Farmers' market continues to grow

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By Jenny Barraclough

After a very busy and successful Capel-le-Ferne Christmas market, January tended to be o­n the quiet side, with many of our stallholders having a well-earned break.

February, however, is now proving to be very fruitful as we have 3 new stalls and a possible 4th coming soon.

Country Store is o­ne of our new stalls, selling everything from dried prunes, butter beans, lentils to sunflower seeds, very healthy ! Our second stall is not quite as healthy but is delicious (as is everything that is not good for you!) which is The Chocolate Drop, selling ‘gorgeous’ home-made chocolates – there was quite a queue around this stall last week, I think the new years resolution of losing weight went straight out the window when customers saw this stall!

Our third o­ne, starts this week (14th) selling Curries in several flavours, and more besides. Haji Baji sell at the Badminton Horse Trials, so that should be a good recommendation.

The 4th new stall will remain a secret at this stage, as it has yet to be confirmed!!!!!!

Do come and visit our market, every Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the village hall, Lancaster Avenue, where you will find an average of 20 stalls per week,, all selling local produce, We also provide refreshments and an o­n-site Post Office (which is useful when you run out of money!)

Telephone Jenny 01303 245399 for further information if required or visit our website



Safety Forum attack on Parish Council

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The following letter has been sent the the Clerk of Hawkinge Parish Council from the Hawkinge Crime and Safety Forum

To Hawkinge Parish Council

The Hawkinge Safety Forum at meetings over the years have requested attending Parish Councillors to bring various village safety problem to the Parish Council, some of which have been dealt with efficiently and promptly. 

There are others that appear to not to have been discussed or been ignored. 

We would like to repeat our concerns officially directly to the Parish Council and receive feedback of the actions being taken.

Please find below a list of items brought to the forums attention. Most of which have been supplied to and discussed with the Hawkinge Partnership their consultants, Shepway District Council and Kent County Council.  

Yours sincerely

Chris Ashman

Chairman HCSF


Village clean up takes off

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The Parish Council are backing the big Hawkinge clean up and have pencilled in the morning of Saturday 8 April as the date when it is hoped the villagers will come out with their brushes, brooms and black bags.

Details have still to be finalised and co-ordinator Cyril Trice is looking for o­ne or two keen people to work alongside him to help organise the event.

Cyril said he was considering splitting the village into areas with teams working together.

It is thought all volunteers would meet either in the village hall or community centre, and afterwards return for refreshments.

Anyone interested in helping Cyril, please ring 01303 893499 or Email

Howard's Way 2 February 2006

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HOWARD'S WAY.... a weekly column from Michael Howard MP

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February 2006

Last week I attended meetings with both the Kent Strategic Health Authority and the Shepway primary Care Trust.

Given the number of well-documented stories in the media of deficits in the National Health Service and the postponement of operations I particularly wanted to know whether these problems affect our own area.

The position seems to be that the East Kent Hospitals NHS Trust does have a significant deficit. It is, however, a deficit that is reducing and may well disappear altogether by the end of the financial year. I was given a categorical assurance that no operations are being postponed for financial reasons. If any readers have experiences which seem to be inconsistent with these assurances please let me know.

Further reorganisation is also on the agenda. It is hardly surprising that many people in the NHS are suffering from reorganisation fatigue.

The last eight years have seen endless reorganisations and yet more lie ahead. One of the things that is so frustrating is that many of these reorganisations have been introduced to make good the shortcomings of those that went before.

Currently the failure of the Strategic Health Authority is uncertain and the days of the Shepway Primary Care Trust are numbered. This saddens me. When Primary Care Trusts were set up I fought long and hard to make sure that Shepway was treated separately and got its own trust.

Now there is either to be one Primary Care Trust for the whole of Kent or one for East Kent and another for West Kent. Since I believe that decisions affecting the provision of public services should be as local as possible and taken closest to the people who are intended to be the beneficiaries, I am arguing for the two-trust option.

I shall let you know how the argument goes.

Demolish village hall for new health centre

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Dear Ed,

I am not alone in questioning why Hawkinge has a Village Hall and Community Centre in the same location. 

I understand that o­ne reason is that the Village Hall is cheaper to hire and another is an understandable desire by some in the community to hang o­n to what they know and love. 

Here comes the lateral thinking bit...

The Hawkinge Health Centre needs a new site,  a proposal for a plot o­n the Development land behind Lidl is not at all suitable and as we know the Mill Lane proposal was turned down.

Why not replace the Village Hall and Car park with a nice new Health Centre and utilise the triangle of land behind the Community Centre for parking (for both amenities)?.  Would this not benefit the heart of Hawkinge ?   Perhaps a new Youth Hall could be considered o­n the site of the existing Health Centre using the funds the Council will raise from current sale of another Hall.

Just food for thought and no doubt some will be appalled by the thinking but we are a fast growing community (estimated around 7000 in three or four years) and an efficient Health Centre will benefit everyone. 


Howard's Way 9 February 2006

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HOWARD'S WAY.... a weekly column from Michael Howard MP

<IMG height=195 hspace=10 src="images/michaelhoward3.jpg" width=130 align=right vspace=10 border=0>9 February 2006

The last two weeks have been pivotal in the debate on freedom of speech.

This freedom is fundamental to the kind of society we live in. It is fundamental to our democracy. It should be limited only when there is an overwhelming case for doing so.

