A vicious attack that left a man fearing for his life in Folkestone has led to a jail sentence of more than three years.

Adam Woolnough was invited to stay with a friend in Browning Place, Folkestone, for a few days, but despite putting a roof over Woolnough’s head, the friend was subjected to multiple threats.

These led to a physical assault on 1 October 2020 when the victim, in his 50s, was punched in the face several times.

The assault lasted for around five minutes before the victim was able to leave the house.

He sought help from a community worker at a local church but this antagonised Woolnough, 36, who was waiting for his victim to return home.

Knife threats

On arrival, he threatened him whilst holding a hammer and carried out another sustained attack, this time kicking and punching his head and body.

He grabbed a bread knife from the kitchen and held it to the man’s throat causing him to fear for his life.

He managed to get away for a second time but suffered a hand injury when trying to push the knife away from his skin.

The victim went back to the church and police were called. Woolnough had already set off to find him at the church when he was detained by officers on the way.

His behaviour continued to be aggressive and he spat at the arresting officer on several occasions.

Woolnough, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to charges of actual bodily harm, threats to kill, possession of a bladed article and assault of an emergency worker.

On 26 February 2021 he was sentenced at Canterbury Crown Court to three years and two months in prison.


Kent Police’s investigating officer, Detective Constable Josh Cooper, said: ‘Woolnough’s victim was kind enough to let him stay at his home but in return he suffered a terrifying and violent assault.‘Who knows what would have happened had the victim not called police when he did; thankfully Woolnough is now in prison where he no longer poses a threat to him.‘It is also unacceptable that the police officer who arrested him should be spat at whilst doing her job. This is a vile offence, one that Kent Police and the courts take seriously.’

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