A speeding motorcyclist, travelling at 130mph and an arrest for driving offences were just some of the issues dealt with during a road safety operation in Thanet at the weekend.

On Saturday 18 February, officers from the Road Safety Unit, along with the Community Policing Team and Margate Task Force worked together to tackle the issue of anti-social driving in the Dane Valley area of Margate.

A total of 38 vehicles were stopped with four Traffic Offence Reports issued for no insurance, seven for excess speed and one each for driving while using a mobile and not wearing a seatbelt. A section 59 warning was also issued to a driver for their anti-social manner of driving and 18 drivers were given words of advice for minor vehicle defects.

Officers also arrested two people for various driving offences after the vehicle failed to stop when requested to do so. Following a short pursuit, the vehicle was found abandoned and two suspects located nearby.  They were arrested and one man, a 21-year-old has since been reported for driving without insurance or a licence. The other man was released without charge.

On their way out of Thanet, the team from the Road Safety Unit spotted a speeding motorcyclist who was riding at 130mph on a 70mph limit road. He was issued with a Traffic Offence Report of excess speed.

Chief Inspector Ian Swallow from the Thanet Community Safety Unit said: ‘We are well aware of the public’s concerns around road safety and associated anti-social behaviour in this area.

‘The response we received from the community was great and we were pleased to see and speak to some residents to learn more about the issues they face.

‘It is important we run these operations and will continue to do so in order to focus drivers’ attention and keep the district safe.’

By Ed

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