More than £1,000 worth of luxury air fresheners and clothes were seized after police searched a car that was spotted on the M20.

A dog handler from Kent Police saw the vehicle on Sunday 27 March 2022 during routine patrols. The driver appeared to be acting suspiciously and trying to evade police. The car was followed to the A229 and stopped, where initial enquiries revealed the driver had no insurance.

Suspected stolen goods

A search of the car then uncovered items worth more than £600, which included a large quantity of fragrance reed diffusers and clothes from Next with the tags still on. The driver had no receipts and could not account for why he would have these products in his possession.

Officers suspected the goods had been stolen and the 39-year-old from London was arrested on suspicion of theft.

House search

Once in custody the jacket he was wearing, hooded top and t-shirt, which also still had tags on, were also seized. A further search of his home address uncovered more suspected stolen clothing worth more than £1,000.

The man has since been released from custody pending further investigation.

By Ed

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