'Someone will get hurt or killed'

Contributed by editor on Jan 26, 2005 - 11:54 AM


Dear Ed

I agree, the council must do more, I have to take my son from Pannell Drive to the village school. 

No safe route at all, maybe our MP, should take an interest into our safety and not his own ambition.

I think Sarah Haywood is right, someone will get hurt or killed before something is done..


Is the Council waiting for someone to get KILLED before they act?

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Dear Ed

Once again I have taken both mine and my two young daughters' lives in my hands and walked them to school this morning. 

On approaching the roundabout at the entrance to the Churchill School, I noticed other mothers standing well away from the edge of the road where they intended to cross, as they watched in horror at cars literally sliding sideways towards the roundabout, cars that could very easily have mounted the pavement and hit a child. 

I am SO angry that we go through the same routine every year. Why can't we at least have a gritting bunker by the entrance to the school? 

I said the same last year, and I apologise for repeating myself, but very soon I will simply not bother taking my children into school when the roads are like this.

It seems that a lot of people are complaining but are we being heard? Our councillor needs to sort this out NOW for the sake of the safety of our children.

Sarah Hayward (Pannell Drive)

Skid row in Hawkinge

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Hawkinge residents have once again been let down by local Government after gritting lorries apparently bypassed the village following snowfalls on Tuesday.

Jennie Carter, Head Teacher at the Churchill School in Haven Drive, said on Wednesday morning: "Once again the road outside the school is a sheet of ice after gritting lorries have failed to put in an appearance.

"I've contacted Shepway Council about the situation but they said it was down to Kent County Council as it decides which roads should be gritted.

"it's not just Haven Drive either: Aerodrome Road has also been missed out and that's the main school bus route.

"How do they expect children to get to school safely in these conditions? The snow was predicted and expected and not particularly heavy but still the county appears to have been unprepared."

Mrs Carter got onto Shepway Council chairman Peter Smith, who is also a Governor at the school, to see if anything could be done to remedy the situation.

Chairman of Hawkinge Parish Council. David Callahan, said: "The roads were already in a treacherous state last night (Tuesday) and I was unable to get to a meeting.

"This morning the whole village appears to be like an ice rink. I will be chasing this up to find out why the roads were not gritted.

"As far as I'm aware Shepway Council IS responsible for gritting the roads through their sub-contractors Streetscene."

But according to Cllr Smith the ultimate responsibility lies with the County Council. He said: "I've been in touch and it's not just Hawkinge that's been missed out but other parts of the county too.

"The official excuse, as far as I can tell, is that they've run out of grit which is a bit ironic considering that the pressure's on to build more houses and more roads in this area.

"If the county doesn't have enough grit now to cope with one little snow flurry how on earth will it manage when all these new houses are built that the Government is demanding?"

Residents also expressed their disgust at the slow response to the cold weather, which had been predicted by forecasters. One villager, who managed to make it to the local shops, said: "I just can't understand it - one little bit of snow and everything grinds to a halt."

Anti Social Behaviour Unit success

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The new Anti-Social Behaviour Unit in Dover, which includes a seconded police officer from South East Kent Police, has resolved more than 70% of cases in its first three months.

Cllr Mrs Julie Rook, Cabinet Member for Citizenship, said: "We are delighted at the results from the first three months of the Anti-Social Behaviour Unit. 

"This success is a tribute to the hard work of the Unit and demonstrates how the Council is working to address key issues in the area to promote pride and make a real difference to quality of life for people in the district."

If you are a victim of anti social behaviour, or want to report an incident, you can contact the Unit confidentially on 01304 872220.

Hawkinge Community Safety Forum Minutes 13th January 2004

Contributed by ChrisAshman on Jan 25, 2005 - 02:12 PM


Minutes of Meeting 3pm 13th January  2004 at Hawkinge Community Centre

1. Introductions.  Present:Chris Ashman (Chairman), Ian Norman (Hawkinge Community Warden), Jean McGill (Vice Chair), Sally Coleman (Parish & NHW Liaison Officer), Brian Marshall, Deirdre Lawton,  Deirdre Ferguson & Jan Doyle (The Hawkinge Partnership) Cllr. Ian Smith, Cllr. David Callahan, Don Veale.

2. Apologies: Terry Scott (Hawkinge Gazette), Perry Hayward, PC Trevor Moody, Jackie & Martin Ide (Hawkinge Community Newsletter).

