Safety Issues in Hawkinge

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Letter to :
Cllr. David Callahan - Chairman Hawkinge Parish Council
Cllr. Peter Smith
Phillapa Janaway - KCC Road Safety Officer
The Rt. Hon. Michael Howard QC MP
Brian McAndrew, Chief Executive SDC
Robert Beck – Highways SDC
John Palmer – County Member

Cllr. Christena Smith
Cllr. Richard King KCC
Jan Doyle - Chair. – Hawkinge Neighbourhood Management Partnership

2nd August 2004

Throughout our regular safety forums there have been many requests from visitors to see consistent planning put into place for two areas of the expanded Hawkinge village. These areas are safety ‘black spots’ which we believe will get worse as the village develops.

It is not that responsible authorities have not tried to patch-up the problems but their failure to understand and respond to the overall picture. The Forum has asked me to write to you in the hope that you will use the influence and responsibilities of your office to help our village become a more harmonious and safe place to work and live.

Please excuse the descriptions if you are familiar with the area, but now look at the problem from an outsiders overall safety perspective.  Hawkinge sits astride the A260 main trunk road between Folkestone and Canterbury, it is also due to be split by a proposed bypass making it a 3 zone village. Around two thirds of the village being new development.

Through bad planning and deprivation the area has been granted millions of pounds by the government to improve services which will be managed by the Hawkinge Neighbourhood Management Partnership.  Safety in and around the village is the primary concern of the HCSF and we want rectification to existing problems followed up by future consideration for the safety of our residents.

The present centre of the village and shops are o­n the A260 with insufficient parking for villagers and through traffic. The village school is directly opposite the shops and existing parking. In between, the placement of 2 bus stops (opposite to each other) and main pedestrian crossing point sit. In amongst the parking area are access points for service to the shops, which enable delivery vehicles to straddle 2 public footpaths causing concern and danger to pedestrians.

Last year a child was knocked down and trapped under a reversing delivery vehicle. Several villagers have reported near misses whilst using the lower footpath.

During school term, parents delivering and collecting their youngsters add to the chaos. They park wherever they can, including bus stops, pavements and a side road which accesses the A260 at the same point, opposite the entrance to the Village Hall in which they also park, at times clashing with hirers of the Village Hall. Just add to the mix an arriving bus, a delivery to the Tesco store and envisage the misery of our village and the users of the A260 o­n their journey to and from work.

The new centre development of the village is eventually going to be built o­n the so named Employment Land o­n the opposite side of the proposed bypass with an entrance o­nto a small roundabout shared by a Nursery School entrance and adjacent to the Churchill Primary School and road crossing point. This area is claimed to be traffic calmed but o­nly limited to 30mph, which can be and often is exceeded by even commercial vehicles. 

The forum is concerned about the future of this area and the accidents just waiting to happen. This road (Haven Drive) has now become a main thoroughfare, rat-run or shortcut, for residents and outsiders due to congestion in Aerodrome Rd. and o­n the A260 in the old village centre. A narrow single lane (Gibraltar Lane) is also used in the same way increasing the danger to walkers and horse riders. Some of our village school children have to negotiate a main trunk road and a roundabout at he end of half a bypass, to attend school.

It appears that road congestion and danger to our Nursery and Primary school children has become bottom of the priorities during development planning of our village.

In an o­ngoing local poll 97% of residents call for a 20mph zone for all residential roads. The Forum understand the overall costs of this may need to be in future authority budgets but we call for immediate action now between Aerodrome Road and Spitfire Way before the new school term.

The Forum would also like to see the overall future plans for the development in the existing village centre and cure of the traffic/parking problems. If these exist and are available, please let us know by return. We would like to discuss them at a future meeting.  If they don’t exist, we requests that an appointed forum member is included in future planning meetings o­n behalf of the safety of the villagers. 

If you would like to visit the ‘black spots’ outside of or during the school term o­ne of our committee will be happy to show you around.

Hawkinge Community Safety Forum


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Tuesday 9th November at 8pm

St Lukes Church Hall, Canterbury Road. Hawkinge.

There will be a number of speakers and an open forum

All Hawkinge residents are welcome to attend

A General Election soon?

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Dear Ed

I see  Michael Howard has pledged his support to keep the Folkestone Post Office open and yes, hot o­n his heels, Peter Carroll has begun his own campaign to keep the facility open.

They may be jumping the gun as nothing is certain and all that has happened so far is Royal Mail has said that just under half of its main Post Offices could be closed.

I have some sympathy for Mr Carroll's campaign as he has fought for many of the local sub post offices to remain open.

But sorry Mr Howard, you were part of the Government who thought it was a great idea to privatise and split up as many public companies including the Post Office as you thought the electorate had the money to pay for.

So what is so great about a free market now? Share ownership for the masses may have been a vote winner then, but it's your turn now to suffer the consequences of that ill thought out idea.

Post Offices that fail to make money are now threatened with closure. Isn't that just a free market Mr Howard?

We all knew it would end in tears so don't try and get o­n our side now, you had your chance to stop it when you were in power.

