Solar panels helping to provide electricity

National Grid Electricity Transmission plc (NGET) wants to hear your views on its ambitious plan to boost the UK’s electricity supply.

The plan, called ‘Sea Link’, involves laying a new cable link between Suffolk and Kent, connecting the east and south coasts of England.

This would allow more electricity to flow between the regions, increasing the reliability and security of the power network.

But to make this happen, National Grid needs to build some new infrastructure, such as a new converter station near Minster in Thanet and a short stretch of overhead line.

These are part of the Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP), which means they need special permission from the government to go ahead.

Thanet District Council is one of the organisations that will give its opinion on the plan, but it does not have the final say.

That decision will be made by a panel of inspectors, who will examine the application and make a recommendation to the Planning Inspector.

But before that, National Grid wants to know what you think. You have until 18 December 2023 to share your feedback on the plan.

Anyone who wishes to comment on the proposal should respond directly to the National Grid consultation which is open between 24 October and 18 December 2023.

Further information on the process for an NSIP can be found here.

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