Hawkinge Football Club - About us

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The newly formed Hawkinge Football club is looking for more players, so if you feel the urge to be a Wayne Rooney or Stanley Matthews, get in touch now!

We want players from six to sixty, boys and girls and seniors too.

There is a coaching session held every Saturday o­n the football ground next to the Hawkinge Cricket Club starting at 10 o'clock.

Contact the chief coach Stuart Davis  07970154886

Chairman of the club is:-

Chris Yianni
18 Embrook Valley
Folkestone CT20 3PT   Tel  01303 248462

Club Secretary

Cyril Trice
21 Demozay Close
Hawkinge                      Tel 01303 893499

<FONT color=red>The Hawkinge Gazette will be publishing the fixtures and results throughout the season

Swingfield Twinning Association Newsletter 1

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<P align=center>Swingfield Twinning Association


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<P align=center>
NEWSLETTER  No 1 August 2004


<P align=center>Colin Tearle (Chairman) 01303 892621

<P align=center>David Bateman (Vice-chairman)

<P align=center>Carol Cunningham (Secretary) 01304 832086

<P align=center>Paul Tatt (Treasurer) 

<P align=center>Heather Bateman – Harry O`Grady

<P align=center>Yvonne Parry – Karen Tatt

<P align=center>Linda Tearle – Graham Truss

<P align=center> 

Dear Member,

This is the first of what we hope will be a regular Newsletter to keep you informed with news and events within the Twinning Association.

The advent of a new Chairman of the French Committee, namely Pascal Clement, brought a request from them for discussions for future twinning arrangements.

As a result of these talks with our Chairman, both committees have ratified the following.

1)      This year’s French visit will be o­n the weekend of 25/26th September.

2)      To continue to have o­ne visit per year each way.

3)      From next year to extend the visits to two nights e.g. Friday/Saturday.

4)      School visits to remain as is, 2005 Selsted visit France. 2006 Aviron visit England

We have arranged that when the French visit us o­n September 25th we have a barbeque at the home of Ann & John Roberts who have kindly agreed to this proposal.  We have also invited Mr Richard Ashworth MEP and his wife Sally to the barbeque and they have agreed to come, we look forward to meeting them. Our French guests will arrive at 1.00p.m. o­n Saturday at Smersole Farm so could you all arrive shortly before then in order to greet them.  After the Barbie it will be en famille for the French and English for the evening.  It was proposed and unanimously agreed that we should charge £5 per person for the barbeque in September for English guests.

 It is proposed that we meet again at the same venue at 10.00a.m. o­n Sunday the 26th and leave together to drive to Tenterden to visit an English Vineyard.  We will organise lunch at the vineyard and probably have time for shopping or browsing in the village of Tenterden in the afternoon.  We plan to leave Tenterden at 4.00p.m to arrive at the Channel Tunnel at approximately 6.00p.m. The fee for this trip will be approximately £10 per person for the English. 

PLEASE can you offer a bed for the night to some of our guests?  You will see from the above news that the actual entertainment is well o­n the way to being organised, but we welcome suggestions from you all.  If you wish to provide your own entertainment for your guests, we are sure they would be very happy with that also.

Finally, new members are always welcome and we are generally surprised at how relaxed our twice-yearly visits with the people from Aviron really are.

Grand Princess cruises in (photo)

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<P align=center><IMG alt="Grand Princess in Dover" hspace=0 src="" align=middle border=0>

The largest cruise liner to have ever berthed in Dover arrived today (29 August 2004).

The 109,000 ton vessel, known as a floating city, will then continue her 17-night cruise from Copenhagen to New York.

Princess Cruises' Grand Princess is taller than the Statue of Liberty and longer than three football fields.

The ship can carry 2600 passengers,  is 290 metres long , has 13 passenger decks and a 1,100-strong crew and cost a staggering $430m.

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Thieves using cameras in cash machines

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<FONT color=black>Miniature sophisticated cameras are being used by thieves to copy people's pin numbers at cash machines in Kent, police warn.

The alert comes after a woman had £200 stolen from her account at a cash machine in Canterbury.

Police said: "We have found cases where micro-cameras have been fitted to cash machines and scanning devices attached to swipe machines o­n bank doors."

It's a double for golden girl

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Kent runner Kelly Holmes has achieved a historic Olympic golden double in Athens.

34-year-old  Kelly set a new British record with 3 minutes 57.9  when she added the 1500 metre title to the 800 metre she had already won.

Holmes victory will go down as o­ne of British sports greatest nights after becoming  the first Briton to win both Olympic middle distance events since Albert Hill did the double in Antwerp in 1920.

Push the button, not your luck

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<FONT color=black>Nearly 20 percent of people who were injured in fires in Kent and Medway over a 12-month period had smoke alarms in their homes but had forgotten to check they were working.

<FONT color=black>Encouragingly, however, figures reveal that smoke-alarm ownership in homes where there have been fires has increased from 54 per cent to nearly 57 percent in the space of a year.

<FONT color=black>The news comes as the government launches its ‘Push the button, not your luck’ campaign to encourage smoke-alarm maintenance.  And although the majority of the population now own smoke alarms, fire statistics show that many of these alarms are not functioning due to flat or missing batteries.

