Photo: Dover District Council

The Port of Dover has unveiled its latest outdoor recreational space overlooking the waterfront; Clock Tower Square. It is another major part of the Dover Western Docks Revival regeneration project to open to the public.

Located at the beginning of the Marina Curve with great views over the Harbour, the 1,000 sq metre (roughly a quarter of an acre) site combines fresh design features with artefacts from Dover’s inspirational history to create a contemporary site that’s perfect for relaxing and appreciating local culture.

Doug Bannister, Chief Executive of the Port of Dover said: “Clock Tower Square is a destination for the future; it capitalises on Dover’s inspirational heritage and iconic scenery to form a modern outdoor community hub that’s rich in history.

“With the new Marina Pier already open, the Marina Curve coming soon and our recent beach re-profiling work completed, we are pleased to be making more leisure space available to the public during a time when the outdoors has never been appreciated more.”

Dave Herrod, DWDR Programme Director added: “We are proud to see Clock Tower Square opening today. After years of planning and construction, the new design perfectly combines sustainability with ecology, history and public engagement, creating a fantastic site that’s ready for future generations to enjoy.”

Clock Tower Square Photo: Dover District Council

“Clock Tower Square pays tribute to the previous Prince of Wales Pier with original artefacts and plaques dating back over 100 years on display. Granite coping stones from the old quayside form new benches, lamp posts have been refurbished and the original paving has been re-laid to reflect the old Prince of Wales pier layout. The original gates have been reinstated and new public toilets are also now available.

Cllr Trevor Bartlett, Leader of Dover District Council, said: “The opening of Clock Tower Square marks a key stage in the transformation of Dover Waterfront into a modern and vibrant public space.  The Port worked closely with our heritage planners and I’m delighted to see the attention to detail on many of the heritage features retained and restored from the Prince of Wales Pier.

“With outstanding views of the busy harbour, Dover Castle and White Cliffs of Dover it will be another outdoor space that is much valued by the local community and visitors alike.  I hope it will also stimulate more commercial investment on the waterfront.”

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