Latest crime reports 07/03/05 to 13/03/05

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COUNTRY EYE - NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH Crime Sheet 7/3/05 to 13/3/05

Crime Sheet 07/03/05 to 13/03/05


Between 1800hrs 09/03/05 & 0745hrs 10/03/05



Appears that overnight the offside rear tyre has been slashed. 1 cm gash in side of tyre. Looks like a knife or similar has been used.


Between 2100hrs 09/03/05 & 0745hrs 10/03/05



IP's car has had a puncture hole made to the driver's side rear tyre.


Between 2330hrs 09/03/05 & 0830hrs 10/03/05



IP reports that his front driver's side tyre has been slashed.


Between 0001hrs 06/03/05 & 1352hrs 10/03/05

Attempted Burglary


Ip went into the rear of the rear garden to get some water from the tap upon doing this the Ip noticed that the rear door and locking device was badly damaged.


Between 1800hrs 09/03/05 & 1600hrs 10/03/05



Informant has returned home from work & has found that the two o/s tyres have been slashed with an u/k implement.


Between 1830hrs 09/03/05 & 0800hrs 10/03/05



The Ip parked vehicle in the street and states that alerted the Ip that damage had been done to a tyre on her vehicle.


Between 0100hrs & 0700hrs 12/03/05

Theft from Motor Vehicle


Driver parked at the location at 2000hrs 11/03/2005 and the vehicle was in order he then went to sleep in his cab and at approx 0100hrs he checked the vehicle again and was still in order. At 0700hrs he again checked the vehicle and found the damage and the spare wheel missing.


Between 2300hrs & 2318hrs 12/03/05



IP heard banging from outside. He looked out the window and saw a group consisting of about 8 males and 2 females and one male was kicking his vehicle. The IP went outside and the group made off in the direction of Mill field. Witness, gave description of offender. Male White 16yrs 5ft 7� slim build short hair. LIGHT COLOURED HAIR DARK HOODED TOP CARRYING A CARRIER BAG.
The offender had kicked the offside wing mirror so that it was hanging off, scratched the front offside wing and damaged the rear offside window trim.

If you have any information in relation to any crime. Please contact the Watch Office on 01304 218151 or ring
Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 You do not have to give your name and you maybe eligible for a reward.

To Report suspicious incidents and problems you cannot resolve yourself 01303 850055


To report crime that has happened to you and the offenders have gone 01303 289134
If you would like to help with Neighbourhood Watch or would like to know more about what is involved, you can contact the Neighbourhood Watch & Parish Liaison Office at Dover Police Station on 01304 21815 Neighbourhood Watch Neighbourhood Watch

Howard car vandalised

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Folkestone and Hythe MP and Tory leader Michael Howard's wife Sandra has been the victim of vandals in her husband's constituency.

Her 17-year-old Fiat Panda has been vandalised and will probably be written off after being parked at Westenhanger station, near Folkestone racecourse.

Mrs Howard, 64, arrived yesterday morning (13 March) to collect the car. She found every window had been broken and the tyres slashed.

The driver's door had been smashed in and all the wiring ripped out from around the steering wheel. The car had been shunted and a traffic cone had been stuffed through the rear window.

Mrs Howard contacted the police, who removed the wreckage.

This is not the first time Mrs Howard has been a victim of crime. In 2002 she had her engagement ring wrenched from her finger by muggers in Pimlico, Central London.

Kent police confirmed they were assisting British Transport Police but pointed out that car crime in south-east Kent was falling.

Council receives extra cash to fight anti social behaviour

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Dover District Council is to receive a  further £20,000 Home Office funding to boost its vital work in the community to stamp out anti-social behaviour.

The cash is being spent on a series of promotional material, including a leaflet aimed at the district's youth, and further monitoring equipment to increase the Dover Anti-Social Behaviour Unit's capacity to investigate allegations.

Dover District is one of 50 TOGETHER anti-social behaviour Action Areas across the country.

Action Area status is recognition by the Home Office of Dover District Council's leading work to stamp out anti-social behaviour. The Home Office stated that the Actions Areas were set up to help set standards for the rest of the country to follow.

Cllr Mrs Julie Rook, Cabinet Member for Citizenship said: 'We are delighted at this further recognition of all the hard work that we are doing with the community to tackle anti-social behaviour together. This will provide practical support to the Unit and enable us to promote awareness of this work and our ongoing commitment to improve the quality of life for residents of and visitors to the district.'

Man hunted after two women assaulted

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A man who attacked two women in Folkestone on 4 March, is being hunted by police.

The man approached the 17-year-old woman, who was with a friend, and made a sexual suggestion but was rejected.

Police said he punched her in the face, knocked her down and kicked her and then attacked her friend in Church Street.

Officers said the man was small and aged 19 or 20 and wore a green jacket.

Kicked out by Magpies' boot

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Hawkinge 1 v Magpies 1

Penalty shoot out Magpies 4 Hawkinge 3

By Cyril Trice

On paper Hawkinge should have won this one, but with the Magpies going one up in the first 10 minutes it meant the home team and to fight back to get on even terms.

