On Tuesday 11 June 2024, Kent Police applied for an extension to an original closure order made at a flat connected to violence, drugs, noise and anti-social behaviour near Wallis Avenue, Parkwood in Maidstone.

It will remain closed for a further three months following an extension granted at Maidstone Magistrates’ Court after the original application which was granted in March.

Neighbourhood officers secured the housing association-owned property following complaints from residents about the premises and the extension will continue to prevent any further unauthorised people from entering the property.

Anyone found doing so risks a fine and a prison sentence.

Inspector Steve Kent from the Maidstone Community Safety Unit said: 

‘Residents have endured violent disturbances, drug abuse and noise at all times of the day by those using and visiting this property. Despite numerous visits and warnings to the occupants, their conduct did not change so we took steps to remove them from the property.

‘This extension allows us to ensure they do not return and cause further concerns for those living nearby.

‘We understand that ASB is often caused by a minority but can affect a majority and we remain dedicated to responding robustly and ensuring the problem is tackled head on.’

The closure order used legislation under the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, and Golding Homes will be taking possession

By Ed

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