Kent Police arrested 95 people during a national week of action against drug driving.

Of those arrested between Monday 23 and Sunday 29 August 2021 16 were for excess drugs and 79 were for motorists driving whilst being unfit through drink or drugs.

During this campaign Kent Police’s Roads Policing Unit worked with partners to ensure public safety and identify suspects who recklessly drug drive.

Drug wipes

Officers carried out 22 roadside drug wipes ensuring those who break the law are arrested and sufficient evidence is collected.

Chief Inspector Elena Hall from Kent Police’s Roads Policing Unit said: ‘Driving under the influence of drugs is an inexcusable and selfish offence that places offenders, other road users and pedestrians in significant danger.

‘A huge majority of road users are responsible, but it is always sad to see that a number of people choose to break a law that has been designed to protect lives.

‘It is an offence that we, and the courts, take extremely seriously and offenders can expect to receive a significant fine alongside a driving ban.’


Kent Police’s Roads Policing Unit also targeted speeding motorist between Monday 26 July and Sunday 8 August.

During this campaign officers issued 238 notices and a further 2801 camera offences were recorded from across the county.

Speeding and drug driving make up two of the ‘fatal factors’ that contribute to the highest number of road collisions resulting in deaths and serious injuries, along with not wearing a seatbelt and using a mobile phone or other electronic device at the wheel.

Chief Inspector Hall added: ‘Drivers need to take responsibility for their actions and need to remember that the faster your speed, the less time you have to react to unforeseen hazards or mistakes from other drivers and the greater the impact any collision may be.

‘We are passionate about changing bad driving behaviour on our roads to protect all those that use them, not only during national operations but every day when officers are on patrol.’

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