A stalker who taped a mobile phone to the bottom of his victim’s car in order to trace her movements has been handed a 10 year sentence.

Paul Hoare, 35, from Swanscombe, will be detained in hospital under the Mental Health Act but will serve the jail term if his condition improves, in addition to a further seven years on licence.

Hoare was sentenced at Woolwich Crown Court on Friday 17 December 2021 after a jury found him guilty of two counts of rape and perverting the course of justice.

He had previously admitted a charge of stalking involving fear of violence, two charges of assault and controlling and coercive behaviour.

As well as being handed the sentence, he was also given a lifetime restraining order and a Sexual Harm Prevention Order.


The court heard how he met his victim on 7 April 2020 as they walked through Broomfield Park in Swanscombe.

After exchanging contact details Hoare and the victim began to talk, however after only a few days of talking to each other Hoare began to behave in a very controlling manner towards the victim.

The court heard that during the few weeks they were in touch with each other Hoare had stalked the victim by placing a telephone under her car so he could trace her movements. He also followed her and would send messages telling her he knew where she was.

On one occasion he was also believed to have been hiding in bushes watching her while the victim was at her Mother’s address.

He also assaulted her, removed her phone from her to check who she had been talking to and also stole a front door key from the victim’s address.

On several occasions he demanded to stay at her house and threatened her, which forced her to agree. During these occasions Hoare assaulted the victim and also raped her.

The victim reported the offences and Hoare was arrested and later charged.

He was additionally charged with perverting the course of justice after he attempted to harm the victim by calling a friend while in prison who was encouraged to assault her in exchange for money.

Investigating officer PC Daniel Goodman said: ‘Hoare displayed extremely concerning behaviour within days of meeting the victim. He acted aggressively and in an intimidating manner towards her, making her feel she could not seek help.

‘We take reports of stalking extremely seriously and will always carry out a thorough investigation. No person should feel unsafe when they are going about their daily business.

‘Hoare admitted some of the charges but he denied raping the victim which meant she had to endure a trial and I want to commend her bravery in the way she handled this which ultimately helped to bring him to justice.’

PC Daniel Goodman

By Ed

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