A couple out exercising at the coast on the Isle of Sheppey at the weekend found themselves in a ‘sticky situation’ but a 999 call to HM Coastguard meant that help was soon on its way.

One person got stuck in the mud and the other attempted to help but became stuck themselves. Sheppey and Herne Bay coastguard rescue teams were sent along with Sheerness lifeboat, South East Ambulance Service, Kent Fire and Rescue Service and Kent Police.

Photo: HM Coastguard

Specialist coastguard mud rescue technicians were able to recover both people to safety with assistance from the ambulance’s Hazardous Area Response Team and Kent Fire and Rescue Service. The pair were passed into the care of the ambulance service to be checked over before they were able to make their own way home.

Rebecca McKeown, Maritime Operations Officer for HM Coastguard said: “It must have been frightening for them, one of whom was stuck up to their waist in mud. Although cold and shocked thankfully they were both otherwise well and able to make their own way home.

“If you do see someone in difficulty in the mud, please call 999 and ask for the coastguard, don’t try to rescue them as you may get stuck yourself. If you do find yourself stuck in the mud, try to spread your weight as much as possible and call for help immediately. Remember, if you live by the coast and are able to take exercise there in line with the current COVID-19 restrictions please check the weather and tides before you head out and take a mobile phone so you can call for help if the worst should happen.”

By Ed

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