Six police officers were on hand to provide vital first aid to a man who was experiencing chest pains whilst driving along a busy Gillingham Road.

On Thursday 21st October 2021 Police Sergeant Neil MacAskill and Police Constables Sam Milton, Ron Murray, Mike Redman, Ryan Duffy, and Matt Jackson noticed a van slowly veering towards them on the wrong side of the road on Marlborough Road, Gillingham.

The driver was unable to fully stop the van, but officers were able to intervene and get the man out. They then safely got him to the ground and stopped the van to secure the area.

Specialist medical training

PC’s Milton, Murray and Redman were able to use their specialist medical training and quick-thinking to give immediate first aid. PC Redman was able to administer medication to help alleviate some of the pain the man was experiencing.

Working as a team PC Jackson ran to the local Medway Hospital to get further medical support whilst PS MacAskill and PC Duffy supported the team in this incredibly challenging scenario.

Soon after, an ambulance arrived to take the man to hospital for treatment.

Once the man had been taken away by paramedics the team then parked the van and made sure it was secure before passing the keys over to a member of the man’s family.

Police Sergeant Neil MacAskill from Kent Police’s Search and Marine Unit said: ‘As a team we kept calm and worked together to provide this man with the medical attention he needed.

‘We don’t encounter incidents like this every day, but I was proud to be part of this team and to be able to help a member of the public who was in need.

‘Everyone pulled on their individual skills to think and act quickly which made all the difference in this situation. It’s a great feeling to know that we helped and even better knowing the man made a full recovery.’

Inspector Adam Duke from Kent Police’s Tactical Operations Command added: ‘I am immensely proud of all the officers involved in this incident. They worked together in a challenging situation and were able to provide vital first aid to a member of the public.

‘This is an incredible example of professionalism and public service. This team are a credit to Kent Police and demonstrate the incredible people in the service who do amazing things every day.’

By Ed

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