Does anyone else feel the same way?

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The (driving me) Crazy Frog

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Shepway breach Freedom of Information Act

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Shepway District Council breached the Freedom of Information Act when asked for documents by former councillor Martin Ross.

The request for minutes of meetings by Mr Ross who was acting with former Shepway Councillor Colin Tearle was rejected by the Council who claimed they contained a large amount of exempt information.

The council also stated that the cost of complying exceeded the appropriate limit and would take several days for an officer to go through the minutes.

The Information Commissioner ruled o­n 16 May that Shepway Council  had failed to deal with the request in accordance with the requirements of the Act.

The decision also said that the cost of examining the information in order to establish whether or not an exemption may apply to it may not be taken into account in estimating the cost of complying with the request.

The Commissioner wrote stating the letter from Shepway District Council refusing the request for information dated 25 January 2005 did not comply with the requirements of section 17 of the Act.

No further action is required to be taken by the Council as Mr Ross  has now been provided with the information he requested.

Latest local crime 16/05/05 to 22/05/05

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COUNTRY EYE - NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH Crime Sheet 16/05/05 to 22/05/05


Between 1730hrs & 1830hrs 17/05/05

Theft from Motor Vehicle



The IP has just noticed that her vehicle excise disc has been stolen and the o­ne, which had expired in February 2005 and had been left in the glove box, has been placed back into the disc holder.



Between 1800hrs 18/05/05 & 1400hrs 19/05/05




Victim states that his wife was in and heard a noise and went outside. o­n further investigation he found that golf balls had been used to throw o­n the roof of the building smashing 5x clay roof tiles, the cost of the repair is £150.00.



Between 0240hrs & 0255hrs 22/05/05

Burglary Other



On arrival of police the alarm was sounding and of checking the property the point of entry was found. The window had been forced open and positioned below was a plastic chair. Offender had made off prior to police arrival



Between 1430hrs & 1415hrs 22/05/05

Theft from Motor Vehicle



IP parked in a small pull in area for the wood, there was o­nly room for about 4 vehicles there. IP left her handbag in the passenger foot well; it was under blankets and newspapers. While IP was walking in the wood she heard a car alarm sounding about 1445hrs, but wasn't sure if it was her vehicle, and she was quite a way into the woods. IP didn't make her way back, and when she got back the passenger side rear quarter light window had been smashed, IP unlocked the vehicle when they got back, so not sure if the offender/s opened the door lock. Nothing was disturbed within her vehicle; o­nly her handbag was missing.



Between 2045hrs & 2125hrs 19/05/05




Victim states she went into the kitchen, at the rear of the property, to make herself a hot drink. When there she saw a male walking down her garden path towards her husband, who was sorting things out in the garden This male spoke to the victims husband, asking if he had seen a little boy run in that direction.  The answer was NO. The male then looked over neighbours garden and he stated that the boy had broken some car windows.  At this the male then left the garden and was not seen, direction of departure not seen. Later the couple were inn the house watching TV when the Victim went to her bedroom IP returned to the kitchen to fill a hot water bottle, and it was then that she saw the same male standing by the kitchen window. He said that he wanted to speak to the IP about a burglary next door.  Victim refused to open the back door, but opened the window instead. The male stated there had been a burglary next door and that he was the security manager for the area. He then said he was from CID. This male also asked to see the Victims valuables, but the IP refused to let him into the bungalow.

Victim was unsure as to what he was a saying and said that she was going to call police to check that they were indeed attending next door. At this the male then said that there were two boys around the front window.  Victim did not believe him, as she heard no noise. As she was calling police the male left.

Approx 5-10 minutes later the IP went into her bedroom where she noticed the curtains blowing and the bottom window was wide open, she knew that she had closed this window. Victim noticed two drawers had been opened slightly but at first it appeared nothing was missing. Victim later discovered that her purse was now missing

Description of suspicious male

Male White 20 to 30yrs

5ft 6� tall with dark brown cropped hair




Between 2000hrs & 2200hrs 20/05/05




At 2000hrs 20/05/05 the Victim went to let his cat out of then rear window. At this time all was in order with the windows in that room. When the cat out the IP secured the window closed.  Victim then went into the living room to watch TV. At 2200 hrs the Victim left the living room to go to bed.  He went to the rear bedroom to check o­n the act and to check all windows secured. At this time he noticed that o­ne of then windows in the rear bedroom was wide open, the net curtaining had been pulled down and a lamp that had been o­n the sill in front of the now open window had been moved to the side table.   Victim then checked the rest of the house and found that in his bedroom at the front a window was wide open. o­n police attendance the premises was searched for any offenders, no trace within the property or the grounds. Nothing appears to have been stolen.



Between 0001hrs 20/05/05 & 0900hrs 23/05/05




Informant states that sometime over the weekend someone has ripped branched off various trees in the recreation ground.


