People in Dover will have their opportunity to have a say on the future their district.

Vision and Objectives

Overarching Vision

Dover District in 2040 will be a place of aspiration, providing outstanding opportunities for sustainable living. Through careful stewardship of its world class landscapes and wealth of historic sites, it will be a destination of choice for people of all ages to make their home, for businesses to invest in and for visitors to explore and experience. Community spirit will be strong amongst the residents of the district, with an increased sense of health and wellbeing.

Prosperous Economy

The local economy will be prosperous and diverse, harnessing the world class potential of Discovery Park and building upon key sectors of life sciences, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and logistics, as well as local entrepreneurial talent. The District will have attracted new businesses of all scales, with 21st century infrastructure, unrivalled transport connections with London and Europe, alongside home working facilities.

Dover will be a district that visitors want to spend time in, taking advantage of a diverse range of high-quality accommodation, attractions and unique experiences building upon the globally important Dover Castle and the iconic White Cliffs.

Vibrant Communities

New developments will blend seamlessly with the existing townscapes to embody the best of local distinctiveness and will have created places that are well-designed and well-built. Built to local design codes, they will respect the spectacular natural environments and rich heritage of the District. New housing will enhance towns and villages, delivering a balanced and resilient housing market, a supply of new homes that meets people’s needs and where affordable and local housing is prioritised.

Residents will have access to healthy lifestyle opportunities that the district’s high-quality countryside and maritime landscapes provide, including extensive and attractive public green spaces and an enhanced network of dedicated walking and cycling routes, as well as improved educational opportunities and leisure and community services.

Thriving Places

Dover town will be thriving, with a strong core of local shops and services, a flourishing port, and regenerated areas of existing housing. Sensitive restoration of elements of its rich heritage, will enhance the attractiveness of the town, while improved connections to its seafront will have been delivered by high quality design and investment in place making.

The distinctive historic environments of the towns of Deal and Sandwich will be protected and enhanced, their economies benefiting from a wide range of local businesses and services as well as investment in culture.

The rural villages of the District will continue to enrich the landscapes here, with improved community facilities and housing opportunities, enabling more young people to stay and contribute to the communities where they grew up.

Strategic Objectives

The vision for the Dover Local Plan 2040 is supported by strategic objectives. These follow the main themes within the vision, with the addition of cross-cutting objectives, and are linked to specific chapters within the plan.

Prosperous Economy 

Vibrant Communities 

Spectacular and Sustainable Environment 

Cross Cutting Issues 

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Key Diagram

Dover District Key Diagram

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