Winter Road Safety advice By Djaffar Mehmet

Just a few points to bare in mind before setting off in your car this week. Recent days have seen a lot of frost and ice and foggy conditions.

  • Clear your windows of snow, ice and mist
  • Keep the windscreen and other windows clear of dirt and snow to avoid a fine.
  • Clear snow from the roof – it can fall onto the windscreen and block your view.
  • Air-con demists the screen faster and reduces condensation.
  • Replace worn or damaged wiper blades.
  • Don’t leave your wipers on auto when you park up if there’s a risk of frost. If the blades freeze to the screen, you could damage the blades or wiper motor when you turn the ignition on.
  • Use a suitable additive in your screenwash to reduce the chance of it freezing 

  • Make your car visible in poor winter weather
  • Make sure all car lights are working and the lenses are clean.
  • If the roads are really mucky, you might have to clean your lights after every trip.
  • Keep number plates clean, to avoid fines.
  • If you have to clear snow, don’t forget the lights – front and back.
  • You must use headlights when visibility is seriously reduced.
  • If you use fog lights, remember to switch them off when visibility improves so they don’t dazzle other drivers or obscure your brake lights. 

Be safe whilst driving on the roads.

(Police, PCSO, Folkestone Community Safety Unit)

By Ed

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