That is why, last week, I voted against the Government’s proposals top introduce a new offence of incitement to religious hatred. Religious debate must be uninhibited. We must be allowed to criticise other people’s beliefs. So I was delighted that the Government lost the vote on two crucial amendments, particularly since they were unable to point to any conduct which would be prohibited by the new law which was not already covered by existing legislation.

I accept that there should be some limits to freedom of expression. The most obvious are incitement to violence, including murder. These are, of course, already offences under our criminal law.

But the law must be applied even-handedly. That is why I agree with the call by David Davis, the Shadow Home Secretary, for prosecutions to follow last weekend’s march to protest against the publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed which were offensive to many Muslims. These cartoons which originated in a Danish newspaper, were shown by the BBC though not by any British newspaper. Those who were offended by them had every right to protest peacefully.

But some of the banners on display at the march went well beyond peaceful protest. It is difficult to see them as anything other than incitement to violence. As such they have rightly been condemned by Muslim leaders and are, I am sure, regarded as abhorrent by the vast majority of British Muslims.

It is difficult to see how confidence in our criminal justice system can be maintained if the police do not take action. Unfortunately, some of the recent pronouncements of Sir Ian Blair, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, have not enhanced his reputation.

I hope it will not be further damaged by failure to take action over the events of last weekend.

Dog poo bins in motion

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Dear Caroline,

Re: Achieve a cleaner village

I applaud your efforts.  I attended the Parish Council Meeting last night (8th Feb) and was delighted to learn that through the Partnership and Parish Council funds have been approved to provide around 20 Dog Poo bins around Hawkinge (similar to those in Sandgate) which I understand Shepway will maintain.

In addition the Parish  Council is promoting a "Clean Up" the village day for the Spring.

Two commendable initiatives which all residents should be pleased with and support.

The Council feel that children should not be involved in the "Clean Up" day o­n grounds of safety.

I wonder if this is wise as with proper supervision and equipment (Gloves/Litter sticks) the local school children might well be pleased to be involved


Folkestone Camera Club meeting 8 February 2006

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8th February2006

On Monday 30th January we had a showing of the Clay Cross National Slide Exhibition with a very good commentary. 

This years selection of pictures (a collection of 300 slides) from photographers all over the U.K. had a varied selection of subjects but all astounding work. These slides were from very experienced photographers and the standard is very high. 

They gave us an insight into the results we could achieve, and the majority showed how good lighting (especially early morning) can make a photograph come alive - certainly food for thought. 

This Monday 6th February, we had our first A/V (audio visual) competition. It was decided to add this as another competition as so many of our members are working with digital now, which make A/V so much more accessible with such good software available – I won’t say easier, as it is still a challenge. We had 12 entries some with commentary and all with music which made it a very enjoyable evening. 

The audience did the judging and voted Melanie Chalk joint winner with :Barcelona Grafitti’, and Bob Brisley with ‘New York’.

At a recent ‘Battle’ of slides and prints, with Gateway, Tovil and Deal Camera Clubs, judged by Mr Richard Walton FRPS EFIAP MPAGB BPE3*, the results were:- 1st DEAL 281 marks 2nd FOLKESTONE 274 marks 2nd TOVIL 274 marks4th GATEWAY 260 marks which was a very close thing and a very enjoyable evening, it is always good to see other clubs work. 

We have another ‘Battle’ soon, when we can always hope to win! 

Visit our web site at where you can view our programme of meetings and also view some of our members work. 

Our meetings are held at the United Reform Community Hall, Castle Hill Avenue, Folkestone o­n Mondays at 7.45pm. 

New members are always welcome, if interested please phone Mrs Jenny Barraclough (Press Officer) 01303 245399. E mail:  

Cycles stolen

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Neighbourhood Watch have reported the following thefts of bicycles.

A green LeToy cycle and a grey Diamond Back cycle were stolen from the garden shed of a property in Benson Lane, Hawkinge o­n Friday morning, 3rd February.

A lot of hot air

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There was an extremely good turn out for the February meeting; it was very nice to see so many members who had come to see Hettie Quinn demonstrating her sugar craft skills.

Hettie made it all look so very easy and whilst talking to us and answering the many questions raised by the ladies she showed us the procedure for making sweet pea flowers. A delightful demonstration was enjoyed by all.

At the start of the meeting birthday greetings were accorded to Mesdames Leonard, Matthews, Allen, Gent and Allard. Then the business section proved to be rather long as the contentious issue of the introduction of a national magazine needed to be aired (some of the air rather hot I might add!).

The committee also wanted to inform everyone of the various outings that will take place this year; we have a trip to a bakery planned for June and in September will visit St Paul’s Cathedral (by coach, with a guided trip of the cathedral and lunch in The Cheshire Cheese restaurant).

What with the Annual Council Meeting taking place in April (at the Leas Cliff Hall in Folkestone, the speaker being Rt Hon Ann Widdicombe MP) and various trips to our fellow institutes to celebrate their birthday meetings it is a busy year.

Once Hettie had finished her demonstration, it was time for tea and a chance to look at all the beautiful sugar craft exhibits she had brought along, also time to get names down for the various trips being planned and to vote o­n the monthly competition of “An Unusual Pair of Earringsâ€?, Barbara Pemble was the winner.

The next meeting will take place o­n Tuesday, 7th March, starting at 2pm in the Village Hall. o­n Saturday, 11th March at 10am in the village hall we will hold our first Jumble Sale of the year, why not come along and find a bargain, have a go o­n the Tombola (there are always excellent prizes to be won) or just pop in for a cup of coffee – we would love to see you there!

For more information please contact the Secretary o­n 863146.

Linda Barnes