A Special Constable (SC) helped to save an injured mum after she was attacked by a dog in Minster.

At 10pm on Friday 3 September 2021 emergency services were called to a house in Harps Avenue after a dog was reported to have attacked a woman when she had tried to stop it attacking another dog.

When officers and paramedics arrived, they saw two children locked inside an upstairs bedroom, who told officers their mum had been seriously injured and that the dog was still on the loose downstairs in the house.

SC Clive Webster climbed the fence of a neighbouring garden and entered an open door, knowing the dog was inside.

He began to take control of the situation by shouting commands at the animal before he was able to get the dog into a room where it could be secured behind a door.

Upon finding the injured woman it was clear she had lost a lot of blood and sustained several severe wounds to her legs and arms.

Kent Police Citizens in Policing Superintendent Jason Wenlock said: ‘Clive went above and beyond his role as a special constable where he put himself in danger in order to protect and help a mum and her two children.

‘SC Helen Ditton also did an exceptional job in calming the children while further officers and emergency services attended.

‘This was a harrowing incident for all those involved and I can only imagine the apprehension that SC Webster would have felt upon entering the home and I commend his bravery and courage in responding to this incident.’

Following the incident the dog was seized by officers and an investigation has been commenced.

By Ed

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