£20m Sports Centre for Shepway

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The Folkestone Sports Centre, which is run by a charitable trust will not be refurbished by Shepway Council.

Instead, there is to be a brand new purpose built centre in Cheriton Road Folkestone.

The decision came after the council failed to agree with the trust over the sale of a golf course which would have paid for the refurbishment.

The new facility will be funded by private investment.

Shepway District Council leader Linda Cufley said she thought there was still a role for the charitable trust in sport in Shepway.

Councillors vote against Post Office plans

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Last night's Parish Council Meeting (10 March) failed to unite Councillors to support the plans for  a sub-Post Office in the Hawkinge Community Centre.

Two Parish Councillors voted against the plans and two voted for it  whilst the other members present either abstained or were barred from voting.

The plans to site the facility in the Creche area of the Centre will  now go forward to Shepway Council for a decision.

There were objections to the plans concerning the lack of an adequate safe footpath from Canterbury Road, but Parish Council Chairman Cyril Trice thought this could easily be solved.

The businessman looking to operate the post office has also claimed the problem could easily be overcome.

Mixed reaction to supermarket plans

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The plans for a Lidl supermarket and family pub were o­n display at the Hawkinge Village Hall before the monthly council meeting last night (10 March)

A gathering of twenty or so villagers heard Property Adviser for Matthew and Goodman Jeremy Heath describe the plans put forward by Marmaduke Estates.

In general the villagers present were not enthusiastic and many were looking for one of the big supermakets to open on the site.

Questions of access on the roundabout were also raised.

The planning application was squeezed through and will now be considered by Shepway District Council.

The developers hope the store could be open by Christmas 2004.

Parish Council Chairman Cyril Trice welcomed the plans saying: "I am happy with the plans which I feel will be helping Hawkinge in the long run".

Re: Protest group is up and running

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Dear Ed

If o­nly it WAS CHEAP !!! 39, 29 or even 19% don't seem that cheap, do it? I fink that since, wether we like it or not, 'awkinge is a part of Shepway, it is therefore of GREAT interest to us parishoners.

How will the increases reflect in the decreases of whatever services we now get in the parish ?

Is it time to declare U.D.I. ?

Should we of British East 'awkinge breakaway from British West 'awkinge?

Will we be able to "dip into" "our" £2,500,000.00(ish) windfall to secure some extra services, etc. or assist the "needy of the parish" if these rises go through ?

Is the rumour correct, that someone is going to be paid £40,000.00 to "administer" the windfall ?

The o­nly fing that seems to be going cheap around here at the moment is the birdies !!!

I finkle reapply for admittance to the local resthome for the terminally bewildered


Police hunt teenager after doorstep attack on OAP

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A teenager who left an elderly Shepway woman with a broken nose and black eye after she refused to hand over cash in an attack at her home is being hunted.

The offender attacked the pensioner o­n her doorstep in Sir John Moore Avenue, Hythe, and she was later discovered lying injured o­n the floor by her son.

A police spokesman said the assailant may have boasted about the attack.

Warning over salmonella in Spanish eggs

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Throughout the country, there have recently been a number of food poisoning outbreaks associated with the consumption of eggs imported from Spain. The eggs have been found to be contaminated with Salmonella bacteria both internally and o­n the surface of the shell.

The following advice has been issued by Shepway District Council’s Environmental Health Commercial Team:

1) Store eggs in a cool, dry place, ideally in the fridge.
2) Thoroughly clean the storage area regularly.
3) Keep eggs apart from other food, especially food that is ready to eat.
4) Don’t use eggs after their “Best Before� date.
5) Always wash and dry your hands thoroughly after touching eggs or working with them.
6) Take care not to splash raw egg o­nto other food, surfaces, dishes or utensils.
7) Thoroughly clean food work areas, dishes and utensils after working with eggs.
8) Always cook eggs and food containing them thoroughly.
9) Remember that cake mix contains raw egg; don’t be tempted to taste it prior to cooking.

For further information, please contact the Environmental Health Commercial Team o­n 01303 852242.

Tories attack panic cuts

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Shepway’s Liberal Democrats facing the prospect of severe Government action over their 39% council tax rise - have set our a series of measures to reduce the budget claim local Tories.

They say that the Lib Dem ruling cabinet has ordered all local public lavatories to be shut - and that there is to be no funding for replacement.

They also claim that the Folkestone Air Show is to be axed, and say in their latest press release that it is: "insulting those who hold World War Two fighter pilots in such honour, particularly in Hawkinge from where so many young men took to the skies to fight, and often die, for this country."

The press release continues: "Folkestone’s bandstand programme is to be axed too, spoiling the enjoyment of holidaymakers to the town.  To make matters worse, the budget for promoting the Shepway area as a tourist venue is to be axed - a further insult to those businessmen who are seeking to regenerate the district."

Shepway Council Conservative group leader Cllr Robert Bliss said today (9 March): "This is a series of panic cuts. The Liberals have tried to slash their 39% council tax increases, after they were threatened by capping by the Government.

"Even then, they have only taken 10% off their huge intended rise, and that still looks like being capped.  But the measures they have proposed so far will mean a loss of tourist jobs for Shepway, as well as a refusal to provide basic services for the public. No mention has been made in the Liberal revised budget of the increased cost of human waste clearance locally.

"Frankly, this Liberal administration is proving unhealthy both  physically and politically for the people of the district."

Re: Malc - need to vent steam

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<FONT size=2>If Malc has any interesting, non-political stuff he would like to inform us about, Im all ears!

Meanwhile, this is a newspaper, even if it is o­n the internet, and guess what, newspapers do tend to report o­n political issues.

There's nothing more topical at the moment than our council tax. Have a look at the 'most read letters' o­n the site and you'll see what I mean!

<FONT face=Arial><FONT size=2>Morph

Re: Protest group is up and running

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Need to vent steam mode o­n:

Why is there all this political stuff here. I like to read about the issue and news from Hawkinge, not have politics pushed into my face.

The above is just a cheap way to promote o­ne group over another.

I sure the fact that 39% rise was voted in was enough of a heads up for most people. Lets leave out this cheap politics from the website.

Need to vent steam mode off:


Churchill School mosaic unveiled

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The four mosaic panels designed by Churchill School pupils and depicting the four seasons on the North Downs are now installed to the right of the main entrance to the school.

Headteacher Jennie Carter said: "Every child drew a picture of local flora and fauna which Broadstairs' artist Martin Cheek included in his mosaic. 

"Younger pupils’ lollipop trees and abstract patterns on creatures blend with the more photograph likenesses sketched by the older pupils. 

"No doubt, Estelle Morris, Minister for Arts, who is visiting tomorrow (9 March) will be interested to talk to our artists about the project and their part in it."

Martin Cheek, has had his work published in a number of books, and  feels this is his best work.