Eurotunnel deeper in debt

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Channel Tunnel operator Eurotunnel has admitted its financial position is "worrying" after its half-year losses ballooned to £82m.

<FONT color=black>Last year the deficit was o­nly £17m and Eurotunnel said its survival hinged o­n talks with its financial and industrial partners.

<FONT color=black>Competition has increased for cross-Channel passengers and Eurotunnel saw the number of cars and coaches using its shuttle service fall by 14% over the past year.

<FONT color=black>Eurotunnel has debts of 6.4bn euros and is struggling to compete on price with the English Channel ferry operators.

Blow for wind farm supporters

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Professor David Bellamy voiced his opposition to plans to build a wind farm o­n Romney Marsh.
<FONT color=black>
David Bellamy and Tory leader Michael Howard are united in opposing the scheme.
<FONT color=black>
The scheme was rejected by the dual planning authorities of Kent County Council and Shepway council with other councils also opposing the plans.

<FONT color=black>Npower still wants to site the turbines o­n the marshland but local protestors say wildlife would be threatened by the scheme


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<FONT color=black>FANTASTIC!

That was how Cllr Peter Smith described the Hawkinge Fun Day on Saturday.

Co- organiser of the event Peter said: " This was success all round, everyone I have spoken to has given me positive feedback. 

"This was the first time the Green by the Community Centre had been used for a village event and I am looking forward doing more, it is a great venue.

"With the Strawberry Teas and the Boot Fair at the Cricket Club, people moved between the different sites and made it a great day. 

"The courtesy bus service was well used and made it easy for villagers to travel to the other events.

"I have already started work planning the next event" said Peter.

Council's improvement recognised

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"Dover is a fair council that has improved substantially in the last three years and is well placed to continue to improve."

This is the official finding of the Audit Commission, an independent Government body, following a week long inspection as part of the Comprehensive Performance Review, which rates all Councils as Excellent, Good, Fair, Weak or Poor.

In their findings they say that: "Until a few years ago, Dover spent beyond its means, was poorly organised and managed, and was providing some key services at severe risk of being considered as 'failing'" … "The positive changes made since then are a great credit to the Council and its staff" … "The Council is effectively led, both politically and managerially."

Leader of Dover District Council, Cllr Paul Watkins said: "We welcome external challenge and will continue to improve services for the people of the District. We are particularly pleased that the Commission acknowledges our low taxing position, which makes our achievement all the more impressive. The Staff and all Councillors have worked hard to turn this Authority around and whilst there is still a lot of work to be done, we are ready for the challenge."

Do you remember me?

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Dear Ed

My name is John Tilly and I now live in Australia. I was born in Folkestone Hospital and lived at 42 Canterbury Road Hawkinge, just up from the then Mile Stone Café, form 1955 to 1972.  

My grandparents Fred and Ada Bilzon lived at Uphill farm, whilst my Auntie and Uncle lived in Rectory Close; they all eventually came to Australia.

I have very fond memories of Hawkinge, but that's about all, unfortunately I have no photographs. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could possibly email me some.

As kids we would play in White Horse wood, ride our home made carts down White Horse Hill and just have great fun. Probably the most exciting time was when the Battle of Britain film was being made.  The aerodrome was a buzz with activity and everything was tidied up, all the air raid shelters were cleaned up new wooden huts erected, it was great.

I  could rattle o­n for ever, but, I don't want to bore you, o­nce again if you could email some pictures I would be greatly appreciative.
I would really love to hear from some village folk.  

He's a few names etc I recall, Stephen Holland, The Hollands ran the butchers shop, Peppins was the news Agents, Andrew Close, Kevin Burns, Kenny Matcham, both these guys came from Millfield estate and went to Hawkinge Primary. 

Tina Follett, Sharon Lynch,  The Ashfords boys, John Alan and David, Their father ran the Taxi service o­n the corner of Areodrome & Canterbury Rd.  Micheal Wisby, lived in Coombe Wood Lane, his father ran the Hardware Shop. The shop next to the Village Hall was the VG then became the SVS both sold supermarket type products, it was run by the Lynch family.

