Police Chief claims county is one of safest to live

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Kent is one of the safest places to live in the country despite a rise in the number of violent crimes being reported, a police chief has said.

Dep Chf Cons Jim Barker-McCardle said the rise was partly due to a rise in domestic violence cases.

He said gun crime, disorder and street robberies are down, while domestic violence cases are up by around 3,000.

Eurotunnel scoops top award

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Eurotunnel has scooped o­ne of the travel industry's top awards.

At the Guardian and Observer Travel Awards 2004, Eurotunnel was named Best Train Company. Anne Leva, group community affairs manager, collected the award o­n behalf of the company at a special ceremony o­n the Greek island of Rhodes.

<P align=justify>The Guardian and Observer Travel Awards are renowned as being o­ne of the best measures of attitudes to the travel industry and are based o­n the experiences of thousands of well-informed consumers. Readers of the Guardian, Observer and Guardian Unlimited (online) voted over a three-week period and were asked to rate the quality of service they received.

<P align=justify>It was a convincing win for Eurotunnel with 74.6%. Presenting the awards to Eurotunnel, the organisers said: "The best way to take a train, it seems, is to drive your car o­n and head underwater."

The awards concluded, "we are proud to be here to honour the best in the industry, and to pass o­n the verdicts of an independent and discerning readership who, in all their various and evolving ways, keep o­n travelling." Daniel Spinath, Eurotunnel's Director, Passenger Division, said:"We are honoured to have been named as the Best Train Company. It's a fantastic tribute from our customers in this, our 10th anniversary year, and recognises the dedication of all our staff in delivering the highest standards of customer service."

Cyril steps down as Chairman

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David Callahan was voted the new Council Chairman at last night's AGM of the Parish Council. (12 May)

He takes over from Cyril Trice who stepped down. Cllr Trice told the Gazette: "I decided I would not put my self up for re election as I was finding it difficult to make it fit in with my home life.

"I have grandchildren staying with me a lot of the time.

"I also wanted to make sure I that I selected a few items that I could do well rather than spread myself to thinly and half do the jobs. I believe the pressure is o­n too few people doing too much so you have the same names keep cropping up at any meeting you go to.

"There is a need for more people to come forward to help with the various tasks if we are going to make Hawkinge a place that people will really enjoy living in, with plenty to do for all age groups.

"I will carry o­n doing my bit. I just say to people go along and join that group or committee they need your help".

New Chairman David Callahan 67, who is also a Shepway District Councillor has lived in the village for 4 years.

Cllr Callahan said: "I retired two years ago and I would now like to give back a little to the village."

"I would like to see the village working together," he said.

Talking about Cyril Trice, he said :"I haven't replaced Cy, I have merely succeeded him. He worked tirelessly for the village."

Carole Newton remains Vice Chairman.

Howard attacks Blair's handling of Iraq crisis

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Folkestone and Hythe MP <TABLE width=150 align=left border=0><TABLE class=lightbg cellPadding=4 width=145><TD class=mcblack align=middle>
Michael Howard
<TD width=5><IMG height=1 alt="" src="" width=5>Michael Howard has highlighted Tony Blair's crumbling credibility, as public and political confidence ebbs over the Prime Minister's handling of the worsening Iraq crisis.

In a powerful attack in the Commons, the Conservative Leader warned that allegations about the abuse of Iraqi prisoners by British troops has triggered "the greatest crisis in Iraq since the war ended" - adding immeasurably to the dangers and difficulties faced by coalition forces.

With Mr Blair under pressure from MPs of all parties to explain why he failed to see an explosive Red Cross report containing the claims of mistreatment of detainees, and with some of his own backbenchers signalling their wish for the early withdrawal of UK forces, Mr Howard told the Premier:

"Of course we are all immensely proud of what British troops are doing in Iraq; but you have failed to give any explanation for why you did not see this crucial report, which was presented to your special envoy, for nearly three months.

"I am afraid the country will conclude that there is no sensible explanation for that fact. Iraq is by far the most sensitive and difficult challenge facing the country. People want to know that their Government has a grip o­n what it is doing and what is going o­n."

Mr Howard seized o­n the fact that although they received the Red Cross report in February, at least four senior ministers - including Mr Blair - claim they did not see the document or knew nothing about it, Mr Howard told the Prime Minister: "How can the people of this country have confidence in you and your government?"

Meanwhile, the Conservatives have called o­n Foreign secretary Jack Straw to publish a classified telegram received from the office of Tony Blair's special envoy in Iraq, Sir Jeremy Greenstock, o­n February 27 - the day after the presentation of the Red Cross document.

In a letter to Mr Straw, his Conservative opposite number Michael Ancram stated: "In order to clear up the o­n-going confusion, it would be helpful if you released the contents of the telegram."

Mr Ancram also tabled Parliamentary questions asking Mr Straw to confirm which office received the telegram and to which other departments and ministers it was distributed.

Folkestone Camera Club annual dinner and awards

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On Friday 7th  May, we held our Annual Dinner and Awards Night which concludes our 2003\2004 photographic season.

