Bob O’Connor, managing director of Howletts and Port Lympne said: “Having the rhinos loose will make the safari very exciting indeed. Visitors though need have no fear; our trucks were built for the army to withstand a lot more than a rhino charge and are extremely safe.�

One up before the kick-off

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By Cyril Trice

The Hawkinge Sunday side were one up before the kick off as the visitors, Magpies could only manage to field ten men for their league game.

The villagers soon took the advantage and put three goals into the Magpies' net before half-time.

Hawkinge went off the boil in the second half and allowed the visitors to score from a penalty, but the village side were always in control and simmered their way to an easy victory.

Hawkinge 3 Magpies 1

The Hawkinge side now need to stay injury free for their two cup finals later in the month.

The E. Burvill Cup is on the 19th April at the Folkestone Invicta Stadium kick-off 7.30pm and the League Cup on the 30th April at Hythe FC kick-off 3.00pm.

To visit the Hawkinge Football Club website click here