It's all a Cunning Plan!

Contributed by editor on Oct 29, 2004 - 07:53 PM


Dear Ed

A week or so ago, the Adscene was delivered to my address under the guise of a sheep in sheep's clothing too.

I phoned the people responsible to voice my annoyance and was informed that the Lib Dems were treated like anyone else, if the Monster Raving Looney Party (I wish) the Tories, Labour (new or old) or anyone else wished to make payment for their propoganda to be delivered with the Adscene, whether inside or as a wrap around they would take the money.

I would suspect that to pay for a wrap a round the costs would be quite substantial and therefore a drain o­n the Lib Dem coffers... I don't know if the new Independent (ha ha) Lib Dems will also do a wrap around , perhaps they will shortly be wrapped up themselves!

I do, however, enjoy the wrap a round, it does raise a laugh, as they seem to be damning themselves with their self praising , after their numerous about turns!!

I look upon it more as a poster for a visiting circus, complete with Ringmaster and Clowns

Finkle use it to light the bonfires with!!


Women's Institute in the evening

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<IMG alt="" hspace=0 src="images/banners/newwi.gif" align=baseline border=0>

Cunning wrap around

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Dear Ed

Imagine my surprise this morning, upon returning from the farm to find o­n the doormat what initially appeared to be the Adscene free newspaper.

To my horror, I thought the paperboy had been hijacked into delivering LibDem propoganda.

Closer inspection revealed a cunning wrap around of the weekly free newpaper, with a front page dressed up as a copy of Adscene with nothing but LibDem stories claiming triumphs over the recent months.

The whole of the front and back pages were crammed full of stories which unless you happened to notice the small print tucked away in the bottom left hand corner of the back page, it mentioned it was promoted and published by the Liberal Democrats.

I have still been unable to find the word "advertisement" o­n the front page.

To my knowledge at least o­ne complaint has already been made to the newspapers head office and the Advertising Standards Authority and I'm sure after readers realise they have been duped into believing this was part of the newspaper's news content, many more complaints will follow.

If you agree with me you may like to contact the Advertising Standards Authority

Colin Tearle

Leas lift thrown lifeline by KCC

Contributed by editor on Oct 29, 2004 - 10:06 AM


The future of the original Leas step lift car looks brighter after KCC allocated £1300 to protect the lift car from the weather.

O­n 6 October Shepway Parks and Recreation Manager Chris McCreedy wrote to Robert Mouland the man who brought back to Folkestone in July 2004, saying he would arrange for the carriage to be sheeted over within the next two weeks.

However the cover was inadequate and during the recent storms, the thin plastic cover shredded and the lift was exposed to the elements.
Mr Mouland, with the help of KCC Cabinet member Cllr Roland Tolputt has now succeeded in obtaining a grant to enable the lift car to be covered until renovation work can begin.

Cllr Tolputt wrote to Mr Mouland saying: “The funds should very shortly be in SDC’s bank account, so there is no excuse for not providing a proper water cover for the step lift�.

He added that Shepway Council had confirmed that the money would o­nly be used for the purpose stated.

No progress has yet been made by Shepway Council to allow Mr Mouland access to the lift car for which he was instrumental in returning to Folkestone.

Lift man barred
Lift home for Bob

Howard pressing government on fast rail link for Folkestone decision

Contributed by editor on Oct 28, 2004 - 04:18 PM


Michael Howard, Member of Parliament for Folkestone and Hythe, has welcomed the announcement by the Secretary of State for Transport of a preferred manufacturer, Hitachi, to build new high-speed rolling stock to run domestic services o­n the Channel Tunnel Rail Link.

He has been pressing the Secretary of State to make a decision o­n the opening of domestic services o­n the High Speed Rail Link and at the opening of the HSRL more than a year ago o­n 16 September 2003, Mr Howard publicly asked Mr Darling for a decision o­n the opening of domestic services and was told that a decision could be expected shortly.

Following a letter raising the matter o­nce more Mr Howard was assured in a reply from the Secretary of State o­n 27 October 2004 that, “Later in the Autumn the Strategic Rail Authority will be issuing an invitation to tender to run the IKF franchise to the 4 pre-qualified companies. The SRA will also be publishing a stakeholder briefing pack and announcing the full IKF service pattern.â€?

Mr Howard said: “Although I am pleased that we are o­ne step closer to the opening of domestic services o­n the High Speed Rail Link, it is still not clear whether or not Folkestone will be included in the route. I am urging the Strategic Rail Authority and the Department for Transport to include Folkestone in their plans. I have discussed this with the Transport Secretary who has told me that a decision will be announced within weeks.â€?

High speed trains delayed

Contributed by editor on Oct 27, 2004 - 09:03 PM


New trains to operate o­n both domestic railway tracks and the new high speed channel tunnel rail link track through Kent are to be built by Hitachi Transport Secretary Alistair Darling announced today.

The trains are now due to be in service in 2009, two years later than planned.

They will reach speeds of 140 mph. but it is still uncertain as to which towns will benefit .

It is thought Gravesend, the Medway towns, Sittingbourne, Folkestone, Canterbury and Ramsgate will get their fast commuter link to the capital, but there is doubt over the link being extended to Dover because of problems associated with the Shakespeare tunnel between Folkestone and the Channel port.

The service will provide high speed train services from Kent to St Pancras and will support new housing and economic opportunities in the Thames Gateway Growth Area. The new trains will also play a crucial role in the 'javelin shuttle' in London's Olympic transport bid which will move spectators from central London to the Olympic Park in Stratford in under 8 minutes.

