Council "Keen to see Market stay"....1 October 2002

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Shepway Council says it will do all it can to keep a market in the town following the decision of Market Initiatives Ltd to terminate its contract.

The company has given stall holders a month’s notice, citing lack of commitment by the council to granting it a long term contract to operate the Thursday and Saturday market.

But the Council has said it is keen to see the market stay in the town and will be meeting with MIL on Tuesday. (1 October)

Cllr Joe Sullivan, vice-chairman of the Council’s General Purposes committee said: “Obviously, we are disappointed by Marketing Initiatives’ decision to terminate its contract to operate the Thursday and Saturday markets but feel there is plenty of room for negotiation and the potential to overcome problems. We look forward to continued talks with the company.

“The market has been an intrinsic part of the town for many years and we appreciate that it adds value to the shopping experience in Folkestone.

“We are also confident that other ways could be explored to ensure a market remains a feature of the town centre scene.

“We appreciate that the redevelopment of Sandgate Road and the relocation of the market has been unsettling for stall holders but can only reiterate that we wish to see a market continue.�

For Town Centre Management, Rob Woods says “The Town Centre Management Board is disappointed that MIL has indicated its intention to withdraw from Folkestone. It is particularly sorry for those traders who have supported the town over the past few years.�

“The TCM Board feels that Folkestone town centre needs a quality market that emulates and complements the success of the Sunday market, has a lively feel and becomes an attraction in its own right.�


Council prosecutes dog owners....1 October 2002

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Another dog owner is due to be prosecuted by Shepway District Council for taking her pet onto a local beach while the summer beach ban was in force.

Seven other owners who defied the ban have already been prosecuted and were faced with fines of up to £250.

As well as the summer beach ban fines, Council dog wardens have issued 24 fixed penalties of £50 each to owners who have allowed their dogs to foul in controlled areas and made no attempt to clear up.

Cllr George Bunting, the Council’s Environment Secretary said: "The Council has nothing against dog owners but these prosecutions send a clear message that dog owners must act responsibly, and respect other users of beaches and public spaces. If your dog fouls the highway or public spaces, please clean it up!�

The seasonal ban on dogs, which applies to some of the beaches along the district’s 42 kilometre coastline, runs from 1 May to 30 September every year. Beaches where the bans apply are clearly signed.


Big Cat sighted in Hawkinge....30 September 2002

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On Wednesday 25th September 2002, a 21-year-old woman was walking with her sister not far from the aerodrome in Hawkinge.

It was around tea-time when they observed a big, black Labrador sized cat with a very long tail, it was about two-hundred yards away but clearly was not a dog or domestic cat.

It was pouncing in the field, and the women went no further. They went home and told their mother who was not surprised, she had seen one, possibly the same individual, seven years previous near the same area.

These cats have existed in Britain for over a century and more so since the '60s and '70s when people kept them as exotic pets but let them go when the 1976 Dangerous Wild Animals Act was introduced which meant that anyone who kept a Leopard or other large cat had to pay huge license fees or give their cats up.

A number of people let them go into the countryside instead.

These cats live for around fifteen years in the wild, they are breeding and feeding off rabbits, chickens, pigeons, small cats and dogs, ducks, rodents etc, etc, and are only dangerous if cornered, injured or provoked. They must be protected.

My research can be found at folklore site and if anyone would like to get in touch then email me at:

Neil Arnold

Cannabis plants seized in Folkestone....28 September 2002

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Following an investigation by the South East Kent police teams, a search was carried out at an address in Folkestone, where officers discovered a hydroponics factory.

Two van loads of cannabis, and associated paraphernalia were seized in the operation. The picture, at right, shows a number of cannabis plants seized in the early stages of growth.

Sgt Sean Pryor of the Tactical Team said: "There is a misconception that cannabis is legal now, but this is not the case. SE Kent Police is taking positive action to reduce the supply of controlled drugs, of whatever class, in this area."

A 34-year-old local man was arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply a class B controlled drug and cultivating cannabis.

After being questioned at Folkestone Police Station, he was released on police bail, pending further enquiries. He is due to return to the police station in November.


How big is this Rule Book?...27 September 2002

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Dear Ed.,

Somewhat alarmed & confused to read, in your august organ, that by “threatening to throw a rule book� at someone has been construed to constitute an offence of “threatening behaviour�

Surely this is phrase is a metaphor in every day & accepted parlance for asking someone to abide by the rules or else to have said rules enforced on them that ain’t abiding by said rules.

The offence of Threatening Behaviour, in law ( the criminal law at that) requires the “victim� or “victims� be placed in certain fear & no doubt a little bit of dread, that the threat be actually carried out by the perpetrator of the threat & that the supposed perpetrator be in a fit & able enough condition to so place them in said state of fear.

