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Brexit means that the UK will no longer be a member of 30 EU criminal justice bodies which every day help keep people in Kent and across Europe safe.

Graham Colley, who has been selected by Kent Liberal Democrats as their candidate for the Police and Crime Commissioner Election said: “The country will lose its access to some very important databases. Whilst it will have continued access to others, for example the system which checks fingerprints across the EU, Security cooperation, such as through the Schengen Information System (SIS2), will no longer be based on a “real time” basis. In tracking crime, delay can facilitate escape.

Graham Colley

UK will also lose the right to send a legally binding “European Investigation Order” to other member states in the EU to gather evidence. Outside of the EU, after 1 January 2021, this right will be lost and police will have to rely on a diplomatic request for assistance. Such “Letters Rogatory” are slower and are sometimes ignored. In certain circumstances, such as obtaining vacant about flight passenger, that data will only be made available under more rigid conditions.

The UK’s future in Europol, the European security agency, will only allow it to sit in on meetings. It will no longer have a direct say in decisions. (The UK becomes a rule-taker, rather than a rule maker).

In addition, matters can no longer be taken to the European Court of Justice for a judicial ruling on data access disputes but to a committee.Whilst these may be as good as other “3rd countries” have managed to negotiate with the EU, it is worse than we had as a Member State.

The Conservatives arcane view of “sovereignty” also means they have abandoned European Arrest Warrant, which meant there was ‘no hiding place’ for criminals who fled to other European countries.

Britain will have to rely on a 1957 extradition treaty to attempt to get back suspects from Costa del Crime or terrorists such as in 2005 with Hussain Osman, the attempted London bomber.

Kent is the gateway to England from continental Europe. The safety of people in Kent will be reduced because, the speed with which important data can be obtained, and the influence the UK government has on criminal justice and security decisions, has been diminished.

The Conservative “Deal” was rushed through and will have almost no parliamentary consideration. There will be no time to consider policing or security issues. Like the rest of Brexit, it will be bad for Britain and bad for the safety of the people of Kent.”

Originally published by Liberal Democrats on Kent County Council

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