Two arrests were made, and an additional court summons issued, during a road safety operation carried out by Kent Police across Chatham and Rochester

The suspects were each stopped on suspicion of traffic offences while the Medway Community Safety Unit, with support provided by the Roads Policing Unit, carried out safety checks on Monday 15 February 2021

The first person to be arrested was a 30-year-old man from Rochester who was initially stopped in Chatham High Street at around 11.30am. The stop was made due to concerns his vehicle was overweight and, after further enquiries at the scene, officers suspected he was driving under the influence of cannabis and arrested him. He has since been released pending further enquiries. 

The second person to be detained was a 31-year-old man from London, who was initially stopped in Corporation Street, Rochester, on suspicion of driving while disqualified. After further enquiries, he was arrested on suspicion of the offence, and driving under the influence of a controlled substance. He has since been released under investigation. 

A third motorist, a 38-year-old man from Rochester, was also issued with a court summons for driving while disqualified after he was stopped in Institute Road, Chatham, at around 9.45am. He will appear at Medway Magistrates’ Court on a date to be confirmed. In addition to these incidents, a car was seized in Whyman Avenue, Chatham, due to the driver having no insurance and another car was seized in Rochester High Street due to it not being taxed. The drivers of each vehicle were issued with traffic offence reports in connection with the matters. 

Five speeding tickets were also issued over the course of the day, including three for motorists who are alleged to have been seen speeding in Robin Hood Lane, Chatham. The fastest speed recorded is said to have been 43mph in a 30mph zone. 

Inspector Steve Bassett, from the Medway Community Safety Unit, said: ‘We listen closely to what members of the public report to us, with concerns about road safety one of the most consistent themes raised.‘This activity shows we do listen do these reports, patrol areas which have been identified as potential hotspots and take proportionate enforcement action against people suspected to have committed an offence.‘Although the vast majority of motorists in the Medway towns do drive responsibility, and in full accordance of the law, the small minority who don’t pose an unacceptable danger and residents can be assured that we will continue to take similar action over the course of the year.‘If residents do have a concern affecting their area, please do report it to us via our website or by calling 101. Making a report will help us gain an accurate picture on any issues, which we will act upon.’

Inspector Steve Bassett

By Ed

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