"The buck stops here" at WI meeting

Contributed by editor on Feb 05, 2005 - 10:53 AM

HAWKINGE ACRISE & PADDLESWORTH WI January meeting "The buck stops here"

You know how you wake up in the morning unsuspecting that any thing is wrong, Thursday 27th January was just such a day. 

The sun had begun to shine, a lovely sight for late January and a pleasant day was planned. then the phone rang! 

I was informed by Pauline Hart, our social secretary, that the speaker for the February meeting was unable to come as arranged and Pauline unfortunately could not find an alternative at such short notice. 

Well you know what Eisenhower said on D Day "the buck stops here" !

So I let the problem swish around in my head for awhile and then the solution came to me. I had recently been sorting out the WI scrap books so that they could be included in a review at our April meeting and had come across one made by WI members in 1965, yes forty years ago! 

This scrap book is a real gem giving a detailed over view of life in the villages at that time and I thought an excellent subject to present to the members.

The meeting was opened in the usual fashion by extending a warm welcome to everyone and especially to three ladies who had come along to give us the "once over". 

Jerusalem was sung and birthday greetings given to Christine Stanton, Ros Allen and Phyllis Leonard, who along with Gillian Philcox and Ruth Prior joined me later at the birthday table for tea. 

I was pleased to announce that Madeleine Egleton had been a winner of the Christmas and New Year quiz set by the editors of the East Kent News (our monthly Federation newsletter), her prize is a year's WI subscription and we gave her a warm round of applause, well done Madeleine. 

Forthcoming events were then discussed at some length and Ruth Prior, as our events organiser, gave details of several of the trips we hope to put on this year .One in particular is an outing to Clarence House and Buckingham Palace, not proving to be an easy trip to put together so thanks to Ruth for persevering.

After business was completed I introduced the "1965 Scrapbook", it proved to be a great success. 

We are fortunate enough to have some members who can remember the places, people, shopping outlets and events that are included in this book and could therefore expand on these topics. 

A very enjoyable time was had reminiscing on 1965; thanks go to the ladies who compiled the book, can you remember where you were then?

As our speaker was to give a talk on buying an Oast House we had chosen "an unusual bottle of beer" for the monthly competition, the winner was Linda Barnes. A quiz had been set by Ruth Prior, the winner was Ann Wilson.

The talk in March is to be given on the Air Ambulance Service and the monthly competition is for a "hand made get well card". 

We really do enjoy our meetings and if you have recently moved to the village or now find you have free time on the first Tuesday of the month do come along and join in, you will be given a warm welcome.

Our next meeting is Tuesday 1st March at 2pm in the Village Hall. 

If you want to know more please don't hesitate to contact either the Secretary on 01303 893858 or the President on 01303891734.

Linda Barnes

Youth jailed for burning tramp

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A 17 year old youth from Dover, has been sent to a young offenders' institute for three years and four months after setting fire to a tramp's bedding as he slept.

Judge Adele Williams at Canterbury Crown Court jailed the teenager for arson with intent to endanger life.

CCTV operators had witnessed him light the tramp's sleeping bag in a seafront shelter, in Dover, in October 2004.

The vagrant, who had been sleeping rough in the town, put the fire out and was not hurt.

The youth pleaded guilty to the crime in December 2004 and admitted being drunk and under the influence of drugs at the time of the incident.

New poll could signal victory for Lib Dems

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A new poll has found the Liberal Democrats would nearly double support if voters thought they could win in their area. 29 per cent of current Labour supporters, 19 per cent of Conservatives and one-third of those backing other parties agreed "I would vote for the Liberal Democrats if they had a realistic chance of winning in my constituency". 

The Lib Dems claim that if people voted along these lines in winnable constituencies, Charles Kennedy would become Prime Minister with a majority of 126 over Labour, and the Conservatives would be reduced to a rump of 56 seats.

