Princess Royal to attend village housing seminar

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HRH The Princess Royal

Acting Chairman of Swingfield Parish Council Cllr. Colin Tearle, has been invited to a seminar hosted by the Rural Housing Trust whose President HRH The Princess Royal will be attending.

Swingfield has been in close contact with the Trust and is planning to build between 6 and 8 affordable homes for local people.

The Rural Housing Trust provide housing for retiring farm workers leaving tied accommodation and all local village people in need of affordable housing.

Since 1988 the Trust has built nearly 3000 homes in 300 villages. 

The seminar is to be held at Newchurch Village Hall in 17 January 2006.

Resident struck by Legionnaires disease

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from the BBC

Read the story here

Giver leader a chance

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Charles Kennedy at the march for peace in February 2003

Charles Kennedy


by Tim Prater - Chair, Shepway Lib Dems

As I write, it's a few days into the New Year, and there is a load of media and Party gossip whether Charles Kennedy should continue to lead the Lib Dems.

It's my belief that it would be a disgrace if those conducting whispering campaigns against the leader in the media succeeded. Their aim is to remove our leader by making so many people doubt that he can continue that it becomes impossible for him to continue - it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. We should not fall for this deceit - those of us who back Charles, and his leadership, should have the courage to say so. I back Charles - and hope he can and will continue.

In the words of one party member (elsewhere in the country):

"One of the attractions of the Liberal Democrats is that we are led by a person who, unlike too many career politicians, often seems fairly normal and who does not feel the need to try and grab the public's attention every waking moment of every day. He articulated to perfection what so many of us believed about Iraq and rarely puts a foot wrong on the continuing need to be vigilant about civil liberties; and he somehow manages to present the Liberal Democrats as a credible alternative against both Labour in the inner cities and Conservatives in rural areas.

"I agree totally with his apparent reluctance to try and match the hyperactivity of the Tories' new leader, which will blow itself out as the public become bored with the present stream of PR initiatives."

"I so wish that our MPs would get on with consolidating the gains made at the general election instead of aping the intrigues and back-sniping which one associates with Tory and Labour."

Howard's Way 5 January 2006

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HOWARD'S WAY.... a weekly column from Michael Howard MP

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January 2006

Have you broken your New Year resolutions yet? Frequently the time they last can be counted in days rather than the much longer periods we intend them to last. I remember all the failed New Year resolutions I made, many years ago, to give up smoking. Eventually I did manage to succeed and, yes, it was a consequence of a New Year resolution.

We make these resolutions because we see the start of a new year as an opportunity to make a fresh start. Some set goals which they hope to achieve. Some want to improve their behaviour- to get rid of unwelcome behaviour patterns, to work harder, to do better in any number of ways. Many of their resolutions are, perhaps inevitably, self- wanted.

But it’s never too late to make a resolution even if the New Year has already started. And here’s my suggestion.

Let’s all make an effort to be courteous to each other, to be considerate of each other’s feelings in the way we behave.

Goodness knows I have been guilty of failures and shortcomings in this area in the past- perhaps most of us have. But think how much better our society would be if courtesy ruled the day. And it has one great advantage- it doesn’t cost anything!

Of course we are going to continue to have disagreements with each other. There will still be disputes between neighbours and others. But think of the effect on stress levels and on our blood pressure. And think of the affect that this dose of goodwill might create. 

Could this be applied to politics? Why not?

David Cameron, the new leader of the Conservative Party has appealed for a new kind of politics. He has so far presented his arguments in a very reasonable and moderate way. I know that he intends to continue in this tone. I hope he succeeds in this and all his other endeavours. 

Meanwhile I wish you all a happy and courteous New Year.

Don't let phishing catch you

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Kent Trading Standards have issued a warning  to be vigilant regarding e-mails that people might receive which appear to be from their bank.

The e-mail may ask for confirmation of personal information, pass words or the PIN numbers that are used with credit and debit cards.

Banks NEVER email customers asking for this type of information.

This type of fraud attempt is known as 'phishing' and is very common.  NEVER respond to such requests. Report the email to both the Bank concerned and your internet provider.

