Multi million pound town centre plan given green light

Contributed by editor on May 18, 2005 - 03:01 AM


Multi million pound proposals to develop the St James's area in Dover Town Centre, which could bring more than 500 jobs to the area, have been given the green light by Dover District Councillors.

The development includes a superstore, shops and restaurants, a 100 bedroom hotel, flats, a visitor centre, and a landscaped shoppers car park.

The scheme was presented to Full Council by architects Dyer o­n behalf of the Council's development partners Bond City Ltd. This follows a public exhibition of proposals by Bond City Ltd last year.

Councillor Paul Watkins, Leader of Dover District Council, said: 'The recent Council decision brings the Dover St James's development a stage nearer fruition. Its completion will bring a major boost to the economic regeneration of the area. Together with the announcement of the planning application for the White Cliffs Business Park Phase II, the town and the area have the potential to take Dover District forward into a new phase of economic growth.'

Lydd Airport £7.5m hotel plans

Contributed by editor on May 17, 2005 - 09:21 PM


Plans for a four-star hotel next to Lydd Airport have been unveiled by the airport's owners.

It is thought the £7.5m hotel project  which would have 75 rooms, a swimming pool and spa, banqueting suites and meeting rooms, and a rooftop restaurant overlooking a golf course, is linked to an application to expand passenger flights and to increase the size of the runway.

The Lydd Airport Action Group said it will not fight plans for the hotel, which protesters say could benefit the area but will still continue to opposed airport expansion

The group says expansion will wipe out vast areas of Romney Marsh.

Other campaigners, including the Friends of Lydd Airport Group, supported the plans o­n the basis that a larger enterprise could help employment prospects in the area.

Hat trick for Council Chairman

Contributed by editor on May 17, 2005 - 09:19 PM


Dover District Council has elected Councillor Pat Heath as Chairman of the Council for the third consecutive year at its Annual Meeting yesterday (11 May).

Cllr Heath said: 'It is a great honour to be elected Chairman of the Council and I look forward to fulfilling my duties in a busy year ahead.'

The Chairman is elected by Members of the Council and is the first citizen of the District. The Chairman represents and promotes the Council and its area in all civil and ceremonial matters and promotes public involvement in the Council's activities. He presides over meetings of the Full Council, and represents the Council o­n formal occasions.

Full list of appointments from the Annual Meeting

Membership of Cabinet, Committees and Boards 2005/06

Chairman of the Council - P G Heath
Vice-Chairman of the Counci - B W Butcher

Leader and Cabinet (and Shadow Cabinet)

Cabinet Shadow Cabinet

Leader P A Watkins P J Wells
Deputy Leader F J W Scales S F Bannister
Access N J Collor Mrs M Burnham
Citizenship Mrs J A Rook K W Sansum
Economy F J W Scales L H Knight
Environment N S Kenton Mrs J M Munt
Community Mrs S R Nicholas Mrs J A Birkett
Corporate Performance T J Bartlett K Mills
Corporate Resources S C Manion S F Bannister


Planning Committee

S G Leith-(Chairman)
B W Butcher-(Vice-Chairman)
M S Furnival-(Spokesperson)
G P Allt
J A Cronk
P Dawkins
P G Heath
Mrs J M Munt
Mrs M M Sansum
R S Walkden

Regulatory Committee

R Frayne(Chairman)
P S Le Chevalier(Vice-Chairman)
Mrs M Burnham
Mrs S C Delling
F J W Scales

Scrutiny (Management) Committee

K Mills(Chairman)
L H Knight(Vice-Chairman)
P Southgate(Spokesperson)
Mrs M W Philpott(Deputy Spokesperson)
J A Cronk
W E Elliott
C J Meredith
P J Wells

Scrutiny (Performance) Committee

J A Cronk(Chairman)
S F Bannister(Vice-Chairman)
P Dawkins(Spokesperson)
D R Lloyd-Jones(Deputy Spokesperson)
Mrs S C Delling
Mrs W Hansell
A F Richardson
To be advised

Scrutiny (Community and Regeneration) Committee

Mrs H Bartolo(Chairman)
Mrs J F Tranter(Vice-Chairman)
P S Le Chevalier(Spokesperson)
R S Walkden(Deputy Spokesperson)
Mrs J A Birkett
Miss C M Edwards
Mrs A C Willshaw
To be advised

Scrutiny (Environment & Transport) Committee

G J Hood(Chairman)
Mrs J M Munt(Vice-Chairman)
A F Richardson(Spokesperson)
Miss C M Edwards(Deputy Spokesperson)
W E Elliott
D R Lloyd-Jones
P A Lodge
Mrs D G Smallwood

Membership of Other Committees

Standards Committee

Independent Representatives:

Mrs A C S Ide(Chairman)
Mr A R Goodal(Vice-Chairman)
Mrs R Osborne

Town & Parish Representatives:

Mrs D Creedy
Mr J Willshaw

B W Butcher
Mrs W Hansell
D R Lloyd-Jones
C J Meredith
K Mills

Named Substitutes:
P A Lodge
S C Manion
K W Sansum

Dover Joint Transportation Board

N J Collor
G J Hood(Spokesperson)
S F Bannister
Mrs M Burnham
W E Elliott
R S Walkden
Mrs A C Willshaw

KCC Representatives

To be appointed

KAPC Representative (non-voting member)

N Whitburn

(Note:A representative of KCC will chair the Board in 2005/06 and this Council's Cabinet will appoint the Vice-Chairman.)