Peter Carroll, the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesman for Folkestone and Hythe, has welcomed the poll as backing up the welcome he is receiving on the doorstep. The poll predicts that as long as people think we could win, Folkestone and Hythe would be amongst the seats to fall to the Liberal Democrats.

Peter said: "What is even better is that we are doing doing particularly well among students and younger people. Two recent polls have put the Liberal Democrats ahead among students. Our policy of scrapping tuition fees, our opposition to the Iraq war, and our support for the environment are proving particularly popular.

"The majority of people in Britain now see the Liberal Democrats as the Real Opposition. We are on course to gain votes and seats from both Labour and the Conservatives at the general election."

The Liberal Democrats average poll rating (21.6%) in January was the highest ever since polling began at the start of an election year - eight points above their average rating in January 2001 and nine points above their average rating in January 1997.

£116 million for Shepway

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A record £116 million is to be ploughed into public services in Shepway by the county council next year.

This includes £19 million is to go into Shepway capital projects. 

£3.5 million for a new Arts and Business Centre; £1.2 million for vocational centres in the area, and £100,000 for an LEA-assisted nursery.

£1.7 million goes on a new build for services currently provided by Broadmeadow for elderly people in Folkestone. The project will modernise services so they are effectively integrated with health and hospital provision and reflect mainstream adult services strategy to promote partnership and the supporting independence programme.

Total education spending for the area during 2005/6 is £68 million. In addition, the council is putting £25 million into social care services, including looking after the elderly, and a further £23 million into other public services such as highways and transportation and waste management. This includes almost £2 million on road surfacing work - an increase of £517,000.

Cabinet Member for Finance Nick Chard said: "This budget targets money to those areas people have told us are important.

"Kent's government grant increase was the third lowest of all 34 county councils - a 4.9% increase but with the strict direction that more than three-quarters be passported straight to schools. This left just 1.3% increase for all other services. In the light of this, I am delighted to be able to produce a budget which boosts services and will see a number of new initiatives in Shepway.

Chairman of Shepway Local Board Chris Capon said: "This is great news. The county council has achieved the lowest ever council tax rise and at the same time produced a budget that will bring some real benefits to Shepway."

Mobile phone theft

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The National Mobile Phone Register was launched on 12 January 2005, supported by the mobile phone industry, the National Mobile Phone Crime Unit, the Metropolitan Police and other UK Police Forces, and the Home Office.

The register already holds the details of over ten million phones but we want everybody who owns a mobile phone to add their details.

The more people and organisations that get involved, the more effective the Register will be. We have produced a range of campaign materials to help publicise the registration drive - if you represent a local police force, retailer, the press, school or other concerned organisation, please use these materials in your publications or web sites.


Every second counts - if your phone is lost or stolen, report it now.

There are two stages to reporting your phone lost or stolen.

1. Report it to your network operator as soon as possible by calling our Immobilise information line on 08701 123 123 and following the instructions. Reporting your phone as lost or stolen will enable us to block your SIM card and your actual handset, just like a stolen credit card.

Register your phone as lost or stolen on the National Mobile Phone Register. If you've already registered your phone, you simply visit and access your phone's details using your password. 

You can report the phone as lost or stolen directly from your account however if you have been involved in a serious crime or you require a crime reference number please report it to the Police by phone or in person. If it's recovered later, we'll contact you to let you know when and where you can pick it


If your phone is recovered we will contact you and let you know that it is in safe hands for you to collect. Remember the best chance you have of getting your phone back is to register your details, and the more people that register, the more people will get their phones back.

Further details can be obtained from

Latest crime reports 31/1/05 to 4/2/05

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COUNTRY EYE - NEIGBOURHOOD WATCH  Crime Sheet 31/1/05 to 4/2/05

Crime Sheet 31/01/05 to 04/02/05


Between 1930hrs & 2230hrs 01/02/05



IP states that she has taken her cat to the vets as it has wounds to its body. Vets have informed the IP that a pellet gun or air weapon has caused the wounds.
IP states that she has now taken her cat to the vets twice with similar damage. She states that she has had to pay approx £64.25 in charges.