Encouraged by an early goal after the interval five minutes into the half Aidan Ashton equalized but although the village team dominated the play they failed to find the winning goal.

With their backs to the wall, the Magpies defended well around the goalmouth and thwarted all attempts by Hawkinge to score the winner.

The match ended at one each after ninety minutes and the nerves began to build for the penalty shoot out.

Hawkinge were first to miss with a shot fired wide, but the home side made it all square by saving a shot. With Hawkinge having the fifth shot to keep it level the Magpies goal keeper managed to get an outstretched foot to the ball and saved it, giving them the win.

The Hawkinge Giant - picture

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Soon to be exhibited in the Hawkinge Community Centre

The Little and Large Show with Parish Councillor Cyril Trice standing next to the Giant in the Spitfire Leisuredrome.

Urgent action needed against Hawkinge vandals

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Dear Mr Howard,

Following yet ANOTHER incident last night (12 March) in Hawkinge involving violent mindless youths I feel that URGENT attention is needed to deal with the problem.

Our car and two of our neighbours vehicles were vandalised as a gang of around 12 youths came by in a pack, destroying anything to hand and shouting obscenities.

The police were fantastic and arrived promptly, but are almost powerless to prevent this now regular occurrence. The local TESCO EXPRESS has become an almost NO GO area in the evenings and our children are frightened to leave the house alone. The police tell us that there were no less than SIX similar incidents in the village last night alone!

I say 'village' but Hawkinge is now a mini-town, with more plans in the pipeline to expand, and the ever increasing housing estates desperately need a police presence to stop an escalation of this nightmare.

I have seen smaller communities with their own police station, and it should definitely be considered along with a curfew of some sort? After 10pm at night these mindless thugs wreck property, disturb the peace and totally terrorise the neighbourhood!

My 13 year old and 9 year old twins can not even stand by their front door or driveway without being verbally abused!

It really has reached a point where you will have vigilante groups dealing with these youths themselves in a desperate attempt to protect their properties and maintain the right to walk freely in the village without fear of abuse and violence.

We pay £1500 a year in Council Tax for our house just to have our bins collected once a week, and for the poor under resourced and powerless police to waste valuable time on these vile thugs that give teenagers a bad name. 

Hawkinge youth vandalism is fast becoming a problem that politicians and the police will soon have no control over if ignored much longer. I work at a Secondary School in Folkestone where daily I witness the abuse of teachers and the destruction of the rights of the majority to learn because of the actions of these pathetic wasters.

The biggest kept secret in this country is the state of discipline within schools which spills over in to our communities. The true picture of life within british education is a sad and shameful o­ne, with schools powerless to control these kids with paltry sanctions and often little support from parents of perpetrators.

You need to give power back to the police, the courts and the reasonable law abiding adults. The Children's Act was designed to protect vulnerable children but has succeeded in breeding a culture of youths who know that they can get away with anything-

What about an Act of parliament to protect us and our property?

Mrs Michelle Hill

Howard in the firing line

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After Folkestone and Hythe MP and Tory leader Michael Howard claimed his revitalised party was dominating the political agenda and forcing Labour on the run, Government "big guns" launched a scathing attack on his leadership.

Mr Howard had claimed Conservatives were now making the political weather over immigration, hospitals, schools and taxes and at the Tory spring forum in Brighton. He said that the party's fortunes had left Labour "rattled" and desperate to cling to power at all costs.

But Environment Secretary Margaret Beckett launched her attack on the Tory leader saying he was an opportunist who would make a "disastrous" Prime Minister.

She branded him a "man of straw" who was more interested in bad headlines for Tony Blair than in strong security for the country.

The Labour attack continued when Cabinet minister Peter Hain accused Mr Howard of endangering national security for the sake of party advantage.

"What we have here is Michael Howard in his normal shameless way trying to claim some kind of credit out of what has been a pretty humiliating defeat," he told BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

"Michael Howard's whole position is putting at risk serious anti-terrorism legislation and therefore the security of the country."

Have you lost a ferret?

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A white ferret has been found in the village today (12 March).

If you are the owner or know the owner please contact Kim on 07854427794.

Date set for supermarket planning application

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The plans for the Lidl supermarket in Hawkinge will be put before the
Development Control Committee of Shepway Council later this month.

In May 2004 the District Council turned down the plans for the supermarket in
Hawkinge o­n the grounds that they considered it would be too big for the needs
of the village, and would take trade away from supermarkets in Folkestone and
beyond. They also considered it would result in increased traffic to the area.

It never went before the Development Control Committee as the decision was taken
by Shepway Council officers.

Following a second application in October 2004 Hawkinge Parsh Council approved
the plans for the supermarket to be built o­n land adjacent to Haven Drive and
Spitfire Way.

Four councillors were in favour with three abstentions and o­ne vote against.
Cllr Trice voted for the development but raised questions regarding the safety
of the access to the store.

The plans were passed to Shepway Council to be heard, this time by the
Development Control Committee and a decision will be made at the meeting o­n 22
March 2005, nearly five months after the plans were voted through for approval
by the Parish Council.

Planning application number: Y04/0215/SH