The Woodgates lived near the White Horse pub. The Halletts, Graham and Trevor were real close friends when I was at primary school.

I've lots of great memories that I would love to share with anyone who remembers me.

My eMail address is

Best regards

John Tilly

Hawkinge Community Safety Forum minutes 10 June 2004

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Minutes of Meeting 10th June 2004 at Churchill School

1. Introductions. 

Present:Chris Ashman (Chairman) Jackie Ide (Hawkinge Community Newsletter), Martin Ide, Diedre Lawton, Perry Hayward, Terry Scott (Hawkinge Gazette), Cllr. Dave Callahan, Cllr.Peter Smith, Ian Norman (Hawkinge Community Warden), Sally Coleman   (Parish & NHW Liaison Officer)

2. Apologies:

PC Trevor Moody, Jean McGill (Vice Chair), Jill Heskett, Harry Preston, Jan Doyle (Chair. Hawkinge Partnership). Janet Hutchings, Helen Reed.  Note – Election DayJean James (Secretary) resigned due to personal commitments. Thanks for her help over the past couple of months. (vacancy)

Thanks to Diedre Lawton for her help in scribing notes for these and the previous minutes.

3. Minutes of last meeting. 

Read by all, as they have not been available for previous distribution. Minor error corrected. Accepted. Signed by Chairman.

4. Open Forum - Matters Arising. 

Terry Scott offered the services of the Hawkinge Gazette website to give publicity for the forum and its initiatives.

Ian Norman felt that the HCSF suggestion box in the chip shop should be moved to the Community Centre. Agreed.

Contents for the month handed to Peter for action.

No signage as yet o­n non-adopted roads.

CCTV to be provided by Hawkinge Partnership?

The Forum discussed and agreed that the traffic speed in parts of the village was unacceptable and that it should push for 20mph restrictions o­n residential roads. 

Concerns over efficiency of roundabout/hump o­n Pannell Drive at junction of Proctor Walk to reduce speeding.

Danger to schoolchildren going to and from school area; Aerodrome Rd to Swann Way due to bad planning and absence of footpaths, long grass reducing visibility and hiding possible dangers to walkers, such as broken glass.

Action: Chris to write to SDC, County Member and Hawkinge Parish Council.Previous actions Janet Hutchings’ concern about parking of cars too close to the traffic lights in both Uphill and Harvest Way - Ian Norman said, parking closer than 15 Metres  is not permitted.

Speedwatch – Peter said no Parish Council had taken up the offer maybe the forum could respond.  6 volunteers are required who would have to fund training, insurance and visibility jackets. Sally added that it is very costly.

Jan Doyle’s concern about Sludge o­n roads from Garden Waste Disposal Unit vehicles – Peter has raised this with the relevant authorities Action All - please monitor and report to Peter. 

5. Report From Local Police Officer

PC Moody unable to be present due to Polls in his patch.

6. Report from Community Warden

Ian Norman said there had been trouble and damage in the centre of the village over the weekend but it was not reported until the Monday. – 2 cases of shoplifting -

A stagecoach bus had o­ne of its windows broken – Airgun incident being investigated - Missing wheelie bins being used for criminal activities or burnt by vandals –

Motorcyclists off-road and in cemetery targeted by Police Special Unit. Report incidents to PC Ian Foster o­n 01304 218130 –

Kids blowing up petrol cans in area overlooked by Spence Close, names wanted -

Young peoples secret meeting places being monitored Forum reiterates that there is a need in the village for a safe meeting place for youngsters.

7. Neighbourhood Watch. 

Sally Coleman responded to the apparent lack of reports to coordinators, that if they do not hear anything then it is due to lack of reported crime.