If you have any information in relation to any crime. Please contact the Watch Office o­n 01304 218151 or ring Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 You do not have to give your name and you maybe eligible for a reward.

To Report suspicious incidents and problems you cannot resolve yourself 01303 850055


To report crime that has happened to you and the offenders have gone 01303 289134

If you would like to help with Neighbourhood Watch or would like to know more about what is involved, you can contact the Neighbourhood Watch & Parish Liaison Office at Dover Police Station o­n 01304 21815

Call to save the Leisuredrome

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Dear Editor,

Last night I called up your web site and was astonished to see that somebody was suggesting the Leisuredrome be pulled down and rebuilt.

How can this possibly be, when there is a charity already set up and funded? 

Only newcomers to the village could be unaware how much 'blood, tears toil, and sweat", have been put into creating a centre for the young people of the village where they can do their own thing and not be o­n the streets causing mayhem.

There are well qualified people waiting to get o­n with the job of directing and helping the youth of Hawkinge to enjoy themselves in a civilised manner.

I ask everyone even o­nly remotely interested, to pressure the Parish Council into letting them have the lease of the building. Enough unhappiness has been caused to the young people already, the funds are available for the equipment, so what ever excuse is there for not getting o­n with this much required facility now?

The youngsters in the village most of whom are pretty decent kids, are just longing for something to do, and somewhere to do it.

What I say is, please help them by saving the Leisuredrome for use  Now!

Yours sincerely,

Pat Lamb.         (Ex Parish Councillor)

Woman arrested over hit-and-run

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Police have arrested a 61-year-old woman following a hit-and-run incident in Hythe in which a 92-year-old woman was fatally

Ruby Lovett, of Hospital Hill, Hythe, died o­n Sunday at Ashford's William Harvey Hospital, after being knocked down o­n Saturday afternoon in Seabrook Road, Hythe.

Police have renewed their appeal for witnesses following the woman's arrest.

CCTV man wins top award

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CCTV camera supervisor Patrick Coleman has received a special award for excellent work including raising the alarm when he spotted a youth setting fire to a man sleeping in a shelter o­n Dover seafront last year.

Patrick, who has been with the Dover CCTV operation for 10 years, was very highly commended by the CCTV Users Group, and received an engraved crystal plaque and a personal cheque for £100.

Patrick was the operator o­n duty when he spotted a group of youths and saw someone set fire to the sleeping bag of a man sleeping o­n Dover seafront in October last year. He alerted the Police and guided the attending Officers to the location of the group of youths, who he had followed via the CCTV cameras into the Town Centre.

Cllr Mrs Julie Rook, Cabinet Member for Citizenship said: 'This is very well deserved credit for the excellent work that Patrick and the whole CCTV team carry out. A lot of this work goes unsung, but when something like this happens it really reinforces the value of CCTV cameras in public places to help tackle crime and anti-social behaviour.'

Silly moo

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Firefighters were called to Paddlesworth Lane in Hawkinge at lunchtime today (24 May) to rescue a cow.

The pregnant animal had fallen into a private swimming pool after jumping over a fence into a private garden

The emergency services rescued the animal which had not suffered any injury from her adventure.

The future's bright

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By Cyril Trice

Hawkinge (Sat) FC  3    Portex FC  2

The Hawkinge Saturday team notched up another good result yesterday (22 May) playing their second friendly match.

It was a good game with Hawkinge getting stronger as the match progressed.

With a squad of  some 18 players and new players joining all the time, the team Manager Ritchie Docherty said: "There is plenty of potential in the players and the future is looking good for the Saturday team".

With their Orange shirts you could say the future's bright.

Woman dies after suspected hit and run

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A 70-year-old woman has died today (22 May) after being knocked down by a car yesterday in Seabrook Road, Hythe.

Kent Police said the woman was taken to the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford after the in a suspected hit-and-run incident at around 5.00pm o­n Saturday.

The road,  was closed o­n Saturday evening. Police have not yet issued a description of the vehicle involved.

'Enough is enough' as A20 pile-up brings traffic misery

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The Leader of Dover District Council, Cllr Paul Watkins has spoken out following the A20 pile-up on Thursday saying : 'The following traffic chaos was yet another example of the inadequacy of the road networks into and out of Dover and it is time to say that enough is enough.'

Dover District Council continues to campaign for vital transport links to the area, including the dualling of the A2 and improvements to the A20. The crashes on the A20 resulted in significant additional traffic on the A2, which caused major hold ups in several locations.

The Council's Cabinet Member for Access, Cllr Nigel Collor, was among a small group of representatives who met with the then Roads Minister David Jamieson in February to inform him of the urgent need to improve roads into Dover to increase accessibility, avoid crashes and reduce congestion and air pollution.