Hawkinge Angels

Contributed by editor on Apr 25, 2006 - 10:48 PM

By Karla and Wendy

Hawkinge Angels is a support group run by parents for parents, we are predominately for parents with special needs children, but are open to anybody who may like to come along. Our aims are to support others in similar circumstances as ourselves. 

We both feel we are at a stage in our lives where we can offer help and support. As parents we had both found it hard not having support and not knowing others going through similar problems as ourselves. We have also felt very alone at times, and so wish to give a little to others that we wish we had had before now. 

The group meets on Mondays at the Hawkinge Community Centre between 12 - 2pm. Our members bring a lunch and drinks and biscuits are always available.

All are welcome, not just those whose children have disabilities, men women and children of any age can come along and enjoy the group. We are only parents and do not view ourselves as professionals. 

Some sessions are for parents to come along for coffee, lunch and a chat, we also invite professionals to attend to give a short talk about their roles and how they can help families. In time we hope to become a registered charity, branching out to include other areas, but for now rely on our own fund-raising to provide toys, equipment and outings etc., 

Although we have only been running for a short while we had the honour of winning the award 'for responding to a particular problem' at the Hawkinge Partnership's AGM which we received along with a trophy that can be seen at the Partnership office and a digital camera for the group. Well done to us all for winning this award! 

We both feel that although gradually we are now beginning to be recognised in the community and each week we see new faces, which is fantastic! We have a number of regulars who come along and although we are still a relatively small group the word has been spreading around and we've had very large numbers especially during the holidays.

Thanks to the grant from the Community Chest we enjoyed some guilt free retail therapy and purchased some special needs toys! We hope the children enjoy these as much as we enjoyed choosing them.

More recently we've funded ourselves with proceeds from two successful boot fairs and a sponsored walk to buy special needs toys and a soft seating area. To help with funds we have made our own merchandise such as ribbons, key rings, coasters and magnets. In time we hope to hold evening sessions of the group and family fund-raising events. 

Yet again the boot fair season is upon us, we still have items left over from the table sale but if you have any unwanted items to donate or you would like to help at o­ne of the fairs we'll be attending we would be very grateful, please let us know o­n o­n either 07737 749602 or 07786 420849.

Hawkinge cup final

Contributed by editor on Apr 24, 2006 - 10:57 PM


Come and support your local team at the Eurolink League Cup Final o­n Sunday.

Hawkinge will be up against Nailbox from Folkestone in what promises to be an exciting and tough match.

The kick off is at 3.00pm so why not after Sunday lunch stroll over to the ground off Cricketers Close and give our lads a cheer.

Cliff fall man flown to hospital

Contributed by editor on Apr 24, 2006 - 10:29 PM


Rescue services rushed to cliffs between Capel le Ferne and Dover o­n Sunday morning (23 April) after a man suffering fractures was found o­n the beach.

The man thought to be in his 40's had fallen from the cliffs near the Samphire Hoe nature reserve.

The Kent Air Ambulance flew the casualty to the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford.

Please preserve the daffodils

Contributed by editor on Apr 23, 2006 - 01:05 PM


Dear Ed,

Re: Will the council be brave enough to remove bollards?

Slightly connected to the building of the relief road, and totally unconnected with the blasted bollards, I wish to ask the road constructors a favour, through these pages. 

My request is that the bulbs that are planted along the verges of the A260, in way of the roundabout construction site, be preserved, or at least replaced o­n completion of the roadworks.


Parish councillor reported

Contributed by editor on Apr 22, 2006 - 09:03 PM


Hawkinge Parish Councillor, John Punnett has been reported to the Standards Board of England for failing to declare a prejudicial interest on matters discussed at a recent Parish Council meeting.

The report sent to the Board involves an item on the agenda of a meeting in 2006.

Parish Council Chairman David Callahan said: "This is a matter for the Standards Board and the member. I have no further comment."

Well Well Well

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Dear Ed,

Re: Minister launches sea firefighting unit

Not content to come up with novel ideas of thier own, labour ministers continue to poach the work of others and claim it as their own.

This group was in existance years ago - before they took the RAF helicopters away from Manston.

Yours as ever,


Howard's Way 20 April 2006

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HOWARD'S WAY.... a weekly column from Michael Howard MP

20 April 2006<IMG height=195 hspace=10 src="images/michaelhoward3.jpg" width=130 align=right vspace=10 border=0>

The Parliamentary recess is an excellent opportunity to see and do things in the constituency which would be difficult when Parliament is in session.

But last week, before I could get stuck in to the things I wanted to do in the constituency, I had a few things to do in London. On Monday morning I took part in Andrew Marr’s Start the Week radio programme. Apart from discussing the books which the other participants had just written, I was there to talk about a film Newsnight had asked me to make about my time as Home Secretary. “Would I like to make a film,� they asked “about how I cut crime by 18% during my four years in that job?�

It was an offer that seemed too good to refuse and I enjoyed making the film. It was shown on Newsnight on the Tuesday night, followed by the inevitable studio discussion.

In order to get back to London for that I had to leave the meeting of the Board of the Folkestone Sports Centre Trust, which I had asked to attend, before it finished. I was delighted that the Trust Board agreed to pursue its partnership with Shepway District Council to provide the district with 21st Century sports facilities.

Earlier that day I had gone along to Pent Valley Leisure centre to see children with disabilities learn to use customised mobility equipment – tricycles, sports equipment or powered wheelchairs. This was all carried out under the auspices of Whizz-Kidz – a national charity which provides the equipment as well. It was truly inspirational to see the difference this equipment can make to the lives of these children.

Good Friday was the occasion for a magnificent performance by the Folkestone Choral Society, accompanied by the excellent Amberley Orchestra of Elgar’s ‘The Kingdom.’ It is an immensely powerful work which left the large audience in the Leas Cliff Hall somewhat in awe. All in all a performance that those present will not easily forget.

Rail strike averted

Contributed by editor on Apr 21, 2006 - 09:06 AM


The threatened strike of staff at South Eastern Trains, the company which took over running trains in Kent, East Sussex and south east London o­n 1 April has been averted.

The RMT union said the firm had agreed to revert to previous staff numbers and place extra guards at high-risk stations.

350 guards had voted to strike over manning levels at Dover Priory, Ramsgate and Hastings stations and more than 400 platform workers in the RMT rail workers’ union had voted by six to o­ne for action over cuts in the number of station staff o­n duty o­n South Eastern Trains.

KCC grant improves local roads

Contributed by editor on Apr 21, 2006 - 12:08 AM


Three highway schemes in Shepway have got the go-ahead following a £16,000 grant from Kent County Council.

£3,000 will fund a project to improve signage in the Elham Valley and almost £3,800 will be spent restoring some of the ornamental lamp columns o­n The Leas in Folkestone.

Pedestrian safety will also be improved with the installation of additional guard railing at a cost of £9,675. The railing is used to stop pedestrians from walking in the road or crossing at dangerous places, as well as keeping vehicles off footpaths and to discourage parking.

Will the council be brave enough to remove bollards?

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Re: Relief for Hawkinge villagers

Dear Ed,

Will the council be brave enough to stand up to theirs and Pentland Homes commitment to remove the bollards in Webster Way once the Northern end of the by-pass is completed later this year?

What will happen to the proposal to close off Mill Lane to through traffic?

Will there be a sensible plan for Canterbury Road through the centre of the village o­nce through traffic has been diveted?

Is it too much to hope that our local and parish councils will honour previous commitments and have the foresight to make the village a safer place for all road users?