Licensing Committee

Mrs H Bartolo
Mrs M Burnham
B W Butcher
J A Cronk
Mrs S C Delling
R Frayne
Mrs W Hansell
P S Le Chevalier
D R Lloyd-Jones
P A Lodge
S C Manion
Mrs J M Munt
K W Sansum(Spokesperson)
F J W Scales
P Southgate

(Note:The Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Committee will be appointed at the first meeting of the Licensing Committee.)

Joint Staff Consultative Forum

T J Bartlett(Chairman)
Miss C M Edwards
P G Heath
K Mills
K Tranter

Staff Representatives

Mrs C Brown
Mrs C Gilling
Mrs C Hargreaves
Mrs D Hopper
R Kennedy
Mrs W Bowman (advisory)

Joint Health, Safety and Welfare Consultative Forum

T J Bartlett(Chairman)
Miss C M Edwards
P G Heath
K Mills
K Tranter

Staff Representatives

Mrs C Brown
Mrs D Hopper
D McHattie
Mrs B Moody
Mrs A Russell
Mrs W Bowman (advisory)


Committee Chairman Vice-Chairman

Planning S G Leith B W Butcher
(Note: Councillor M S Furnival is Spokesperson)

Scrutiny (Management) K Mills L H Knight

Scrutiny (Performance) J A Cronk S F Bannister

Scrutiny (Community & Regeneration)Mrs H Bartolo Mrs J F Tranter

Scrutiny (Environment & Transport) G J Hood Mrs J M Munt

Regulatory R Frayne P S Le Chevalier

Standards Mr A R Goodall Mr J Willshaw


Committee Spokesperson Deputy Spokesperson

Scrutiny (Management) P Southgate Mrs M W Philpott

Scrutiny (Performance) P Dawkins D R Lloyd-Jones

Scrutiny (Community & Regeneration)P S Le Chevalier R S Walkden

Scrutiny (Environment & Transport)A F Richardson Miss C M Edwards

Swingfield's French guests sail into town

Contributed by editor on May 17, 2005 - 04:37 PM


Thirty French visitors from Swingfield's twin town, Aviron are arriving o­n Friday (20 May) as guests of the Swingfield Twinning Association.

The visitors will tour Dover Castle o­n Saturday and in the evening  a four course dinner with over eighty guests and residents has been arranged.

On Sunday there is to be a barbeque at Stelling Minnis Windmill at 12 noon followed by a tour of the Minnis and the Windmill finishing with a cream tea before the French guests return to Aviron in the evening.

As part of an o­ngoing educational and cultural exchange, thirteen pupils from Selsted School with three staff and parents will be guests at Aviron Primary School.

The visit is scheduled for 10th June, returning o­n 15th June.

Medical/Health Centre update

Contributed by editor on May 17, 2005 - 04:17 PM


Hawkinge Parish councillor Cyril Trice has informed us of the original planning application for the Medical Centre.

Outline for Public House, Hotel, Medical Centre, and Restaurant
Date of decision 03/01/2003-- APPROVED    Conditional 106
The Medical Centre was to be located behind the Public House adjacent to Spitfire Way.
At the time there was also an application for a convenience store and day nursery
Erection of Convenience store and day nursery
Date of decision 03/01/2003  APPROVED  Conditional 106.

Parked vehicle damaged in Hawkinge

Contributed by editor on May 16, 2005 - 08:15 PM


Residents should be aware that last night 15th/16th May, a grey Fiat saloon was damaged whilst parked in Benson Lane Hawkinge.

Damage is estimated in the region of £200.

Hawkinge Community Centre Charity AGM

Contributed by editor on May 15, 2005 - 10:08 PM


The Annual General meeting of the Hawkinge Community Centre Charity is to be held at 7.30pm in the Hawkinge Community Centre, Heron Forstal Avenue, Hawkinge o­n Thursday 19th May.

We understand from a statement made by  Trustee and  Executive Committee member Cllr George Hodgson at the monthly Parish Council meeting (11 May 2005) that all villagers are members* of the charity, so please come along to make any suggestions or raise any issues you may have.

* Members must be over the age of 18 years.

History in the making

Contributed by editor on May 15, 2005 - 05:29 PM


By Cyril Trice

The Hawkinge Football Club Saturday team played their first friendly match today in their new colours. 

The game, which was played at Elham saw the Hawkinge side win 3-2 against HUSH FC.

Picture: Team being given a pep talk by their coach Stuart Davis at half time.

Next week they play Portex FC at home on the Hawkinge ground.

Mini shake-up at for Parish Council

Contributed by editor on May 14, 2005 - 03:23 PM


John Heasman was voted  Vice Chairman of Hawkinge Parish Council during their monthly meeting o­n Wednesday (11 May).

David Callahan remains Chairman and no new members were appointed. Carole Newton remains a councillor but no longer holds the position of Vice Chairman

Driving home the message

Contributed by editor on May 14, 2005 - 12:47 PM


An open-top double deck bus took to the streets of Folkestone yesterday (13 May) to help promote a new service aimed at getting people home safely after a night o­n the town.

The Shepway Nite Rider service, which starts o­n Friday 27 May, aims to help reduce late night anti-social behaviour by offering a bus ride home for £1.

The Nite Rider bus will pick up passengers from Harbour Approach at 12.45am, 1.30am and 2.15am and take them to 12 drop-of points across the town and as far as Hawkinge.

Sarah Williams, Crime and Disorder Reduction Officer, said Nite Rider aimed to disperse late-night revelers from the streets as well as providing a fast and safe service home.

“Not everyone has money for a taxi. Some people would rather spend their taxi fare o­n o­ne last drink and then walk home. That is not always a sensible option.â€?

The scheme will initially run for a three-month trial period.