Fake DVDs seized by customs

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Thousands of fake DVDs have been stopped from coming into the country through the Channel tunnel after they were seized by customs officers.

The DVDs, which included The Passion of the Christ and Kill Bill 2, were seized o­n 30 April.

A spokesman for South East customs said the DVDs, sent from Malaysia to Dusseldorf, were being imported into the UK using a courier service.

Details have o­nly just been released because it was part of an o­n-going operation.

Other titles in the haul of around 15,000 DVD's included films not yet released in the UK including The Alamo, The Whole Ten Yards, with Bruce Willis, and The Punisher starring John Travolta.

Customs are reported to have said that no-one had been arrested over the seizure.

Diver's body recovered

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<FONT face=Arial><FONT color=black><FONT size=2>DIVER'S BODY RECOVERED

Police are appealing for help as they attempt to identify the body of a diver found off the coast of Romney Marsh.

The badly decomposed body was recovered from the sea at Dungeness by fishermen, and taken to Rye Harbour by lifeboat.

A police spokesman said an investigation was currently under way, and anyone with any information was asked to come forward.

Supermarket refusal

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<FONT face=Arial color=black size=4>SUPERMARKET REFUSAL

<FONT color=black>Dear Ed

<FONT color=black>Here we go again, another Liberal Democrat, in this case in the guise of Cllr Peter Smith failing to take responsibility for his actions or in this case in-action.

<FONT color=black>Cllr Smith is not o­nly Vice Chairman of Shepway District Council, he is also Vice Chairman of the Development Control Committee, and so to permit planners to dash Hawkinge's hope of a supermarket under delegated powers is appalling.

<FONT color=black>Let's not make any bones about it, both as the ward member, let alone Vice Chairman of the development Control Committee, he had the power to prevent officers refusing the application for a supermarket without reference to any councillors.

<FONT color=black>There are no excuses, both Cllr Smith and fellow ward Councillor and Parish Councillor David Callahan, who is also o­n the Development Control Committee should have been aware of the path of the application which had already been before Hawkinge Parish Council.

<FONT color=black>Time and again since he became a councillor, Peter Smith has continually bemoaned the fact of Hawkinge's rapid homes expansion without an adequate infrastructure and yet what does he do when he has the chance to put something in place?

<FONT color=black>This is all the more strange since in 2002 he voted in favour of outline planning permission for commercial developments o­n that site.

<FONT color=black>Colin Tearle

Car ferries get thumbs up

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<FONT color=#0000cc>
<FONT face=Arial color=black size=4>CAR FERRIES GET THUMBS UP

Car ferries sailing from Dover to Calais have been given an above average safety rating in a new study.

P&O's Pride of Dover and the SeaFrance Cezanne were given the "good" approval rating in the report by the AA Motoring Trust and other European travel bodies.

Each ferry was judged o­n a wide variety of criteria, including emergency drills, cargo handling and lifeboats.

Re: Where is our Wheelie Bin?

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Dear Ed

The remains of two bins, well the axles of same, are in the ashes of a fire that was started in the woods that are to the left of  The Street coming up from Canterbury Road, having been used to transport logs to start and feed the fire.

I finkle keep me hose pipe ready for when the woods catch fire, as happened last year!


Awards for Shepway beaches

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<FONT face=Arial color=black size=4>AWARDS FOR SHEPWAY BEACHES

Dymchurch will be flying the acclaimed Blue Flag o­n its beach this year.

The International Blue Flag Jury has confirmed the award, which recognises high standards of water quality, beach cleanliness, information and education, first aid facilities and the presence of beach managers during the summer.

Shepway Council’s Blue Flag application was approved by a British jury before being forwarded to Denmark for consideration by the international jury in April.

Tom Gibbs, Chairman of Dymchurch Parish Council, said he was delighted with Dymchurch’s success " for being good enough to fly the prestigious Blue Flag and for securing a Seaside Award for another year.
"I am very pleased the International Blue Flag jury has awarded our beach a Blue Flag. It proves that the time and effort put in by all those involved in making this village what it is has been worthwhile."

Cllr Carol Crees, Cabinet member for Environmental Wellbeing, also welcomed the news.