3. Minutes of last meeting.  Signed by Chairman

4. GuestsHCSF welcomed Hawkinge Partnership Manager Deirdre Ferguson who introduced the work of the Partnership Theme Leaflets “Crime & Community Safetyâ€? to all.  Discussion took place reference theâ€? pros and consâ€? of HCSF becoming a direct Sub-Group of the Hawkinge Partnership. The vote of the Forum present was “forâ€?.An event for villagers and groups interested in forming sub-groups will be held at the Village Hall from 2.30 to 8pm o­n 27th January 2005. Further information 01303 852321.

5. Open Forum - Matters Arising.  Brian thought there should be more public awareness of Confidence Tricks and Scams by phone, email, letter and personal callers. Discussion about nuisance phone calls was also brought up. Sally Coleman said she would supply a document discussing the subject and that there were various preference services available to prevent the mass of cold calls, junk mail and pamphlet drops.

6. Partnership Event - HCSF will join Neighbourhood Watch and Ian Norman (Hawkinge Community Warden) o­n a stand to present and inform visitors of safety facilities/services availability and plans for the future enhancement for the village. Hawkinge Delivery Plan will be o­n Display See also Item 4.

7. Safety in the Local Lanes Don Veale told us of his concerns about traffic and the reality of living at a local accident black spot. The dangers to horse riders in the lanes around the village, particularly Gibraltar Lane, Elvington Lane, Colegate Lane and Arpinge. Signs needed. KCC Rights of Way Hazards Chairman to write to Highways Authority and invite representative to next forum.

8. LettersNone received – noted as in our previous letter to authorities that Tesco are still causing obstruction problems o­n A260 at peak usage times.

9. Reports from Neighbourhood WatchSally Coleman having been consulted throughout the forum had nothing else to add. The NHW Executive for Hawkinge is Peter Brun. Misspelled in previous minutes

10. Reports from CouncillorsConsents have been given for various projects including a pub o­n the employment land opposite school, Go ahead for completing the link road and next phase of housing. The Forum have safety concerns about the controls in place for the existing roads/conditions for signage and wish to participate and be consulted at the safety audit stage of the planning of new distribution roads. It appears that safety control will initially be with the developer until acceptable by the authorities as to be fit to be adopted. Chairman to write to Jeff Stack SDC. New EU recycling rules to be adopted – discussion at future forum when safety impact understood. Hawkinge now in a situation of Doctor and Dentist shortage with no funds for or support for a Health Centre. Village car park now under control of Hawkinge Parish Council who’s chairman welcomes villagers proposals for future use and paving ideas for the benefit of the village. The untidy and dangerous cement blocks at the back of the Car Park are the responsibility of the Community Centre/ Village Hall committee (those walking or parking beware) Crosskeys coaches are unable to change their pattern of student pick-up and drop suggested by the Forum due to restrictions route and timetable o­n bussing routes.  o­ngoing consultation about speed restriction changes o­n A260 which is unlikely to be de-trunked to relieve village traffic as the proposed by-pass will be unsuitable as planned. Trucks are still directed from the A2 direction via Hawkinge to the Channel Tunnel.  From April 2005 SDC will no longer be responsible for Highways as KCC take the service back into house including staff and contractors. “To take advantage of closer links with Parish and Town Councilsâ€?

11. Report from Community WardenIan gave a full breakdown of crime figures. 2003/2004 Mostly showing deceases in figures but notably Burglary, Shoplifting, Pedal cycle Theft and Violence Against the Person o­n the increase. The Forum were particularly unhappy with the last result as it did not separate figures for Violence Outside the Home & Domestic Violence which we believe to be the majority of the number. Anti Social Behaviour not mentioned. Criminal Damage has decreased but the Hawkinge Partnership papers indicate that Criminal Damage, Anti Social Behaviour and Domestic Violence increased during 2003/2004. Ian was asked for more details at the next meeting. Nuisance caused by youths playing football in inappropriate places is under observation.

12. Any other business. Chris will give Deirdre Ferguson the names of Forum members supporting their stand at the Taking Part – Making Changes event o­n 27th January at the Village Hall.

13. Next Meeting.Thursday 10th March 2005 Churchill School staff room  7pm to 9pm

All villagers and organisations are invited to bring their safety concerns to the forum.


Council Tax rise in-line with inflation

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A value-for-money budget that boosts services and drives out further efficiency savings will keep next year's Council Tax increase for Kent County Council down to 3.7 per cent.

It will mean a band "D" home will be liable for a Council Tax increase of about £1 a week.