Always make sure that you take great care of your personal information.

This resolution is vital

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Kent Fire and Rescue are urging people to make a new resolution for 2006, unlike giving up smoking, losing weight or getting fitter.

They are suggesting a vitally important o­ne – making your home safe from the threat of fire.

Head of Community Fire Safety Stuart Skilton said: “We all make resolutions at this time of year but don’t ignore your safety or that of your family, friends and loved o­nes, and make your home a safer place for 2006 and o­nwards – it really is a lifetime investment.â€?

Here are some tips to prevent fire before it starts:

• Fit smoke alarms o­n each level of your home. Keep them free from dust and test them o­nce a week. Consider buying a 10-year alarm, otherwise change the batteries in your alarms every year. Never remove the batteries
• Make a fire action plan so that everyone in your home knows how to escape if there’s a fire
• Keep the exits from your home clear so that people can escape if there’s a fire. Make sure that everyone in your home can easily find the keys for doors and windows
• Take extra care in the kitchen – accidents while cooking account for over half of fires in homes. Never leave young children alone in the kitchen
• Close all doors before going to bed
• Don’t overload electrical sockets. Remember o­ne plug for o­ne socket
• Keep matches and lighters where children can’t see or reach them
• Make sure cigarettes are stubbed out properly and are disposed of carefully, and never smoke in bed
• Consider investing in a sprinkler system for your home. Fire sprinklers not o­nly warn of fire they also act immediately to extinguish the fire – even if no o­ne is present. Modern residential sprinklers are small, neat and unobtrusive and visitors are seldom able to spot  them
• In the event of fire, get out, stay out and call the fire service out

For more information, call the Community Fire Safety team o­n 01622 698360 or log o­nto

Group meets to pray for Hawkinge

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A small group of villagers are meeting to pray for the spiritual needs of Hawkinge residents which are "of concern to Jesus".

Published in this month's Letter to the Parishes of St. Luke's in Hawkinge and St. Martin's Church Acrise, the group is looking for people to join them at the meetings.

They believe that "community" is a spiritual issue and say that there is a need for community growth and development "in our rapidly changing village" and it is "of concern to Jesus".

The group next meets  o­n 11 January at 7.30pm in St Luke's Church, Canterbury Road, Hawkinge.

Harbour Board hold high opinions of themselves

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Dear Ed,

Listen to the Dover Harbour Board (DHB)

Reading the DHB story is like reading a fairy tale - don't you think?

Taken at face value you would get the impression that the increase in traffic was due o­nly to the DHB.

Well they have always held high opinions of themselves. Ever wondered where the traffic goes once it is in the port?

Happy New Year o­ne and all,


Honour for bikini channel swimmer

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Ethel Sunny Lowry, the first British woman to swim the English Channel, received the MBE in the New Year's honours list.

The first bikini

 The modern bikini introduced in 1946

A second cousin of the painter L S Lowry she joined the Victoria Ladies swimming club in the 1920s and made her first Channel bid in 1932. 

The following year she made a second unsuccessful attempt but eventually succeeded in 1933 at the age of 21. She completed the crossing from Cap Griz Nez near Calais to St Margaret's Bay in 15 hours 41 minutes. 

When she made her swim across the Channel in 1933 she wore a red cotton two-piece swimsuit, possibly the first bikini, long before the French introduced the garment in 1946.

In March 2000 she was part of a campaign to restore the swimming baths in Manchester at which she trained and in the same year became the first president of the Channel Swimmers' Association.


The modern bikini was invented by engineer Louis Reard in Paris and introduced on July 5 1946.

Tongue piercing nearly kills local teenager

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A teenage girl from Folkestone told how she was almost killed by her tongue piercing reports the Sun.

A-level student Nicola Hodges was left fighting for her life with an infection from the £30 metal stud.

She developed horrific ulcers in her throat and stomach and was taking 27 pills a day.

18 year old Nicola,  got the piercing in Canterbury but her tongue swelled up and soon she felt so ill she couldn't walk.

She spent a week in hospital being fed drugs through a drip.

Nicola told the Sun: "That is definitely the last piercing I will ever have."