Gardeners are being asked to leave their lawns uncut and join Kent County Council (KCC) in supporting No Mow May, allowing flowers to bloom and supporting bees and other pollinators.

The campaign by Plantlife is being promoted by KCC’s Plan Bee team to help boost awareness of how wild plants can support habitats. The council is also adopting the idea across some of its land as part of the county’s pollinator action plan.

Keep that mower locked away in the shed!

By not cutting their grass in May, residents, businesses and partner agencies can contribute towards helping the recovery of habitats for bees, butterflies and other wildlife.

People can visit and enter their pledge as part of the campaign.

KCC’s Cabinet Member for Environment, Susan Carey, said: “We are asking Kent’s residents to join with us in letting their green areas grow a little wilder for May to provide more nectar for pollinators.

“KCC is cutting back on cutting back to support our natural environment and it is something we can all do to make a difference.”

Plan Bee Chairman, Seán Holden, said: “There is much we can do to help pollinators in our county and I am pleased KCC has set a fine example.

“By preserving wildflowers, creating Bee roads and allowing other crucial spaces to entice these creatures, we can be sure that our environment will continue to reap the benefits of pollinators in the future.”

KCC’s pollinator action plan – Kent’s Plan Bee – focuses on protecting species including bees, wasps, butterflies and other crucial creatures.

Its key aim is to raise awareness of the good they do, the vital role they play and educate communities on how to help them thrive.

Visit to view the action plan or search for Kent’s Plan Bee on Facebook.

By Ed

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