The Prime Minister confirmed the lifting of almost all legal restrictions on social contact in England from 19th July.  However, with the Government acknowledging the possibility of up to 100,000 cases of Covid being reported each day as cases inevitably rise from that date, he also urged caution in order that we do not undo the progress we have collectively made.

The Port of Dover has stated: “As a responsible business, it is essential that we ensure the ongoing safety of our customers and our staff at the Port of Dover.  Even with the success of the vaccine roll out, it will still be possible to get Covid, to transmit it and to suffer illness from it – even after two jabs.

“For the time being, therefore, we will continue to adopt our current Covid response level – which means that when travelling through the Port you are still required to:

maintain social distancing
regularly hand wash/sanitise
wear face coverings in communal areas

“Please remember France remains on the amber list, so for tourists travelling via the Port, please prepare before you arrive and ensure you have the correct documentation with you when you get here, particularly evidence of a negative PCR test. Further details are here.

By abiding by these requirements, it will help ensure people can continue to travel Covid-safely over from Dover and Port of Dover staff remain fit and well to look after passengers when you are in the Port, as we navigate this next careful step forward together.

We will continue to review the situation and will update the website with any changes as appropriate.



By Ed

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