Maybe you would like to do what you keep asking Mr Blair to do.........apologise.

We have longer memories than you think.

J Cullen

Carroll accused of interfereing with press freedom

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<FONT face=Arial>

<FONT face=Arial>Liberal Democrat Peter Carroll was accused this week of interfering with the freedom of the local press.

<FONT face=Arial>The charge comes after an advertisement reported to have cost nearly £4,000 o­n a four page cover to the local Adscene free newspaper appeared last week in the free newspaper.

<FONT face=Arial>Local tories claim in a press release that this was inserted just before the paper went to press without it being checked. As a result the material appeared with no clear indication that it was a paid for advertisement and looked as though it was the paper’s own editorial policy.

<FONT face=Arial>Jonathan Holborow, Chairman of the local Conservatives, said; “This was a sly and under-hand piece of political chicanery. There has to be a trust between local journalists who represent local people and local politicians. I cannot believe Mr Carroll would have stooped so low as to interfere like this with local newspapers and not explain that his insertion was an advertisement.�

<FONT face=Arial>It is understood that Kent Regional Newspapers, owners of Adscene, are publishing a front page apology to their readers this week because of Mr Carroll’s ill considered action.

Shepway Police broaden net in anti-social behaviour battle

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Extra powers available to police will mean that from today (1 November),  officers will be able to move groups o­n who are causing intimidation, alarm or distress in areas of Cheriton.

Cheriton become a designated dispersal area after complaints from residents about anti-social behaviour in the area.

Under the act, any group of two or more people found causing intimidation, alarm or distress in the designated area can be dispersed by police.

Young people under the age of 16 who are not accompanied by a responsible adult between 9.00pm and 6.00am can be taken back to their homes.

Councillor Robert Bliss said: "I welcome these new proposals which give the police the power to move these troublemakers o­n before they have committed an offence. The people of Cheriton made it clear that anti-social behaviour is a major concern at a recent Cheriton Police Review which I attended along with around 100 local residents. Their views were strongly made and I am glad we were able to act o­n those concerns and today we can start seeing the result.â€?

Other areas in Shepway which have already become DDA's include Palmarsh in Hythe and The Black Bull Road area of Folkestone and Hawkinge.

Standing together on anti-social behaviour

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Dover District Council is welcoming yesterday's Home Office announcement that Dover has been designated a 'Together Anti-Social Behaviour Action Area' in recognition of its leading work to tackle anti-social behaviour in the community.

The Home Office has heralded Dover as o­ne of 50 new Action Areas in England and Wales as part of a massive expansion to tackle anti-social behaviour nationwide. Local authorities, police and other community groups in Action Areas will work with local people to take swift and effective action against local problems such as intimidation, nuisance neighbours, vandalism, graffiti and rubbish dumping.

The Home Office says the new 'Together' Action Areas will be a focus for renewed effort in tackling these issues, and will help to set standards for the rest of the country to follow. It says Dover has shown its commitment to dealing with anti-social behaviour.

This news follows the launch of Dover District Council's new Anti-Social Behaviour Unit last week, as a part of its major commitment to getting tough o­n anti-social behaviour across the area.

Home Office Minister Hazel Blears said: "A year ago we launched the 'Together' campaign to tackle anti-social behaviour. Since then, a tremendous amount has been done in Dover and across the country to reclaim our communities for the law-abiding majority. But there is no room for complacency. That is why we are expanding the focus o­n anti-social behaviour to 50 more areas where, like Dover, local authorities and the police are committed to working with local people to improve their quality of life."

Cllr Paul Watkins, Leader of Dover District Council said: "We are very pleased at this clear recognition from the Home Office of the hard work that the Council and its partners in the community have undertaken to get tough o­n anti-social behaviour. This underlines our commitment to working with the community to tackle this issue which residents are consistently telling us is a key priority to make a real difference to the quality of life of people across the district."

Commuters could be travelling by Eurostar to London

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The Department of Transport is being pressured into making Eurostar trains available for commuters from 2007 to 2009.  New Hitachi bullet trains are due to be delivered to serve the routes in 2009, two years behind schedule.

Reacting to the news that domestic service trains have been ordered for the Channel Tunnel Rail Link and will be delivered in 2009, Sir Sandy Bruce-Lockhart, Leader of Kent County Council, said "We very much welcome the final confirmation of 30 high speed trains to run to Ashford, Canterbury, Thanet, Folkestone and North Kent.

"The current unresolved issue is that we were promised the service would start in 2007 from Ashford and Ebbsfleet which now means domestic passengers being able to use Eurostar. The Department of Transport told me they are considering this and we wait for a positive outcome."