It was a very successful evening with our guest speaker, Mrs Yvonne Ward giving us a very interesting talk mostly about her travel experiences.   It was so entertaining, in fact, that you could hear a pin drop and I know we all could have listened to her for a lot longer.   After her speech, we asked  her to present the awards to the winners of the various trophies, which were:-

Len Charles Trophy
(Holiday Task –slides with commentary)
                                         Ian Stone

Peter Heritage Trophy
(Set Subject – Lennon & McCartney Songbook)
                                      Michael ChalK

Reg Walker Trophy
(Best of The Previous Seasons Slides)                   
   Brian Collins

St Aubyns Trophy
(Best Landscape Print)
Marie Laure Stone

Presidents Trophy
 (Best Print at the Annual Exhibition)
David Hughes

Challenge Trophy
 (Highest Scorer in Slides & Prints in all Competitions)
David Hughes


NOVICE   - Norman Sharp
ADVANCED  - David Hughes
NOVICE   - Janet Jeram
INTERMEDIATE  - Charles White
ADVANCED  - Keith Radford

MONOCHROME  - Robert Brisley
NOVICE   - Bill Grudgings
ADVANCED  - David Hughes
MEDIUM FORMAT -  Bryan Mewse
Our next venture will be our annual outing, which is to be to Singleton Open Air Museum in June; we all look forward to an enjoyable day.

The Annual General Meeting will be held o­n 19th  July.

Our new season will commence o­n 13th September at the United Reform Community Hall, Castle Hill Avenue,  Folkestone at 7.45pm.  New members are always welcome,  if interested please phone Mrs Jenny Barraclough (Secretary) 01303 245399, or e mail   
Visit our website at


Folkestone Camera Club meeting 5 May 2004

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On Wednesday 5th  May a friendly ‘Battle’ was fought against Canterbury, Gateway and Deal Camera Clubs at Canterbury,  all competing for the Eurotunnel Trophy.  Mr Clive Tanner, from Tonbridge Camera Club,  a competent and well known judge of all the clubs, assessed the slides and prints (6 of each from each club) giving each a point out of 20.  These points were then totalled to find a winner.

The results were:-

                       1st.   Folkestone       210 points
                       2nd   Gateway          206 points
                       3rd   Deal                 199.5 points
                       4th   Canterbury       195.5 points

Folkestone members present were delighted that we had won – this being the fourth time and second year running. Our President, Jerry Watson, our Chairman, received the Trophy o­n behalf of all the members, from Mr Tammer who gave his congratulations.  It is always good to see other clubs work and the hall was packed with Canterbury members and members from the visiting clubs We all had a very enjoyable evening.

Woman injured in 'dog rage' attack

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A woman has claimed she was head-butted by a man after she criticised the behaviour of the dogs he was walking.

The 53-year-old woman is said to have made the remarks to the dog walker in Hythe o­n Monday.

Kent Police have said the woman suffered a cut lip and that the "dog rage" incident was being investigated.

A police spokesman said a 64-year-old man arrested o­n suspicion of assault occasioning actual bodily harm had been bailed pending inquiries.

South East house prices increase

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<FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: white" face=Arial color=black size=4>SOUTH EAST HOUSE PRICES INCREASE<FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: white" face=Arial color=black size=2>

<FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: white" face=Arial color=black size=2>House prices in the South East have risen by 8.22% in the first quarter of 2004 compared with the same period in 2003, according to the Land Registry.

The average house price in England and Wales has risen from £145,897 to £166,404 since this time last year.

The figures also showed there had been a 12.27% increase in sales, with 243,914 properties changing hands.

Howard's record attacked in Labour Party broadcast

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The Labour party has attacked the political record of Folkestone and Hythe MP and Tory leader Michael Howard in a party political broadcast .

Using the tune of the Simply Red song "If you don't know me by now", the broadcast for the European and local elections o­n June 10 opens with the words: "Michael Howard's CV."

As the band's lead singer , Mick Hucknall, a Labour supporter sings his ballad, the broadcast highlights Mr Howard's ministerial career.

Viewers are told he helped introduce the poll tax after being appointed a local government minister in 1987. The video shows footage of the violent anti-poll tax demonstration in Trafalgar Square in 1990, by which time he had been promoted to employment secretary.

During his two years in this post, unemployment shot up by 1million to 2.6million, the broadcast points out. To undermine Mr Howard further, it reminds the Tory leader that he predicted an economic recovery just five months before Black Wednesday when Britain was ejected from the exchange rate mechanism and interest rates reached 15%.

Within a year of Black Wednesday Mr Howard had been made home secretary. He likes to say that he cut crime during his four years in office, but Labour says he cut police numbers by 1,132 despite pledging to raise them.

A Labour party spokesman said: "Labour has decided to introduce Michael Howard to the electorate, to reveal him as a return to Thatcherism and reinforce the Tories' record in the public mind. The film is a faithful narration of Michael Howard's record."

It is thought the broadcast highlights unease in the Labour ranks because the party never went to the same lengths to attack William Hague and Iain Duncan Smith.


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