The order is expected to be for about thirty (6-carriage) trains introduced in 2009. The Invitation to tender for the new Integrated Kent Franchise will be issued later in the Autumn at which point the full service pattern will become known.

Alistair Darling speaking as he visited the new terminal being constructed at St Pancras said:

"We’re today confirming the new high speed domestic service which will make use of the new channel tunnel rail link. The UK gets maximum benefit from the high speed track which is already delivering faster services to Europe.

"This service will also be the flagship transport scheme to deliver people to and from the Olympic Games should the UK bid be successful. It will move people from Kings Cross to Stratford in under eight minutes.

"The technology o­n these trains is cutting edge which could help reduce journey times between Ashford and central London by 40 minutes each way."

Hawkinge children join mane attraction

Contributed by editor on Oct 26, 2004 - 08:46 PM


A three dimensional horse sculptured out of steel will be taking up residence at Shepway Council’s offices in Castle Hill Avenue this winter.

The horse, created by Brian Hall of Charing, weighs 120lbs and stands 80 centimetres high. It is inspired by artist Charles Newington’s Millennium White Horse that stands o­n Cheriton Hill.

The horse, which will be unveiled by Cllr Susan Carey o­n behalf of the Friends of the White Horse, o­n 4 November, will take pride of place at the Civic Centre until January.

Sharing the limelight with the sculpture will be a display of paintings by children from Churchill, Hawkinge and Selsted primary schools.

The paintings were created when local artist Helen Beeken spent a day at each school as part of a summer art project supported by Hawkinge Neighbourhood Management Partnership.

Laying it on the line

Contributed by editor on Oct 26, 2004 - 08:42 PM


The time is up for Shepway drivers who flout the rules and park o­n single and double yellow lines ‘just for a few minutes’.

From November 1 they will face a penalty charge notice of £60 (£30 if paid within 14 days) as Shepway District Council, along with other authorities in Kent, adjusts its enforcement policy and removes the five-minute ‘observation time’ allowed by parking attendants.

Manager of Parking Services, Jayne Whittington, said the observation period was not required by law and had been introduced at the discretion of the council when it took o­n certain parking powers in 2000.

“Since the observation time was introduced traffic has increased and o­n-street parking demand in our town centres has grown. This has resulted in the congestion and safety issues often witnessed today. Removing the observation time will cut out unnecessary obstruction o­n roads and ease the flow of traffic around our town centres.

“What drivers must now realise is that double yellow and single yellow lines clearly mean no waiting at any time – not even for a few minutes.�

This change in policy will not affect the rights of disabled badge holders, or those who are permitted to park o­n No Waiting restrictions in accordance with the relevant Traffic Regulation Order.

Crime Sheet 18/10/04 to 24/10/04

Contributed by editor on Oct 26, 2004 - 08:38 PM


<FONT color=navy>18/10/04
Between 0001hrs 16/10/04 & 0900hrs 18/10/04

Greenhouse has been damaged. Nearly all the glass has been smashed; Offender(s) have also set light to cardboard etc

<FONT color=navy>19/10/04
Between 1900hrs 18/10/04 & 0730hrs 19/10/04

The informant states that the vehicles were parked and left secure last night and it would appear that someone has thrown rocks over the perimeter fencing and has caused damage to vehicles within the compound.

<FONT color=navy>20/10/04
Between 1615hrs & 1635hrs 20/10/04

IP reporting his car has been keyed along both side’s front to back and the word 'Loser' keyed into the passenger's door.

<FONT color=navy>21/10/04
Between 1000hrs 20/10/04 & 1030hrs 21/10/04
Attempted Burglary Other

Offender(s) have levered the bracket away (which the Yale padlock fastened to). The top part of the door was swung open, but the lower part was still closed when he came to it - it appears that no entry was gained, they having apparently looked inside and seen nothing worth stealing. IP does not keep items of value inside.


If you have any information in relation to any crime. Please contact the Watch Office o­n 01304 218151 or ring
Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 You do not have to give your name and you maybe eligible for a reward.

To Report suspicious incidents and problems you cannot resolve yourself 01303 850055


To report crime that has happened to you and the offenders have gone 01303 289134

If you would like to help with Neighbourhood Watch or would like to know more about what is involved, you can contact the Neighbourhood Watch & Parish Liaison Office at Dover Police Station o­n 01304 218151

KCC shares business aims in Shepway

Contributed by editor on Oct 25, 2004 - 08:58 PM


Tell us what your priorities are and we will do all we can to help. That was the message from Kent County Council Leader, Sir Sandy Bruce-Lockhart to a meeting of key business people in Shepway on Friday (22 October).

Sir Sandy told the Shepway Strategic Business Forum at Ashford International Airport, Lydd: "I cannot stress too highly the importance of business partnerships. They are an immensely helpful link between business and the County Council.

The County Council had put £100,000 into a study to improve transport links in Folkestone Town Centre, was taking forward with Roger De Haan the new Academy to improve skill levels and had already held several meetings with him, following his purchase of Folkestone Harbour.

Sir Sandy said, "Another vital area, is the Channel Tunnel Rail Link fast service from Folkestone to London. I have written to the Prime Minister to stress the utmost importance of delivering the new link o­n time in 2007. It plays a vital part in the regeneration of East Kent and was a commitment to the people of Kent."

The Leader said he was prepared to do all he could to open up European funding for local initiatives and to ensure Kent County Council supported and actioned the priorities of local businesses.