Hawkinge Community Safety Forum Agenda 11 November 2004

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Thursday 11th November 2004 at 7.00 pm at The Churchill School, Hawkinge

Suggested A G E N D A

1 Introductions

2 Apologies for absence

3 Minutes of the last meeting.

4 Report from Local Police Officer – PC Trevor Moody

5 Guests

6 Letters Ref. School Safety parking in Village  - Tesco

7 Matters Arising - (items not o­n the current Agenda) - Open Forum

8 Report from Neighbourhood Watch

9 Report from Councillors

10 Report from Community Local Warden - Ian Norman

11 Any Other Business

12 Date of Next meeting

Hawkinge Community Safety Forum minutes 2 September 2004

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Minutes of Meeting Thursday 2nd September 2004 at Churchill School

1. Introductions.


Chris Ashman (Chairman), Sally Coleman (Parish & NHW Liaison Officer), Ian Norman (Hawkinge Community Warden), Jan Doyle (Chair. The Hawkinge Partnership), Jean McGill (Vice Chair), Terry Scott (Hawkinge Gazette), Janet Hutchings, Brian Marshall

Apologies:Diedre Lawton, Perry Hayward, Jackie & Martin Ide (Hawkinge Community Newsletter), PC Trevor Moody, Cllr. Richard King KCC Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport

2. Minutes of last meeting.  Signed by Chairman.

3. Open Forum - Matters Arising.

4. Report From Local Police Officer

PC Moody unable to be present see Community Warden report.

Guests and Letters Ref. School Safety

On the 2nd August 2004 a letter of our concerns for our children and an invitation to attend the forum was sent by the Chairman to -Cllr. David Callahan - Chairman Hawkinge Parish Council - Cllr. Peter Smith Phillapa Janaway - KCC Road Safety Officer - The Rt. Hon. Michael Howard QC MP - Brian McAndrew, Chief Executive SDC - Robert Beck – Highways SDC - John Palmer – County Member - Cllr. Christena Smith - Cllr. Richard King KCC - Jan Doyle - Chair. – Hawkinge Neighbourhood Management Partnership.

Letters of reply and support have been received from

Richard King KCC Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport with offers of support

Jan Doyle - Chair. – Hawkinge Neighbourhood Management Partnership who also attended the forum and promised to bring our concerns to the attention of the Hawkinge partnership at their meeting o­n the 9th September 2004.

No other recipients replied or attended.

5. Matters Arising – Open Forum.

The Hawkinge Partnership is looking into an overall plan for the village centre & car parking. Safety and parking was a primary concern identified at the last meeting of Partnership.

There is concern about the village plan and actual progress.

An exercise at the Hawkinge fun day “Three Wishesâ€?) discovered a prime concern of lack of facilities for Youth, Parking and Health and Safety. Long grass o­n roundabouts perceived as a motoring hazard.

Chairman to follow up by phone to Parish Council. Forum wishes to reminded all, that the Parish Council should be contacted by any villagers with safety concerns.

Offer accepted from the Hawkinge Gazette to publish Agenda, Minutes and notices o­n their website.

A discussion o­n the safety needs of the village with or without the completion of the proposed bypass ensued.

The Fun Day o­n 24th July o­n Green was a great success, many villagers attending with their children.

6. Neighbourhood Watch.

Sally gave a report o­n NHW activities in the village and around the area.

NHW Conference 9th October at Police Headquarters 10am to 3pm.

Message this month is to be very aware of scams and frauds prevalent in phone calls, junk mail and emails from unknown persons and companies claiming you have won something. The first obvious clue is:� if you didn’t enter it you can’t win it�. The voluntary phoning back to an 09 number can cost more than you bargained for.

The NHW “Handy Van Scheme “ is very busy supporting the elderly and vulnerable persons.

7. Report from Community Warden

Parking o­n and obstructing pavements is an offence. Burglary suspects have been arrested.

Parts of Hawkinge are being designated as Designated Dispersal Areas where those causing obstruction and nuisance can be dealt with and a curfew for young children is imposed.

News o­n ASBO’s.

Discussion o­n wants and needs for the youth of the village.

Damage to the Village Hall.

Ian has made a presentation to school leavers this term.

On the 16th October there will be a Free Security/Safety Day at the Community Centre where bicycles can be marked and villagers can obtain security information.

Kent Fire Brigade will be o­n hand to give safety in the home advice and fire alarm advice.

There will be the introduction of Community Safety Surgeries – more details later. Ian introduced the forum to the personal alarms proposed to be given to vulnerable people in Hawkinge when funds are available.

8. Reports from Councillors

No councillors attended the meeting.

9. Any other business.

Suggested invitees to our next meeting Deirdre Ferguson (HNMP) and the Manager of The Tesco Store. All villagers and organisations are invited to bring their safety concerns to the forum.

10. Next Meeting.  .

No Meeting in October

Thursday 11th November at Churchill School 7pm - 9pm

Hat trick snookers Folkestone

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E.Burvill Cup quarter finals
Folkestone Snooker Club   1      Hawkinge  FC  5
By Cyril Trice

The game started slowly but the pace picked up in the latter part of the first half with Hawkinge scoring the first goal.

Folkestone quickly got back in the game by scoring an equalizer from a free kick.

The second half  saw a different story with Hawkinge players cueing up to score goals and Mike Yianni potting three into the back of the net.

A missed penalty could have increased the scoreline still further but even without that, it could be said that Folkestone were well and truly snookered.