Leader of the Council Sir Sandy Bruce-Lockhart said: "We're setting out a Council Tax increase of 3.7 per cent. This has been achieved against a background of further government grant loss away from the south east and has meant close investigation of all council departments to cut administration and overheads and bring forward £32 million in savings.

"An increase of 3.7 per cent is still higher than we would have liked. The government's refusal to use the 2001 Census information, which shows that Kent has more young and elderly people, has cost us £9 million. If they had paid this money that Kent is owed, it would have cut Council Tax by a further two per cent.

"We have been determined to produce a value-for-money budget that makes savings but also invests in the priorities of local people. We have set out a budget for the highest-ever spend on school buildings and on new vocational training centres, as well as new investment in crime reduction measures and community wardens. There is new money for libraries and a 50 per cent increase in funding for village halls, together with more money to enable elderly people to remain in their own homes."

The government grant for Kent increased by £41 million of which £32.4 million goes straight to schools.

Shepway Council have yet to set their Council Tax.

Sellinge no match for Hawkinge stars

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Mick Stapley Memorial Cup 

Hawkinge 9 v Sellinge 0

By Cyril Trice 

This was the match that Hawkinge needed to prove they could score goals, and they didn't let the fans down.

Sellinge were in for a drubbing from the village team in this one sided cup tie.

Hawkinge had the bit between their teeth and were out to prove that they could put the ball in the net and did so time after time.

Eamon Elalam opened the scoring after 10 minutes and followed it up with a goal from the penalty spot after a deliberate hand ball which saw the Sellinge player sent off.

With the away team down to 10 men it was now plain sailing for Hawkinge.

David Chilvers started the rout by scoring for Hawkinge 5 minutes into the second half, followed by Matt Hughes, James Cross, Tom Whelan and a second one from Matt Hughes who was having a much better game.

To add to their woes Sellinge conceded an own goal when Adam Lemar put his name to the score sheet shortly before the referee blew his whistle on this one sided game.

Hawkinge now proceed to the next round of the Mick Stapley Memorial Cup.

Cheap flight fightback by port

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The Port of Dover is stepping up its capacity with two new berths as the ferry industry fights back from competition from “no frills� airlines.

The port carried over 14 million passengers, 2.5 million tourist cars and 128,000 coaches on its ferry routes to Calais, Dunkerque and Boulogne in 2004 and is supporting a campaign to highlight the benefits of travelling by ferry to France, including the convenience of packing and driving your car direct from home to your destination.

“This year we will be operating up to 70 departures a day to the Northern French ports,� said Kate O’Hara, the port’s Head of Commercial and Marketing. “Dover offers the shortest and fastest ferry routes to France and the crossing is viewed by many of our customers as part of the holiday.�

P&O Ferries and SeaFrance operate conventional ferry services to Calais and NorfolkLine to Dunkerque, whilst Hoverspeed operate a Seacat to Calais and SpeedFerries a Seacat to Boulogne.

24 hour drinking poses local concerns

Contributed by editor on Jan 22, 2005 - 01:30 PM


KCC Leader Sir Sandy Bruce-Lockhart is concerned that 24 hour drinking in the county could lead to an increase in anti-social behaviour.

Speaking on the Radio 4 Today programme on the proposed 24-hour opening of pubs and clubs, he said he had a number of concerns.

Sir Sandy welcomed the transfer of licensing from magistrates to local authorities and said: "Councils are responsible for youth and social issues and are democratically accountable to local people.

"Local councils need to be reimbursed in full for this new responsibility of issuing licences and carrying out inspections and enforcement. 

"Most importantly, all of us are concerned if the legislation and extended drinking causes a need for extra policing. It's not good enough for the government to simply respond that the pubs and clubs would pay the cost of extra policing, the real point is that we do not want changes that cause an increase in anti-social behaviour. 

"We also need to watch to see that, in practice, councils have powers not only to refuse licences but also to defend any consequent appeals.

"As Chairman of the Local Government Association I have also asked that we make sure that councils have sufficient powers to reject licence applications where appropriate and to successfully withstand legal appeals."

Bikes are best say pupils

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The results of the Churchill School travel survey shows that a large number of pupils want to cycle to school.

And headteacher Jennie Carter is keen to encourage them to make the journey by bicycle or on foot.

In this week's newsletter she tells parents: "I think it may be time to lobby councillors to provide cycle lanes in time for warmer weather. We might also think about asking the Community Warden to talk about Walking Buses.

"There is also an idea called, Park and Stride, whereby parents drop off at somewhere like the Community Centre and a Walking bus leaves from there. It would save all the congestion at the gate.

The Churchill School Travel Plan can be viewed here