Latest local crime 27/07/05 to 31/7/05

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COUNTRY EYE - NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH Crime Sheet 27/07/05 to 31/07/05

Crime Sheet 27/07/05 to 31/07/05


Between 2010hrs 29/07/05 & 0700hrs 30/07/05

Burglary Other


Unknown offenders gained entry by smashing the glass panel out of the rear door. Two bins located either side of the rear door were used to stand on to get inside the building. Approx 130 golf clubs and two golf bags were stolen. Exit the same as entry.


Between 2300hrs 30/07/05 & 1000hrs 31/07/05

Theft from Motor Vehicle


Ip called to state that vehicle had been broken into on the driveway The IP states they checked the car around 10:00 hrs this morning and the car stereo had been stolen. The offender had gained access via the front passenger door. 


Between 1350hrs & 1355hrs 29/07/05



2 men approached the Ip who was in the rear yard and claimed to be from the water board, stating that they had to turn the water off as there was a leak. Offender distracted Ip and stole £200 in cash.


At 1316hrs 08/07/05



Phone box broken into and cash box stolen


Between 2130hrs 22/07/05 & 0915hrs 23/07/05



Unknown offenders knocked the IP's wall down

If you have any information in relation to any crime. Please contact the Watch Office on 01304 218151 or ring Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 You do not have to give your name and you maybe eligible for a reward.

To Report suspicious incidents and problems you cannot resolve yourself 01303 850055


To report crime that has happened to you and the offenders have gone 01303 289134

If you would like to help with Neighbourhood Watch or would like to know more about what is involved, you can contact the Neighbourhood Watch & Parish Liaison Office at Dover Police Station on 01304 218151

Mini motos guide

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There is growing concern about the problem of mini motorbikes being used on roads, pavements and in other places that cause disturbance and are dangerous to others.

Although marketed as 'toys', mini motos can reach speeds of up to 60mph and there have been fatalities and serious injury as a result of accidents.

The Home Office has provided the following guidance in connection with the use of:

• petrol driven mini motorbikes

• go-peds

• electric and petrol driven scooters

• some off-road motorbikes

Q: Where can mini motos be used legally?

A: On private land only with the direct permission of the landowner. In the case of parks and forests, the landowner will be the local council.

Q: What other rules apply to the legal use of mini motos?

A: A responsible adult must supervise a rider under 16. The rider should also wear an approved crash helmet (either e-marked or kite-marked).

Q: Can they be used on the road?

A: Only if the rider is over 16, has a driving licence and the vehicle is taxed and insured. They cannot be used on a footpath or cycle route under any circumstances.

Q: If someone is riding a mini moto illegally and causing a danger or nuisance to others, what can be done?

A: Police have a number of courses of action they can take depending on the circumstances:

• following a warning, the bike can be seized by the police (it will cost £120 to have the vehicle returned)

• police officers and police community support officers (PCSOs) can issue a fixed penalty of £80 nuisance behaviour

• the rider can be prosecuted under road traffic law and if found guilty, fined and receive points on their licence (if the rider is too young for a driving licence, the offence will be kept on file and the points deducted when the licence is issued)

• illegal or nuisance use of the bikes can be used to form evidence for an Anti-Social Behaviour Order and Acceptable Behaviour Contract.

As a first course of action, police will always try and reach a voluntary solution with the parents of any children misusing the bikes.

Parents are encouraged to make sure there is somewhere safe and within the law for their children to use the bikes before they buy them.

For more information contact:

Be vigilant to keep your area safe

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Crime figures for South East Kent continue to fall but residents must not become complacent.

These figures are very encouraging and some of this is attributed to the hard work and vigilance of 
Neighbourhood Watch. 

Having said that, some of our neighbouring areas have not been so fortunate and four areas particularly have suffered from burglaries where antiques have been targeted. 

The type of house is most commonly a detached house and often in a rural position. Entry method varies from either forced door or window to smashed or removed glass. Although there is no evidence of specialisation, clocks, furniture, silverware and chinaware have been taken, either together or separately. 

The offences are most likely to occur during the day, Tuesday to Friday being the key days. The daytime burglaries have been while the IP is out but in two cases the IP has been away on holiday, this may suggest an element of pre-planning and previous surveillance by the offenders. 

Be alert to any suspicious callers touting for antiques or strangers paying particular attention to a property? To make our area tight and secure and residents must be very vigilant. 

Please remember to make sure that your property is security marked and can if possible take pictures of items of value, whether sentimental or monetary. 

Take digital photos and put them on a CD so that you can hand the disk to either the Police or Insurance Company if you became a victim. 

If you don’t own a digital camera ask a friend or a member of the family to take a photo for you.

Jobs go at East Kent Airport

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Workers at Manston were told today (1 August) that 127 jobs are to go at Kent International Airport following the collapse of EUjet and its parent company PlaneStation last week. The redundancies are to take place immediately.

