Shingle depleted between Hythe and Sandgate

Beach management work to help protect the district’s coastline has begun this week.

The recycling and regrading of shingle beaches between Fisherman’s Beach in Hythe and Folkestone Harbour is carried out to guard against any risk of tidal flooding.

Cllr John Collier, F&HDC Cabinet Member for Property Management and Grounds Maintenance, said: “The enhancement of our coastal defences helps protect over 3,000 homes from flooding.

“It is essential work that helps shield the sea wall and therefore reduces the risk of flooding and coastal erosion along the 7km stretch.”

Some 110,000 tonnes of shingle are recycled at each phase – moved from east to west from the collection groynes.

This is to allow the natural process of longshore drift to spread the deposited shingle out back down the coast to increase the width of shingle from the sea wall.

These efforts recently prevented wave overtopping during Storm Eunice, protecting homes and businesses in the district from flooding.

Folkestone & Hythe District Council successfully applied for nearly £2m from the Environment Agency in 2020 to ensure the beach management work can be carried out.

The process – which has taken place bi-annually since 2004 – will take approximately eight weeks to complete and disruption will be kept to a minimum.

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