Young Police volunteers

Police cadets in Dover took part in a sweep to rid the area of discarded drugs paraphernalia on Saturday, 18 September 2021.

The young police volunteers concentrated their efforts in Pencester Park and removed needles, lighters and cannisters from the area during their search, which took place whilst there was a community event in the area.

Youth Engagement Officer, PCSO Mark Ball said: ‘This is a great example of how these young people want to improve their neighbourhoods and make a difference. No one wants to see drugs paraphernalia and discarded needles in a park where children play, it’s a health risk and increases the fear of crime.

‘The cadets are given full training with a strong emphasis on health and safety before they conduct a sweep like this, their wellbeing is an absolute priority.

PCSO Mark Ball

‘The Dover cadets do a huge amount of good in their area, they want people to be able to enjoy public spaces and improve the quality of life for residents.’

By Ed

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