Gia Fulker – Praised over her calm professionalism

A call handler and dispatcher in Kent Police’s Force Control Room (FCR) has been praised for her calm professionalism in negotiating with a woman who was suffering a mental health crisis.

Gia Fulker was working in the FCR shortly before 11am on 12 March 2022 when she received a call from a Canterbury woman stating she had barricaded herself into a room with her children after officers had called at her property to check on her welfare.

Domestic abuse victim

The caller, who was a victim of domestic abuse and frightened of men, was panicking and afraid and there was concern as she had young children with her. Gia calmed the woman down, taking time to negotiate with her and perform breathing exercises.

After around 30 minutes the lady had calmed down and engaged with the officers present who were able to offer further support.

Frightened and vulnerable

Chief Inspector Lee Cheesman of the FCR said: ‘I am incredibly impressed with the professionalism and compassion shown by Gia on this call. The way she dealt with the situation was amazing and her actions safeguarded two young children who were in a situation they did not understand.

‘Gia quickly recognised she was speaking to a lady who was not only frightened but incredibly vulnerable and went beyond her training to calm the situation. She acted with patience and kindness and I would like to commend her for her efforts.’

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