How big is this rule book ? I think we should be told. Is it the size of a, shall we say, standard issue Church Bible, you know the sort, that graces every pulpit in the land ?

Some may say that that is God’s Rule Book. If this is the case, well, it would certainly strike fear & dread into me!

Somehow, I don’t think the dreaded Rule Book that John Heasman, may have his hands on is that big, or is it? How far back from his victims is he going to stand, whilst he takes aim? Will he use just the one Rule Book, or will he have another copy ready to hand? Will Messer’s Smith & Trice be standing still or running about? Will it be open to the public? Will they be putting stocks up in the Village Hall Car Park will villagers have to hold on to Smith & Trice whilst Heasman takes aim? Which hat will Smith be wearing ? Parish or Town hat…has Trice got a hat ? Should he have one? I think we should be told!

Now if someone threatened, let’s say, to punch, kick, bite, stab, shoot or do any physical harm, or indeed do anything that these days would cause mental stress , to someone. Then we would have a classic case of threatening behaviour & lets have him up before the Beak, as quick as a flash & bang him up for a suitable period of time.

But can we really believe that to threaten someone with a rule book now constitutes threatening behaviour!!!!!!??????

It surely is most laughable & lamentable to say the very least!

I finkle go & stock up on rule books now, you never know when you will need one, will you.

Yours in amazement


Behaviour threatens chairman’s position….27 September 2002

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John Heasman, chairman of Hawkinge Parish Council, is under investigation by the Standards Board of England following an allegation of “threatening behaviour�.

If the complaint is upheld and considered to be a severe breach of the Board’s code of conduct, Cllr Heasman could be suspended or even banned from holding office for up to five years.

The allegation arose out of a heated exchange between members at July’s meeting of the parish council which resulted in Cllr Bill Regan storming out and later resigning.

It is alleged that, following that meeting, Cllr Heasman confronted Cllrs Cyril Trice and Peter Smith and warned them that if he lost any councillors or his clerk as a result of the row which had taken place he would “throw the rule book� at them.

The matter is now in the hands of the Board’s Ethical Standards Officer who has up to five months to complete his investigation.


Congratulations from Barham....27 September 2002

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Congratulations on an excellent and informative site.

Kind Regards


Peter Skingle
Barham and Kingston

Mr Smith, I challenge you to explain your position !....27 September 2002

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Until recently I was quite happy that Mr Smith would represent the views of the local populace, after all, isn't that why he was voted in as a local councilor in the first place ?

This latest debacle surely weakens his position and I would love to know how he justifies his stance on the bypass/crossing issue - half a road is a poor substitute for a "bypass"and this road is going to become even more vital in the future.

Mr Smith makes a strong case for losing his own position on the Parish Council/District Council if he cannot be honest and let us know where he really stands.

Could this be just another example of politics and political ambition getting in the way of our local needs - Mr Smith, I challenge you to explain your position !

Nigel Best

Come on Peter, what's going on?....26 September 2002

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Dear Editor

Am I missing something here?

I thought the inquiry into the so called by pass was over and we are just waiting for the adjudication by the Government Inspector
Why then are Peter Smith and the Lib Dems to ballot the villagers?
A bit late I'd say.
I am not the only one to wonder what is on Cllr Smith's agenda.
Come on Peter tell us what you're up to
James M

Folkestone is "a great place" says Love....26 September 2002

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A full-colour guide that provides a shop window on regeneration and revitalisation projects in Folkestone was launched this week by Shepway District Council.

Folkestone Development Guide highlights seven initiatives that play a key role in the town’s regeneration. It also sets out the success of funding bids and looks at future projects.

The guide is targeted at potential investors but is also aimed at local residents and existing businesses to demonstrate the Council’s confidence in the area’s future.

Council Leader, Rory Love, said the full-colour, 17-page, high-quality publication, re-affirmed Folkestone’s credentials as a great place in which to live, work and invest and reflected Shepway District Council’s commitment to the town’s regeneration.

“We are already seeing the results of successful investment in projects like the town centre improvement scheme, phase one of our Coastal Park and the redevelopment of the Leas Cliff Hall, which is creating Kent’s largest entertainment and conference venue.

“Our continuing success at attracting funding and our commitment to working with partners to achieve our plans is now starting to transform Folkestone.

“The new Folkestone Development Guide will play a crucial role in ensuring the town’s benefits are promoted and recognised among future investors.�

Andy Jarrett, the Council’s Head of Economic Development Services shared the Leader’s enthusiasm. “Folkestone is finally receiving the attention from investors is has long deserved. The town offers unique development sites and an unrivalled location at the hub of an international transport network and for these reasons, it is attracting both national and international attention.

“The guide has a key part to play in making sure the momentum of both public and private investment continues to enable the town to fulfil its potential.