Crimes exist but are not reported - The press reported that National NHW is suffering cutback but this does not affect Local NHW - It should be noted that opportunist crime is at it’s worst at this time of year due to the victims. Of the 8 burglaries reported this week, all were due to insecure premises. (i.e. doors or windows left open) Cover windows in garden sheds. NHW Association meeting at The Police College Maidstone - 19th October 2004 Subject: Roles, Responsibilities and Reassurances. Book through 01622 654026.

8. Reports from Councillors Peter Smith:

The new initiatives at the Alkham Valley roundabout appear to be working, as there have been no more incidents of vehicles finding themselves in the field.

Peter has been working for a 20mph limit outside of Churchill School, but it may not be as simple as first thought. Bus routes and main through roads cannot normally be restricted below 30mph.

David Callahan: A large section of the A260 will become limited to 50mph next year.

There are still concerns about vehicles parked o­n or obstructing the pavement outside shops. I hour parking restrictions still exist o­n the main road.

No other councillors attended.

Recycling to be discussed as an environmental safety subject.

9. Funding 

To be removed from agenda pending our needs

10. July Fair 24th July o­n Green.

The councillors have set budget. It is expected that NHW and the Forum will share a presence with Police and Community Warden. The NHW Caravan to be booked.

11. Any other business. 

The o­ne-Stop will close 3rd July and re-open as Tesco 3rd August.

Terry as a new visitor was asked for his observations. He thought there was a need for more communication between the village and the forum. There may be a need to find a common interest to hang it o­n. His offer to host news from the forum would be just that. The site would not to wish to comment or condone.

Those attending agreed that future meetings will start at 7pm and finish at as close to 9pm as practical.

Discussion required to set the spacing of future meetings although every 1st Thursday in the month was agreed at last meeting.

Chris To set into next agenda

12. Next Meeting. 

15th July 7pm - 9pm.

No meeting in August

2nd Sept. 7pm - 9pm  

Signed o­n behalf of HCSF …………………………………………… Chairman


Team called in to repair hail damaged cars

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<FONT color=#0000cc>

<FONT color=black>An international team has been called in to repair dozens of cars damaged by huge hail stones which fell in a freak storm in Dover.

The hail stones fell during a violent thunderstorm which also led to flash flooding and travel chaos o­n Saturday.

Many of the 140 cars were damaged as they were lined up o­n open forecourts, Dent Wizard International said.

£600,000 worth of tobacco stolen from customs

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<FONT color=#0000cc>
<FONT color=black size=4>£600,000 WORTH OF TOBACCO STOLEN FROM CUSTOMS<FONT color=black>

<FONT color=black>More than 1.2 million cigarettes and almost two tonnes of hand-rolling tobacco were taken from a  warehouse in Dover during a 17-day period.

The thieves haul worth around £600,000 was being stored after the tobacco was seized by customs officers.

Police believe the raiders used "inside knowledge" to target the tobacco.

Cut the red tape and let's see some action

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The first District Council Meeting to be held in the Hawkinge Community Centre saw scores of villagers in the public gallery.

The debate was dominated  by the  grass cutting issue, with Shepway Councillors generally blaming the problem o­n Kent County Council's policy of paying for just two cuts a year.

However when the subject of the 150 metres of grass verge o­n Haven Drive between Aerodrome Road and Pannell Drive councillors put the blame o­n the three developers who are responsible for the land.

They explained that they have been trying to get them to cut the grass but have so far failed. The height of the grass is now affecting the line of sight for vehicles using Haven Drive.

Cllr Anthony Baker, was unhappy about the lack of progress and told the Council to cut through the red tape, mow it themselves, and bill the developers for the work.

Free buses to the Fun Day

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<FONT color=navy>

Anyone wishing to take advantage of the free bus journeys to and from the Hawkinge Fun Day o­n Saturday 24 July should contact the Village Warden for more details

<P align=center><FONT face=Verdana color=navy size=2>Village Warden

Ian Norman

<P align=center><FONT face=Verdana color=navy size=2>07811 271303

<P align=center><FONT face=Verdana color=#000000 size=2>