<FONT color=black>Worryingly, the statistics o­n smoke alarm failures are rising. In 2003/2004, where a smoke alarm was present in a domestic fire, it failed to operate in nearly 15 percent of cases. Almost two-thirds of all failures in battery-powered alarms are caused by missing or flat batteries.

<FONT color=black>Head of Community Fire Safety Steve Demetriou said: “Statistics such as those above highlight the paramount importance of fitting, maintaining and regularly checking smoke detectors. Nuisance alarms needn’t keep going off if they are situated correctly.  And never, ever remove batteries for use in another electrical appliance.â€?

<FONT color=black>Here are some essential tips to ensure your smoke alarm can save your life:

<FONT color=black>• Fit smoke alarms o­n each level of your home
• Do not put smoke alarms in the kitchen
• Check the battery o­nce a week
• Replace the battery every twelve months
• Battery smoke alarm units should be changed every ten years
• Consider installing ten-year smoke alarms or hard wired alarms
 To help remind you to check your batteries, why not link it to a regular weekly task, such as putting out the bins?
 Further information o­n smoke alarms and fire safety can be found at:

De Haan buys Folkestone Port

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<FONT color=black>Saga boss Roger De Haan has paid £11m for the Port of Folkestone.

<FONT color=black>It was announced today by Sea Containers Ltd  who formerly owned the port  that it had sold its subsidiary Folkestone Properties Ltd, owners of Folkestone Harbour to Mr De Haan.

<FONT color=black>Contracts were signed o­n July 2, 2004 and the purchase was completed on Tuesday (August 24, 2004). 

<FONT color=black>Roger De Haan is selling his Saga Company after he announced in November 2003, his intention to retire after 37 years.

<FONT color=black>It has been reported that the financial services and holiday group has received at least 10 bids exceeding £1bn to buy the company.

Wristbands keep lost kids in touch

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Children lost o­n the beaches of Dymchurch could be reunited with their parents sooner - thanks to a brainwave by o­ne of Kent County Council's community wardens.

Dave Hunt has distributed 2,000 bright green and pink wristbands to tourist spots o­n his Dymchurch patch, including caravan parks, amusement arcades and fish and chip shops.

Produced by the Coastguard the wristbands, which are free of charge, leave a space for parents or guardians to write their mobile phone number o­n them. They are then attached to children's wrists so that adults can easily track down their youngsters if they get lost.

Mr Hunt said: "Between 15 and 20 children get lost here each year. It's easy to become separated from parents o­n a crowded beach and youngsters can easily get sunburned and become distressed.

"I can't thank the Coastguard enough for letting me have these wristbands and I hope they will save lives and prevent parents from having to go through an agonising wait until their children are found."

Lead member for community safety Michael Hill said: "I am delighted with this initiative of the local community warden, Dave Hunt, which will make the beaches of Dymchurch safer for families."

Double delights

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<P class=pressheading><FONT color=black size=4>DOUBLE DELIGHTS

<FONT color=black>Folkestone’s amphitheatre at the Lower Leas Coastal Park has another two-day helping of music and dance this weekend (28 and 29 August).

<FONT color=black>On Saturday Shiva Nova, o­ne of Europe’s most acclaimed East/West fusion bands make a return visit. As well as music and dance, there will be workshops for young people, aged between 10 and 18, starting at noon.

<FONT color=black>On Sunday the Agape Choir brings evangelical music to the amphitheatre when between 35 and 40 local voices will be soaring to the skies with light gospel music and some instrumental performances. The concert starts at 1.00pm

<FONT color=black>All performances are free.

Entente cordiale celebrations

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<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%"><IMG height=275 alt="Cllr George Bunting (left) with Boulogne Mayor, Frederick Cuvillier in front of the statue" hspace=10 src="" width=183><TD vAlign=top rowSpan=2>

One hundred years of entente cordiale was marked in Boulogne on Saturday (14 August) with the unveiling of a 15 feet high statue on the harbourside.

The white statue, called Shake Hands, incorporates outlines of Great Britain and France joined by interlocking hands and the cut outs of two suns that help create a smiling face.

Among those who attended the ceremony were Cllr George Bunting, District Secretary for the Environment; Chief Executive, Brian McAndrew; Regeneration and Economic Development Manager, John Foster and Isabelle Watier, Manager of BOSCO, the Boulogne and Shepway Co-operation.

After the unveiling by Boulogne Mayor, Frederick Cuvillier, Cllr Bunting paid tribute to the French military and the sacrifices made during the Second World War.

He also said he looked forward to inviting guests from Boulogne to 50th twinning anniversary celebrations in Folkestone in 2006.

As well as twinning links, Shepway and Boulogne work together through BOSCO to regenerate both towns and to secure European funding for joint projects. BOSCO’s latest success secured £563,000 of funding to extend new paving, lighting and other enhancements in Guildhall Street and the Sandgate Road precinct in Folkestone.

<TD class=italics align=middle>Cllr George Bunting (left)
with Boulogne Mayor,
Frederick Cuvillier
in front of the statue