If you have any information in relation to any crime. Please contact the Watch Office on 01304 218151 or ring
Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 You do not have to give your name and you maybe eligible for a reward.

To Report suspicious incidents and problems you cannot resolve yourself 01303 850055


To report crime that has happened to you and the offenders have gone 01303 289134
If you would like to help with Neighbourhood Watch or would like to know more about what is involved, you can contact the Neighbourhood Watch & Parish Liaison Office at Dover Police Station on 01304 21815 Neighbourhood Watch Neighbourhood Watch

Police warning after trailer thefts

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If you have a horsebox or vehicle trailer in fact any trailer of any sort please review your security of these items as we have had two stolen in recent days. 

A vehicle trailer from Pike Road Eythorne & Horse Box from Watercress Lane at Wingham Well an Ifor Williams TWIN AXLE - DOUBLE HORSE BOX colour Silver. 

Please continue to report suspicious callers to your premises they may looking round at what they can steal from you or your neighbours property.

Reports are being received in relation to Duster Sellers calling door-to-door selling items at exorbitant prices and targeting the elderly & vulnerable. 

These persons operate in Gangs and are dropped off by their boss. In the main they do not have a pedlars certificate and can be quite intimidating. 

Please report to the control room if these person turn up at your door on 01304 240055. Do not fall for their sob stories none of which are true trust me that have been checked out by us.

Ian Foster
Rural Project Officer
South East Kent Police
Tel no. 01304 218130

Help us build the Giant

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Work is set to begin on the Hawkinge Giant and Strange Cargo Arts Company are hoping many villagers will help get the project off the ground.

The company will be artists in residence in the village over the coming three weeks building the Giant for the village.

They are inviting residents to come along to their temporary workshop base at the Leisuredrome in Aerodrome Road on Wednesday 9th February between 5pm and 6.30pm, to hear more about the Hawkinge Giant project, and to find out how they can get involved.

The project is funded by the Hawkinge Partnership and the MakeItReal initiative and will culminate in the Giant, and three Big Heads being created. These figures will become permanent residents in Hawkinge, able to represent the village at festivals, fetes and gatherings at home and further afield.

If you would like to find out more, call Brigitte or Lisa on 01303 244533.

Council fines for badly managed roadworks

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Tough new penalties have been outlined to tackle the traffic chaos caused by badly managed roadworks.

The measures are aimed at utility companies and local authories who dig up the streets.

Those who do not meet deadlines for completing work on time will be face fines of up to £5000.

The new plans are detailed in a consultation for the Government's Traffic Management Act - which gives local
authorities new powers to better manage and co-ordinate street works.

Proposals include the introduction of a permit scheme, fixed penalties for utility companies who commit criminal
offences and fines for firms whose work overruns.

Local authorities will also get stronger powers to stop works that clash with major sporting events or local market

Alistair Darling, Transport Secretary said: "Every motorist knows the frustration of being held up by roadworks that seem to go on and on. The new
measures will provide better controls to get work done so that it minimises delays."

Top marks for local school

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Kent County Council's annual OfSTED report by Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Schools has highly praised nine of the county's schools including the Folkestone School for Girls.

A further seven schools which have made significant improvements, moving out of special measures, have also been recognised.

The nine schools from Kent placed on the outstanding schools list are:

Bower Grove School, Maidstone

St Botolph's C of E Primary School, Chevening

Garlinge Infant School, Margate

Invicta Grammar School, Maidstone

St James' Infant School, West Malling

St Katharine's Knockholt C of E Primary School, Sevenoaks

The Folkestone School for Girls, Folkestone

Wilmington Primary School, Dartford

Woodlands Junior School, Tonbridge

The report also highlights the Channel School, Folkestone which has significantly improved and moved out of special measures.

KCC's Cabinet Member for Education Standards Paul Carter said that the consistent performances of the Folkestone School for Girls is outstanding and an inspiration not just for Kent, but for the whole country.