Coastguards rescue beach stroll family....12 January 2003

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Coastguards raced to Fan Bay near Dover on Saturday afternoon (11 January) after an emergency mobile telephone call was received from walkers who were being cut off by the incoming tide.

A family of two adults and three children were out enjoying the fine weather when they realised they were in danger of the rising tide.

The embarrassed walkers were rescued safely by Dover Coastguards.

A spokesman said that it was lucky that the family had a signal on their mobile phone as the reception in the area was poor.

There are signs in the area warning of the dangers of cliff falls and of being cut off by the tide.


Traffic calming in The Street....10 January 2003

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If you are trying to get traffic calming on Canterbury Road why can't we get it down The Street

People use it as a race track.

We need something to slow them down. It would be a good idea on The Street.

Michael Thrale

I think its a good idea....10 January 2003

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Some people in this village are never grateful

They either want a new hall or not.

What does it matter were the money comes or where the church is going I think its a good idea.

Michael Thrale


Do you know Christopher Blake.....10 January 2003

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Iam looking for an old school friend of mine who moved to Folkestone in 1990 from Catford,

His name is Christopher Blake 23yrs old and used to go to Rushey Green Primary School.

mehmet egemen


Blooming good idea....10 January 2003

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Cllrs Isabela Chantry and Joan Brisley want you!

They think the 2003 Britain in Bloom competition is within the grasp of the village and plans are being made to make Hawkinge top of the tree on the Garden Coast.

South East in Bloom is sponsored and supported by Southern Water. They promote the competition not just by focussing on the visual appearance of the area but by benefitting the community as a whole by increasing pride in the village, giving a long term environmental improvement and a reduction in litter and graffiti.

Judging will take place in July 2003.

Cllr Chantry said: "I would like the whole village to be involved."

If you would like to help Hawkinge a winner please ring Isabela Chantry on 01303 891811


Support for Canterbury Road traffic calming....9 January 2003

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Local resident Grahame Green has gained the support of Cllr Charles Robertson for traffic calming measures for Canterbury Road.

Mr Green asked the question at the Parish Council meeting, saying that as the proposed bypass was no longer going ahead, could there be traffic calming on Canterbury Road? He explained that the amount of traffic through the village would now be greater than if there were a bypass.

The Parish Council will be writing to KCC requesting they consider the proposal.


"Must we wait until a child is killed?" plea from Head...8 January 2003

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The problem of unadopted roads in Hawkinge reached crisis point this week when ice and snow turned Haven Drive into a skating rink.

Jennie Carter, head teacher of The Churchill School, watched in horror as drivers approaching the roundabouts spun out of control on the ice as children were arriving for school on Monday morning.

Although gritting lorries had been busy overnight elsewhere in the county they had not been along Haven Drive because it is one of a number of roads which remain the responsibility of developers and not the local authority.Mrs Carter said: “I have watched driver after driver spin out of control on the roundabouts this morning because the road is covered in ice.

“I appreciate that the road is not the responsibility of Shepway Council until it has been officially adopted, but how much longer must we wait for that to happen?

“We cannot get a school warning sign or a crossing patrol or anything until the developers move out and the road is adopted.

“The dangers to the children are immense. Must we wait until a child is killed before something is done?�


Former cub leader charged with 19 sex offences....7 January 2003

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Police are appealing to former members of a Hawkinge cub pack to contact them after a former leader has been held on sex abuse charges.

64 year old David Hopkins was charged with 19 offences of serious sexual assault against children between 1961 and 1989.

Hopkins appeared at Folkestone Magistrates Court today (7 January) and was remanded in custody. The case will be heard at Maidstone Crown Court in February.

The police investigation team are appealing for members who were in the pack between 1973-1989 to contact them in confidence by ringing 01303 289132.


Currys at the Gazette Marketplace

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Another weird decision by the Parish Council, presumably...4 January 2002

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I am intrigued to read that a minority religion church is to be based in the new village hall.

What will happen now if other religions make application to do the same ?

Refuse then and there will be accusations of preference, allow them and there wont be room for much else. Does it mean that on occasions of church services no other activity can take place.

Religious services attenders may reasonably expect peace and quiet. Hardly compatible use with any youth or sport activities which should take precedence.

It is a village hall and never intended as a church. I wonder if the planning application stated that part of the building was to be a church.

Another wierd decision by the Parish Council, presumably

Peter Hogben