"We know there are some great beaches across the district and it’s good to know that Dymchurch’s high standards have been recognised."

To be eligible for the European Blue Flag Award, a bathing beach has to fulfil tough criteria including water quality, beach and water cleanliness, litter collections, first aid facilities and access. Dymchurch was o­ne of a record number of 123 winners this year.

The Seaside Award scheme is organised by EnCams, the environmental campaigns group that runs the Tidy Britain Group. It awards flags for resort and rural beaches - depending o­n their location. To qualify for resort or rural beach flags, beaches must fulfil 29 criteria that falls into five groups:

 *  Safety
 * Management
 * Cleanliness
 * Information
 * Water quality

Littlestone  and  Sunny Sands in Folkestone have been awarded Seaside Awards. Hythe was not entered this year because of the coast defence work being carried out. 

Go-ahead for alley gates

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<FONT face=Arial color=black size=4>GO-AHEAD FOR ALLEY GATES

An alleyway between Narabeen Road and Cheriton High Street can be closed, magistrates have decided.

Shepway Council applied for gates to be installed at either end of the alley to stop it up after complaints from Police and local residents about anti-social behaviour.

Although the Ramblers Association and the Open Spaces Society opposed the move when the civil case was heard o­n Wednesday (19 May), magistrates agreed that the alley was surplus to requirements and that other routes were available. Residents whose gardens back o­nto the alley, the emergency services and High Street businesses with rear access o­nto the alley will be provided with keys to the gates.

Sarah Williams, Shepway District Council Crime Prevention Officer, who gave evidence in court, paid tribute to the chairman of the local residents association, David Springett, and individual residents who had supported the case and given evidence in court in support of the Council’s case. 

Sarah said: "I hope the alley gates will help improve the quality of life for local people."

Cllr John Hughes, Cabinet member for Public Space and Safety, said access to the alley for the local residents and businesses who need to use it would not be affected.

"The people who need to use the alley for access to the rear of their properties will be able to continue to do so. This order will simply block the alley as an escape route from the High Street - a problem identified by Police - and stop the anti-social behaviour that was causing a problem for local residents. This is another example of action being taken by Shepway Council to crack down o­n the anti-social behaviour that adversely affects people’s quality of life.

Where is our Wheelie Bin?

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<FONT color=black size=2>WHERE IS OUR WHEELIE BIN?

Over the last couple of days their as been several cases of Wheelie Bins going missing plus the bins been emptied out o­nto the street

All residents are asked to be aware of this and should you see anything or know who is responsible please let me know by ringing 07811 271303

Ian Norman

Village Warden

Re: Why the delay? (2)

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<FONT color=black>RE: WHY THE DELAY (2)

Dear Ed

What amazes me is that we have two district councillors o­n the Development Control Committee and not o­ne of them was able to attend this meeting and put their oar in about the needs of Hawkinge.  All members of the committee are given warning of what is going to be discussed so you would have thought at least o­ne of them would have made an effort to attend.

Had our district councillors really taken an interest in this local planning issue surely they could have phoned up Jeff Stack and asked him?  Just because he has been caught "on the hop" Councillor Callahan is now spitting feathers and taking an interest.

Either way, this whole affair is ridiculous.  The Gazette quoted Shepway as saying that the Lidl store would "Take trade away from supermarkets in Folkestone".  For o­ne thing, Lidls is not everyones cup of tea with regard to the goods they supply and secondly I thought that there was always this interest in making people use their cars less.  Although the latter may not have been a complete success it would have been a start.  As for the building being bland and too big for the needs of Hawkinge, hmmm, methinks someone with influence possibly lives in Terlingham Village.



Re: Why the delay?

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<FONT color=black>RE: WHY THE DELAY

Dear Ed

Perhaps the delay is due to the confusion of what "hats" the councillors are wearing, District or Parish or more likely a case of "hello Left Hand, have you met Right Hand?"

The whole matter beggars belief, regardless of the pros & cons of whether a supermarket is built in Hawkinge & whose name appears above the door.

These "well meaning & public spirited" people, certainly have got their fingers o­n the pulse haven't they?

I finkle I'll propose that a home for the terminally bewildered be built in Hawkinge!