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Boulogne and back is back...5 February 2003

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The Dover Boulogne ferry route is back after a ten a year break. The announcement by SpeedFerries that it is to re-open has been welcomed by the Dover Harbour Board.

SpeedFerries, in co-operation with Danish ferry company Mols-Linien, expect to start services in early May with the Speed One, a 91-metre catamaran.

The Port of Dover’s Commercial Director, John Turgoose, said: "It will bring a new dimension to the English Channel.

“This will be the largest and fastest catamaran to operate from the Port of Dover crossing to Boulogne in 50 minutes. With a capacity for 200 cars, four coaches and 800 passengers on her five round trips a day, SpeedFerries will bring significant new capacity.

“We are delighted to be able to offer the choice of another route to Continental Europe especially with the re-introduction of the historic link with the attractive town of Boulogne and its new motorway into south west France,� he said.


A new source for Broadband (ADSL)....5 February 2002

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A company in Ashford are providing wireless ADSL(broadband) in Ashford, the are going to provide a service in the Folkestone area in the future.

It may be worth looking at the following site, ok, it is a bit costly but may be our only hope.


Folkestone on line for high speed commuter link....4 February 2003

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The long awaited Strategic Rail Authority (SRA) consultation document on new passenger services for Kent commuters using the Channel Tunnel Rail Link has been published today (4 February).

In it the core option would include two peak hour trains and one off peak train an hour from Folkestone Central both via Ashford, where they would join for the onward journey to St Pancras.

The services could begin as early as 2007.

SRA Chairman, Richard Bowker, said: "The Channel Tunnel Rail Link opens up new travel and employment opportunities for people in Kent, London and beyond.

"This document balances the development of these new opportunities, many of which arise in areas where new housing is expected to be provided, with the need to maintain services for the many thousands of commuters whose route to work is already established."

The SRA aim has been to focus on options that complement existing services between Kent and London, and optimise the use of existing track capacity, improve journey times and service reliability for passengers, and support key regeneration areas. Significant journey-time savings are expected.

But the services come at a cost and an additional public subsidy of £205m over the life of the project would be required to support high-speed domestic services.

The news that Folkestone is included in all six options put forward by the Strategic Rail Authority (SRA) for new high speed passenger services for Kent has been greeted with delight by campaigners.

Cllr Rory Love, Leader of Shepway Council which spearheaded the hard-fought Rail for Folkestone campaign, said: “This is the best possible news we could have hoped for and vindicates all the efforts and resources put into the campaigning and lobbying over the past two years.�

The campaign secured the support of 3,000 businesses, local groups and the district’s residents who pledged backing for the council’s case.

Since the launch of the campaign, the Council has pressed hard to ensure that SRA knew of the significant benefits that high-speed services would bring to the district.

The high-speed service would reduce journey times between Folkestone and London by nearly 45 minutes.



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Michael Howard to get a 'grilling'....1 February 2003

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Local MP Michael Howard will be visiting the Churchill School on 7th March to see the School Council in operation and answer the children's questions.

The forward thinking Churchill School encourages children to speak up for the oppressed and to speak out against wrong doing.

They recognise in each other natural leaders and the School Council system allows those elected to help change the school to a better place.

The questions could be tough and Headteacher Jennie Carter considers Mr Howard to be " A brave man, indeed!"


Local schools in plans for disruptive pupils....30 January 2003

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KCC are aiming to provide more places in special schools for pupils with more complex needs such as behaviour difficulties and autism. The proposals, which recommend significantly expanding five special schools, follow a lengthy review into the provision of special education.

KCC’s Cabinet Member for Education Standards and Pupil Services, Paul Carter said: “We are setting out to provide a more flexible, consistent system of provision which works closely in partnership with mainstream schools and provides more places for specific categories of need where demand is growing."

Under the new proposals this will be the first time Kent will have schools specifically designated for disruptive pupils with learning difficulties.

Three special secondary schools are proposed, including, Swinford Manor School in Ashford and Portal House School in Dover. These will cater for children with severe behaviour, emotional and social development needs

Five special schools which include the Harbour School in Dover will cater for primary and secondary children, with behaviour and learning difficulties.

Secondary pupils with severe communication needs would go to one of four schools – Grange Park in West Malling, Archers Court High School in Dover with its special Aspen II provision, Stone Bay in Thanet and Foxwood School in Shepway which would amalgamate with Highview School.

Locally Dover Whitfield Primary with Aspen I provision, Archers Court High School with Aspen II provision, and Shepway Foxwood School One would cater for children with profound, severe and complex needs.

Mr Carter added: “It is important to remember that these proposals are not yet cast in stone. We will be embarking on a series of public consultations for each special school to ensure that the right decisions are being made for the future of pupils and individual schools.�


Scaffolding comes down from new centre....30 January 2003

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Yes it really does look as if we will be getting the Community Centre..

As the scaffolding was removed, the building dominates the area, rising high above the surrounding homes.

The Hall is scheduled to open in March.


Graffiti vandals may not be locals claims councillor....30 January 2003

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Graffiti which has appeared on the Village Hall may not be down to local youngsters according to councillor and youth worker Peter Smith.

The paint daubed walls were spotted by Peter and he reported it to the police.

Hawkinge has recently been allocated a PC and a Community Warden and Cllr Smith told the Gazette that he is encouraged by the way the scheme is working.

Peter said of the graffiti: "The possibility is that it was done by migrant older people from outside Hawkinge.

"CCTV in Folkestone could mean youngsters move to other areas where there are no cameras.

"I am pressing the authorities for more police time in the area."

Parish Council Chairman John Heasman was disgusted by the latest vandalism.

He said: " I think some of it is absolutely disgusting but what annoys me, is why didn't they ask if they could come and design a mural or something.

"It is a shame as I think there is some talent there which is being wasted".

Hawkinge village has suffered many vandalism and graffiti attacks.

In recent weeks, the Bakers window was smashed, the chip shop suffered the same fate as did the village hall and community centre. Graffiti covers the side of the village hall and shortly after the leisuredrome was painted, graffiti artists were at work on the front of the building.