The administrators said they were unable to maintain insurance cover for any type of aircraft activity and all flights, including freight have been grounded.

Only a skeleton staff would remain to ensure the airport stayed operational while efforts continued to find a buyer.

The future of EUjet and its employees is being handled by an administrator from the Republic of Ireland.

Rail firms battle for high speed Folkestone line

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The firm which runs the Hong Kong Metro and a UK train company have submitted a bid to take over the rail franchise for the south east of England including services to Folkestone Central and West stations.

GNER, which runs the East Coast Main Line franchise, and Hong Kong firm MTR have joined forces under the name Great South Eastern Railway (GSER). MTR and GNER are expected to compete against three other bidders - Danish State Railways, FirstGroup and a consortium of Go-Ahead Group and Keolis.

The franchise covers trains throughout Kent, parts of Sussex and Surrey and into London from those counties. The successful company is also set to run high speed services on the new Channel Tunnel Rail Link from 2008 or 2009. The high speed services will cut journey times from Folkestone Central and West to London to under an hour, running to London St Pancras.

The Strategic Rail Authority (SRA) stripped French-owned Connex of its franchise in June 2003, stating poor financial management as the reason. It was replaced five months later by South Eastern Trains, a subsidiary of the SRA.

The Rail Maritime and Transport Union (RMT) has said it would like the area's trains kept under public sector control, arguing reliability has improved.

Criminals going unpunished across South East Kent warns Michael Howard

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Folkestone and Hythe MP Michael Howard today expressed concern at new local crime statistics published by the Home Office.

It is claimed the figures show that more criminals are going unpunished across South East Kent. The detection rate for Burglary, Robbery and car break-ins has fallen in the last year.

Michael Howard declared, “We already knew that alcohol-fuelled violent crime is rising. But worse, we can now see that fewer criminals are being punished for their crimes. Muggers, burglars and thieves are getting away scot-free with their actions, and their victims are not seeing the justice they want and deserve.

“Recent figures now show an alarming 4 out of 5 burglars and muggers are escaping justice and that 19 out of 20 car break-ins go unpunished. It is clear that these figures are unacceptable.�

Ambulance fund's dressing down pay off

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Shepway Council staff raised £210 for the Kent Air Ambulance Trust when they ‘dressed down’ on Friday (21 July) and paid £1 to wear their jeans to work.

The fund-raising effort was organised by benefits officer Dawn Harvey.

“I did it because I lost a friend of mine to cancer on July 25 2001 - Bob Coltart, the lead singer of local band The Maroondogs. He was a supporter of the Kent Air Ambulance Trust, made a record to raise money for the Trust and did benefit gigs. So I do this every year around the anniversary of his death to raise money for the charity that he supported, and also as a tribute to him.� said Dawn.

Roll up for the Capel le Ferne boot fair ***CANCELLED***

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Sticky problem for local shoppers

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The sticky problem of discarded chewing gum was brought to the attention of shoppers in Folkestone town centre recently when Shepway District Council and the Clean Kent Campaign took to the streets with The Great Gum Gamble. 

Shoppers were asked to take part in a competition, by chewing a piece of gum and putting it on a numbered square to try and pick the lucky square.

But there was a serious message behind the competition.

“It costs around £150m a year for local councils across the country to clean chewing gum off the streets. The idea behind the competition was to make people aware of this and ask them to dispose of their chewing gum correctly, in a litter bin,� said Alison Wood, Environmental Education Officer for Shepway Council

“Most people were shocked to learn that chewing gum never breaks down and has to be removed with a special cleaning machine.�

One year on and lift has still not moved

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It is now exactly one year since the original Leas Lift step water carriage of 1890 was finally brought back home after spending the past 19 years at the Dover Transport Museum.

It was gently lifted over the booking hall by a giant crane and placed back onto the track watched by Robert Mouland who paid for its removal back to Folkestone.

Shepway District Council has agreed in principle to include the cost of its restoration in a heritage lottery bid as a reminder to future generations of Folkestone's Victorian transport.

But the lottery bid was not followed up by the council and the lift car is slowly rotting away at the base of the leas cliff.

Robert is still pressing the council to restore the car but without lottery cash the project seems doomed.

Shepway Director of Customer and Commercial Services, Jonathan Lund writing to Mr Mouland in April 2005 explained that as a result of difficult circumstances for the Council last year, the staff who would have been assigned to the project for lottery funding for the lift were assigned to other 'priority projects'.

The letter continues that the Council will be looking at whether it can press ahead with the funding application in this financial year.

Lord Radnor has written to Mr Mouland saying he personally is aware the water lift is a unique feature.

In 1966 eleven people were hurt when a step water carriage crashed . It was reported at the time to have been due to "an error of judgement o­n the part of the brakeman"