As the number of scams continues to increase, Kent Trading Standards will be sending a regular round-up of the latest scams reported by Kent residents.

Fraudsters often target those who are elderly or vulnerable, but there has been a rise in scams affecting people in all groups.

Please stay alert and be aware of the scams below.

Latest Scam Alerts

A text message, claiming to be from the NHS, says you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid. They say you must pay for a PCR test and supply your debit card details. Later, you receive a telephone call from someone pretending to be from your bank. You are told you need to move your money to another account as you have been scammed and your account is compromised.

Watch out this is a SCAM

The callers are criminal fraudsters, tricking you into giving your card details for a bogus covid test and attempting to trick you further by pretending to be from your bank. 

A Kent resident lost £5,000 after being targeted by an Amazon employment scam.

Criminals advertise a job for Amazon. Work duties include making purchases on Amazon using your own money – to be reimbursed later. Once the tasks are complete, the criminals ask for a tax fee to be paid before you can access the money. However, more fees are then added and more copies of your identity information requested.

This is a SCAM❗ Criminals want to steal your money and identity.

A Kent resident received a phone call from a criminal claiming to be from their doctor’s surgery. The fraudster offered to install a free lifeline device and then wanted to arrange a home visit to have paperwork signed.  

This is a SCAM❗ The resident’s surgery did not call regarding this matter.

Be wary of cold callers! Check what you are being told and speak to your surgery to confirm. 

A resident in Kent was targeted by a scam call, claiming the Government was offering a £3,000 rebate.

The caller knew the resident’s name and details, telling them someone would come to their home with paperwork to sign. They also told the resident that photographic ID was required.

This is a SCAM❗ Criminals will share stolen personal details of people they target.

Do not trust cold callers, even if they know your name and address.

A resident in Kent was targeted by a Bitcoin scam claiming you can make a lot of money investing in Bitcoin.
Scammers posing as investment traders contact you, tempting you to invest in Bitcoin with high financial returns. They say there are fees you will need to pay before investing and they will ask for personal and financial information.

This is a SCAM❗ Criminals offer easy money schemes to get your personal or financial details. 

Report scams to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 

Get free advice from Citizens Advice on 0808 223 1133.

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Please help to keep your family and community safe.

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